Coloring by Christmas numbers


With instructions Christmas stable

Christmas stable coloring book with instructions
Christmas is also not without a Christmas stable, which shows us the newborn Jesus. Along with him is Joseph and Mary. A...

With instructions dressed snowman

Coloring book with instructions dressed snowman
The snowman is an integral part of winter. As soon as enough snow falls and it is wet enough, children rush outside to mold this snowy...

With instructions Christmas decoration

coloring book with instructions Christmas decoration
One of the Christmas decorations is a wreath, which is usually hung on the front door. It decorates the door beautifully and sets a nice holiday mood for the...

With instructions Christmas candles

Christmas candles coloring book with instructions
To give even more atmosphere to the holidays, candles are often additionally lit. Often these candles are scented, and in order to associate them with Christmas their...

With instructions house in winter

coloring book with instructions house zimom
The picture shows a house in winter, which is all snow-covered, and the whiteness of the snow is reflected in the sun. Winter is a beautiful season, which can delight despite the...

With instructions Christmas bells

Christmas bells coloring book with instructions
We associate baubles, chains, lights and bells with Christmas decorations. They also appear in many Christmas songs, and are also associated with...


Coloring book with instructions house festively decorated

With instructions, the house decorated festively

Christmas time is a wonderful time when people like to decorate their homes inside as well as outside....
Coloring book with instructions Christmas tree on a plate

With instructions Christmas tree on a plate

In the picture we see a small Christmas tree, which is made of Christmas cookies. Such a Christmas tree we can eat with taste after dinner....
Christmas tree coloring book with instructions

With instructions Christmas tree

An integral part of Christmas is the Christmas tree, which we decorate with baubles, chains and other Christmas ornaments. The picture includes ...
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