Abby Hatcher Coloring Book

Explore the unique section for kids where we have coloring pages of Abby Hatcher - it will be a cool opportunity to see what the characters from this cartoon look like. We can also read a little information about them. In addition, we have prepared several versions of the pictures for you. The first one is an online colouring book, the second option is to print them from the website or download them later in PDF or jpg format of your choice. Fun all the time for free for you.

SqueakyPeeper Fa

Online coloring book Squeaky Peeper Fa
The picture features a character from the Abby Hatcher cartoon. It is actually Squeaky Pepper Fa. Something that stands out from the main character's other plush friends....

Rico from a fairy tale

Online coloring book Rico from the fairy tale
And what's that cowboy heading our way? It's probably Rico, a well-known and well-loved cartoon character for kids. In his hand he holds a big...

Friends of the Fuzzlies

Online coloring book Friends of the Fuzzlies
The picture features Princess Plush and other characters from Abby Hatcher's fairy tale. They are all very smiling and happy. I wonder what kind of nice adventure met...

Mo's dog from a fairy tale

Online coloring book Mo the dog from the fairy tale
Mo is very happy today. She had delicious pancakes for breakfast, then watched her favorite cartoon on TV, and after lunch she went outside for...

Mo Bo Teeny Terry

Mo Bo Teeny Terry online coloring book
Mo Bo and Teeny Terry are friends with Abby Hatcher and love to play together. For hours on end, they continue to chase each other, fool around, and have a fun time...

Princess Flug

Online coloring book Princess Flug
And what is the funny character in this picture? Of course it is! It is Princess Flug, a character from the AbbyHatcher cartoon. On her head,...


The Girl with Abby Hatcher

Online Coloring Book Girl with Abby Hatcher
Abby Hatcher is known to every child who has watched the cartoon in which she appears at least once. She is a very energetic, seven-year-old girl. I wonder what adventure will meet her...

Bozzly with Abby Hatcher

Online coloring book Bozzly with Abby Hatcher
Do you recognize this sweet plushie? That's Abby Hatcher's bozzly friend. If you've ever watched the cartoon, then you definitely know what color this character is....

Abby Hatcher plays ball

Online coloring book Abyy Hatcher plays ball
And what is that girl with the big glasses like that? Isn't that Abby Hatcher playing ball? Yes, that's her! She's probably standing on...

Abby Hatcher and Bozzly

Online coloring book by Abby Hatcher and Bozzly
This picture, as you may recognize, features a smiling Abby Hatcher with her friends. They are probably going on some kind of trip. I wonder what adventures they will have...

Abby Hatcher for children

Cool pictures are waiting for you to color on our website. This time new characters from fairy tales came to you. This one should not make you...

Meet Abby Hatcher - for kids information

Abby Hatcher was originally going to be called Fuzzly Catcher, but that idea was abandoned in favor of the current name. It is a Canadian animated television series that was created using CGI technology. Its creator is Rob Hoegee. It was produced by Guru Studio together with Spin Master Entertainment. For the first time, children had the opportunity to watch this animated series on the Nickelodeon channel in the United States on January 1, 2019, and on TVOKids in Canada on February 11, 2019. On the Internet, it appeared significantly earlier because already in 2018.

A little information about the plot of the series itself - it tells the story of a smart and energetic seven-year-old girl named Abby Hatcher and her new friends who are Fuzzlies. The Fuzzlies are bizarre creatures that live in her family's hotel. Together with her best friend Bozzly, Abby goes on the crazy adventures that the Fuzzlies cause. She helps them and together they solve the many puzzles and crisis situations that naturally occur in this fairy tale. Of course, in breaks from watching we invite you to coloring pages with these characters and funny animals.


  1. Abby Hatcher is a girl who is 7 years old. She has exceptional detective skills. She is equipped with a wrist device called the Fuzzly Spotter, which alerts her to trouble with Fuzzly, and she can also operate various things in the hotel. Her shoes have springs which allows her to jump high. Another magical outfit is a coat which is inflatable and she can fly on it. She moves on a bicycle with three wheels.The girl's symbol is a heart, she always saves Fuzzly from trouble.
  2. Bozzly is a pet rabbit that is very similar to Fuzzly. He has special powers and abilities because he can become invisible and fly, using his ears which move like the propellers in a helicopter. He also has super-sensitive hearing and a front pocket where he keeps various items - some of which are very large. They are bigger than the rabbit itself. That's why his pocket is magical, that he can hold so much in it.
  3. The fuzzies that appear in this children's series are: Princess Flug, Teeny Terry, Otis, Curly, Mo and Bo, Harriet Bouffant, The Squeaky Peepers, Flugtilda, Grumbles, Mumbles, and The Blossom Band.