Coloring by numbers for kids


Sand castle by color instructions

coloring book sand castle by color instructions
Summer has just arrived and some child has built a beautiful sand castle. It would seem that coloring the picture would be easy. You do it together...

According to the color instructions

coloring book by color instruction
Take a look at this cute picture and the instructions underneath it. I'm sure you guessed that the instructions will help you choose the right colors with which to fill the...

Teddy bear by color instructions

coloring teddy bear by color instructions
This adorable bear wants to encourage you to color. He charmingly extends his paws to you and waits for you to get all your crayons ready. Color the picture according to the...

Flowers by color instructions

flower coloring book by color instructions
Look at what a lovely flower is in this picture. If you are a nature lover, you will surely enjoy coloring it. Can you see the instructions for the colors that...

Snow ball according to color instructions

coloring ball with snow according to color instructions
Surely you've seen such a beautiful Christmas ball before. When you move it, artificial snow will start to sprinkle inside. The ball will look even prettier,...

Rabbit by color instructions

Rabbit coloring book by color instruction
Look at what an adorable bunny. He is looking at you from the picture and wants to invite you to play with him. If you want to take a moment for him, solve the math activities,...


coloring cat by color instruction

Cat by color instructions

This cat looks very scared. If you want to make him feel better, color the picture using the color instructions. Solve...
Coloring page of hippos working in the garden

Hippos work in the garden

These two hippos are very industrious. One of them holds a shovel in his hand while the other pushes a wheelbarrow filled with vegetables....
Hippopotamus coloring book by color instructions

Hippos by color instructions

These cheerful hippos invite you to play with them. Mathematical activities have been placed on their body. To each result assigned...
coloring book pumpkins by color instructions

Pumpkins by color instructions

Coloring is an easy task for those who have already mastered this skill to perfection. This picture, however, has been made more difficult. Do...
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