Action Pack Coloring Pages for Kids

New action pack coloring pages for kids. Each of you without limit can choose an interesting picture and color on the site. This is the online version or print it from our portal. This second option is more creative and interesting. Of course it is possible if you have a printer at home on which you can print such a picture as well as accessories for colouring the picture, that is crayons, paints or markers. We wish you a lot of fun.

Robot on the background of the bridge

Coloring book robot on the background of the bridge for boys
Wow! But this robot is huge! It's as tall as a bridge, it's just unbelievable. But that's probably because it's on another planet from where....

Action Pack for children

coloring book online action pack for kids
We encourage everyone to color a fantastic picture with the characters from the Action Pack cartoon. See them all and choose the ones you like coloring the most. We encourage children ...

Zuma from the Psi Patrol cartoon

zuma from the cartoon psi patrol coloring book to print
Zuma is an excellent water rescuer. He is an excellent swimmer and diver. His badge is an anchor on an orange background. Color him with any colors of crayons. Outline the drawing...

All Psi Patrol Dogs

all the dogs from psi patrol coloring book to print
If you have chosen these coloring pages you must like the fairy tale about the adventures of little puppies. Today you can color the whole team together with their leader Ryder. Choose any ...

Cake for Psi Patrol

printable dog patrol cake coloring book
What do you think, did the team get this cake to celebrate the birthday of one of the pups or as a thank you for saving the city? Either way, you gotta...

Rabul and Psi Patrol badge

rabul and badge psi patrol coloring book printable
One of the youngest members from the Dog Patrol team. He is an English Bulldog puppy and on the team he is a builder who drives a yellow excavator. He has a badge...


Psi Patrol halloween big painting

dog patrol halloween big coloring book printable
Are you celebrating Halloween? As you can see, the characters of Dog Patrol are already ready for this holiday! They are dressed up in beautiful costumes that it's hard to discover who's...

Psi Patrol Everest

psi patrol everest coloring book to print
Everest is a mountain rescuer who specializes in ice and snow tasks. She is a terrible petter and loves to cuddle. On what...

Psi Patrol full crew

dog patrol whole team coloring book to print
The picture shows the main characters from the well-known fairy tale Psi Patrol. You have Ryder, the leader of the team, and six brave puppies to colour. Remember to color in...

Psi Patrol base

printable base colouring book for dogs patrol
Today in the drawing we see the whole base of the Dog Patrol, as well as most of the main characters of this cartoon. You will be able to color the picture in any colors you want and...

Psi Patrol Apollo

dog patrol apollo coloring book to print
Your next task will be to color another character from the well-known Psi Patrol cartoon. This time you will paint the super hero Apollo. Use crayons or markers. Choose...

Action Man's Tank

action man printable picture
It's time for more concrete equipment. We have already had to deal with the vehicles of this hero, but they were cars, snowmobiles, motorcycles, among others. Now it's time for a bigger...

Action Man on tour

action man printable picture
This time Action Man in this coloring book moves by car as he rushes to rescue one of his families. He is not afraid to challenge himself driving through...

Action Man coloring book with car

action man coloring book with car
See how this character has a cool car it is unique because it comes from this great cartoon designed for all of you who are fans of...

Action pack - trivia and information for kids

This is a series that all kids will love as well as the Action Pack coloring books. On Netflix you can already watch it and listen to the catchy theme songs, colorful characters and superpowers that the characters in this children's cartoon have. The series is unique to the point that your child will not only want to have superpowers. . No surprise if your kids start pretending that their own hoodies will give them superpowers or start screaming "plant power" while playing in the backyard. Just like the characters in this children's story do

What is an Action Pack and for whom?

It is designed for all children between the ages of 2 and 7. It is an animated series featuring a group of young superheroes. They attend the Action Academy in the town of Hope Springs. With the quick zip of a hoodie, the members of the Action Pack get special powers that help them help others and get out of troublesome situations, while learning important lessons.

Heroes Action Pack

Clay - Usually calm and quiet but a very strong member of the pack, Clay uses his ability to listen to people to keep the peace among his group of friends. He has what's called plasma power - it allows him to see through things, stretch really far, and protect himself with a special sphere.

Treena - She loves nature and spring. Because of this, she is able to help tend any garden and use her "plant power" to sprout vines - through which she catches people. She also uses them to move like Spiderman. Treena is confident and helpful to everyone. She leads her pack of friends.

Watts - This little boy is full of energy and loves to do something all the time. Energy literally flows through him. Watts uses the power of electrical impulses, which give him six times more energy than kids his age. This allows him to run fast and always be ready for any kind of action - he often uses these powers to fight evil.

Wren -. This girl loves all animals. She can talk to animals in their language. She knows perfectly the language of: cat, dog, bird, platypus and chicken. She can run as fast as a cheetah or use the strength of a polar bear. She loves to take care of animals.