Coloring Book Alfa Romeo

Welcome boys and girls who like sports cars and city cars. This brand has many cool models at different prices. I do not know if you know which model it is. Here we have cool Alfa Romeo coloring pages. Learn its history and pictures with models of these cars. As always in the categories section we can find all the car brands from all over the world. In addition, we have the option to use the search option on the site if we want to find a specific model or coloring book for children.

Alfa Romeo logo

Online coloring book Alfa Romeo logo
The Alfa Romeo logo was created in 1910. That's more than 110 years ago. It was inspired by the red cross on the city flag and the Visconti family crest....

Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV

Online coloring book Alpha-Romeo-1750-GTV
The Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV dates back to 1967, a very old car indeed. Only about 250 units of this car were built. It has survived to this day really...

Alfa Romeo prototype

Online coloring book Alfa Romeo prototype
Alfa Romeo company has been producing cars for many years. They are sports cars, family cars, city cars. Each of them is unique in its own way. Each car...

Alfa Romeo Mito

Online coloring book Alfa Romeo Mito
The Alfa Romeo Mito is a typical small car that is suitable for city driving. Its size allows it to park without problems in very tight streets...

Alfa Romeo Julia

Online coloring book Alfa Romeo Juliet
This car had its premiere in 2015. In Poland 2019 there were only 420 such cars. This is really very few compared to...

Alfa Romeo 147

Online coloring book Alfa Romeo 147
This car was produced between 2000 and 2010. It appeared in Poland at the end of 2000. The color of the car was very different. What is the color of...

Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale 1968

Online coloring book Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale 1968
A car manufactured by the Italian company Alfa Romeo. There are only 18 of them in existence in the world! This is truly amazing. In 1968 it was the most expensive car on sale....

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Online coloring book Alpha Rome Juliet
One of the most popular cars in Europe and the world for this brand of car. Ideally suited for long distances, it has a sporty,...

Sports cars at the race

sports cars at the race coloring book to print
We move with today's coloring page to the track for racing cars where the race is going on. Your task will be to choose the right colors of crayons ...

A car with a spoiler

car with spoiler coloring book online
Each sports car has a special spoiler at the rear of the body, which is designed to further press the car to the ground at higher speeds to have a...

Sports car

coloring book huyndai sports car
This time we have a vehicle with quite a sporty character from this Korean car brand Hundai. It had its heyday in the 1990s.

Car Collection

coloring page hot wheeels car collection
There are now a lot of them, the first collection consisted of 16 different types of cars. It is now very expensive and sought after by all collectors throughout the world.

GT sports car

coloring book ford GT to print online for boys
This is one of the few but very popular sports car that came out of production from the FORD factory. Currently a very expensive car which is not...

Testarossa sports car

Ferrari Testarossa coloring book to print online
Another great vehicle for the collection from this brand. No longer in production, of course, but gaining in price every year and getting more...

Old car

old Aston Martin car to print coloring book
See old Aston Martin car which we could see many times in Jamses Bond movies. Now you have the opportunity to color the picture on line...

Old McLaren car

old mclaren car coloring book to print
In the picture above you can see what an old model McLaren car looks like. It has a retractable roof, so it is a convertible. It can be driven simultaneously by...

Interesting facts about Alfa Romeo

In front of you a lot of cool information for fans of this brand. Surely you already know about some facts and some will be completely new to you. We hope that you will have fun.

  1. The automobile company started in 1906 in Milan when the French car manufacturer Darracq opened a car factory. However, it was getting worse and worse and was taken over by another company and the name was changed to Alfa.
  2. The first car of this manufacturer was the 24HP model. It had an engine with a capacity of over 4 liters, but its power was only 25 horsepower. It was very fast for those times as the maximum speed was over 80 km/h.
  3. During the First World War, the automobile manufacturers had a bit of a makeover to help their country The problem was Alfa, which had absolutely no money. Nicola Romeo helped Alfa by buying a stake in the company. He stipulated in the contract that he would add his name to the brand, and so the name Alfa Romeo was born.
  4. These cars have always been ahead of their era especially in sports designs. They have won races such as Formula 1 and 2 Mille Miglia, Le Mans, Vanderbilt Cup and other world famous races.
  5. Before Enzo Ferrari founded his own company now known worldwide, Ferarri ran the Alfa Romeo racing team for about 10 years.