Action Man Coloring Book

Action Men was actually the plastic figure that started it all. It was, so to say, an ordinary figure in a soldier's outfit. Production on a larger scale began in 1966 by Palitoy, licensed from Hasbro. From year to year the figure was modified and in time there was an animated film about the character, numerous series as well as games and coloring books, which you can color here.

Superhero in the go card

Racing is liked by practically every boy. This soldier also likes it and we can see him racing in these small but super fast cars....

Diving with sharks

Coloring book diver action man with shark
We are waiting for you no one else but Action Men who decided to wear a diving suit and do some diving. He probably did not expect that on his...

Action man in kayak

action man in a kayak printable
This super hero who was a soldier is not afraid of anything. This time he decided to go on a difficult mission using a kayak. It is not...

Angry Action Man

action man printable picture
Today as you can see by the expression on our hero's face he is not in the best of moods. On the contrary Action Man is furious today because on his...

Action Man's Tank

action man printable picture
It's time for more concrete equipment. We have already had to deal with the vehicles of this hero, but they were cars, snowmobiles, motorcycles, among others. Now it's time for a bigger...

Crazy Action Man

action man printable picture
As you can see in this picture the hero has gone mad. He is just flying into action to help people. Unfortunately, the action is not the easiest one, because Actiona task is...


Snowmobile and Man

action man printable picture
This time Action Man went for a ride on a snowmobile in the snowy mountains. Riding through snowdrifts and jumping from a precipice on such a machine is...

Mysterious Action Man

action man in mask image for printing
I'm sure that if you haven't watched a cartoon with this character, you wouldn't be able to recognize him in the disguise we see...

Action Man in the car

action man printable picture
It's time to take a break from this hero's daily responsibilities. How much can you live at full speed. You need some rest. That's why this time Action Man decided...

Action Man on tour

action man printable picture
This time Action Man in this coloring book moves by car as he rushes to rescue one of his families. He is not afraid to challenge himself driving through...

Action man on a motorcycle

This time the equipment chosen by the Action Men is a motorcycle but it is not so ordinary but completely different and modern. He moves in it...

Action man on a kayak

We can see that this character moves by different means of transport. This time we have the opportunity to meet her as she swims in the mountain river on a specially...

Action Man coloring book with car

action man coloring book with car
See how this character has a cool car it is unique because it comes from this great cartoon designed for all of you who are fans of...

The characters who appeared there besides: Action Man included: Gangrene, Norris, Jacques, Natalie, Dr. X and Knuck. We added especially for you some pictures to paint from this interesting sierial which is especially dedicated for children.

  1. Beginnings: The "Action Man" brand was launched in 1966 by the British company Palitoy. Initially, the figure was based on the American "G.I. Joe" action figure series from Hasbro.
  2. History: The first series of "Action Man" figurines were dressed in costumes related to various fields, such as the military, sports, climbing and science. The dolls had movable limbs and a variety of accessories.
  3. Popularity: "Action Man" became very popular in the UK and other countries, and its variety of clothing and accessories made it appealing to children of all ages.
  4. Evolution: The brand has undergone many changes over the years. In the 1970s, it gained popularity in Europe. In the 1990s it underwent a rebranding and got a new design and different figure sizes.
  5. Controversy: In 2006, Palitoy ceased production of "Action Man" figures. Later, in 2009, the brand was acquired by Hasbro, which initially continued production, but over time focused on other toy lines.
  6. Collecting: Carefully preserved and rare "Action Man" figures can be valuable to collectors. Older models in good condition, especially from limited editions, can fetch high prices on the collector's market.
  7. Pop Culture: "Action Man" has played a significant role in popular culture, appearing in various media such as movies, animated series and comic books.
  8. A case in Poland: In Poland, "Action Man" is often confused with the character of the same name, who was the protagonist of a popular animated series for children.
  9. New Incarnations: In later years, there were attempts to revive the "Action Man" brand by various companies, but they did not achieve the same popularity as the original figures.


  10. Inspired by G.I. Joe: The original "Action Man" figure was loosely based on the American "G.I. Joe" action figure series from Hasbro. Palitoy, the British company that produced "Action Man," acquired the license to produce the G.I. Joe figures and adapted them for the British market.
  11. Changing Size: Over time, the "Action Man" figure changed its size. The introduction of different scales brought the figures more in line with current trends and preferences.
  12. Eagle Eyes series: The original "Action Man" figures were known for their "Eagle Eyes" feature, which meant you could move their eyes to add more realism.
  13. Versions With Videos: In the 1990s, "Action Man" partnered with Hasbro, which owned the G.I. Joe brand. The result was the creation of "Action Man" figures based on characters from movies and TV series, such as James Bond and "Star Wars."
  14. Limited Editions: "Action Man" also issued limited-edition figures, which were often inspired by historical figures, athletes, or important events.
  15. Historical Inspirations: Over the years, "Action Man" has had many versions based on historical figures, such as World War II fighter pilots, knights, sailors, etc.
  16. Reactivation in 2016: In 2016, the "Action Man" brand was reactivated by Art + Science International. New figures and products refreshed the "Action Man" concept for a new generation.
  17. Influence on Pop Culture: "Action Man" has had a major impact on popular culture, appearing in commercials, computer games, animated series, movies and books.
  18. Documentation and Collecting: Because of its long history and diverse range of figures, "Action Man" has become popular among collectors. There are many sites and communities dedicated to collecting "Action Man" figures.
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