Coloring by number fruits


Paint by numbers tomatoes

coloring page paint by numbers tomatoes
Tomato is a fruit vegetable in one, because it depends what we are talking about. Tomatoes play an important role in people's lives, because can you imagine French fries....

Paint by numbers grapes

coloring page paint by grape numbers
These are very interesting fruits. They are quite small and enclosed in balls. They can be white, red or pink, of course. They are juicy and very sweet....

Paint by numbers juicy apple

Coloring page paint by numbers juicy apple
Apple is one of the most popular fruits in Poland. They can be found in stores, of course, but in nature in orchards in the countryside. They are very sweet...

Paint by numbers pear

coloring page paint by numbers pear
Pears on the trees appear around our summer. When children are on vacation pears appear in orchards. They are usually green or yellow in color a...

Paint by numbers fruit bowl

Coloring book paint by numbers fruit bowl
Fruits should be on the menu of every healthy person, and should be consumed a lot, as they go with every meal. The world of fruits spoils us very much....

Paint by numbers strawberry

coloring book paint by numbers strawberry
This is one of the most recognizable fruits in our country. It has a beautiful pink-red color and tiny edible seeds. It is a strawberry! I think.


coloring page juicy orange

Juicy orange

It is one of the sweetest citrus fruits. It is squeezed with delicious orange juice. Orange in color as well as in...
coloring page paint by numbers banana

Paint by numbers banana

Bananas are probably a world-famous fruit. They are extremely sweet but not all of them are. The riper the banana, the more...
Coloring book paint by numbers cherries

Paint by numbers cherries

Cherries are one of the most delicious fruits. They are mostly associated with summer and warm temperatures-and that's a good thing! The season for cherries...