Coloring according to the legend



turkey coloring book
In the picture we see a large turkey. These are birds that are definitely bigger than chickens and have beautiful plumage. You will also find mathematical activities that you have to...

The horse with the number 3

coloring book horse with the number 3
The picture shows a horse, which has the number 3 drawn on its saddle. While on the whole horse you will find mathematical operations-addition. By solving these activities you will get a result that...

Fish in the water

coloring book fish in the water
Fish are aquatic creatures that are adapted only for life in bodies of water. They swim quickly and are able to hide in various places. U...

A figure at the blackboard

coloring page character at the blackboard
A funny clown stands at the blackboard and invites you to draw yourself as a clown on this canvas. You can test yourself and show your imagination. To...

Armchair Penguin

coloring bookcapingwin on a chair
It's rare to find a penguin sitting in an inflatable chair and sipping a juice with an umbrella. This is a special penguin that needed a moment to relax and rest....

Frog on the beach

colouring frog on the beach
The frog also likes to relax sometimes and lie down not on the beach. In the picture we see a frog, which also has sunglasses next to it stands a board....


coloring page beach with palm tree

Beach with palm trees

The picture shows us a beach where there is a palm tree and some other things. In order to know these things in detail you must...
coloring book rabbit with egg

Rabbit with egg

The picture depicts a bunny holding an egg in its paws, and next to it still stands a basket with eggs. Under the picture there are...
coloring book whale in the water

Whale in the water

In the picture we see a whale, which is swimming around in the water. On it and on other elements in the picture there are...
coloring page colored shirt with collar

Colorful shirts with collars

On the T-shirts you see in the picture there are mathematical operations. You have to solve them and then write the corresponding result on the...
coloring book of a girl with her pet

A girl with a pet

In the picture we see a girl with her pet cat. In her hand, she is holding a heart-shaped cat and carrying a backpack on her back....
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