Coloring Book Angel's Friends

Angel's Friends is an Italian animated series that debuted in 2008.

Character girl Urie

Printable Urie Girl Character Coloring Book
Urie is Raf's best friend and shares a room with her. In her angelic form, she has brown hair tied up in two ponytails and a yellow outfit that she...

Princess from Angel's Friends

Printable Princess Coloring Book from Angels Friends
Raf is like any angel a cheerful and responsible girl and very resourceful, she wants to help people. Her best friends are Urie, Lakotka and Mike. Together...

Angel's Friends cartoon girls

Printable Angel's Friends Coloring Book
I mean the cartoon Angel's Friends? It was based on a comic book and was very popular. Angels and devils were sent to Earth to secretly...

The Raf girl from a fairy tale

Coloring Book Girl Raf from Fairy Tale to Print
Raf is the main character in the cartoon Angels and Company. She has blonde hair with a red streak in her bangs. Her protégé is Andrew, previously they were twins...

Angel's Friends for girls

Angel's Friends coloring book for girls to print
In the picture we see Kabala, she is a devil who also aspires to be a guardian devil. Her pet is a bat, which is named Nosferatu. Her...

Angel's Friends for girls

Angel's Friends coloring book for girls to print
Angels and Company tells the story of four angels and devils who must undergo apprenticeships in order to become guardian angels and devils in the future. In this...


Printable coloring book Angels and Company for kids

Angels and Company for Children

Raf is the main character in the cartoon Angels and Company. Her pet is a ladybug named Dot. Together with other angels...


  1. Storyline: The series tells the story of a group of angels and demons who learn on earth how to become full-fledged guardian angels or fallen angels. Each is tasked with guiding his mortal and helping him make the right decisions (in the case of angels) or prompting him to make mistakes (in the case of demons).
  2. Heroes: The main characters are four angels - Raf, Uri, Miki and Sweet - and four demons - Sulfus, Kabale, Gas and Cabiria. Each of these characters has an individual personality and story.
  3. Prohibition of Love: In Angel's Friends, falling in love between an angel and a demon is forbidden, leading to many conflicts, especially between Raf and Sulfus.
  4. Context: The series is set in a city called Golden Shore, where angels and demons learn their craft, guiding mortal souls.
  5. Origins: Although "Angel's Friends" is an Italian series, it was inspired by the manga of the same name created by Simonaa Ferri.
  6. Seasons and Episodes: The series consists of two seasons, and each season contains dozens of episodes. In addition, special episodes and a movie have also been produced.
  7. Target: While the plot is entertaining and often light-hearted, the series raises important moral and ethical issues, showing the dilemmas faced by young people.
  8. Production: The series was produced by Play Entertainment, and Mondo TV was responsible for distribution.


  1. Manga as inspiration: The Angel's Friends series was inspired by the Italian manga of the same name, created by Simona Ferri. Although Italy is not traditionally associated with manga, this particular comic book proved so popular that it was decided to create an animated series based on it.
  2. Changes in adaptation: As is often the case with adaptations, not all elements from the manga were transferred to the TV series. Some characters and plots have been changed, adapted to the format of the TV series.
  3. Songs: The series includes several songs that have become quite popular with younger audiences. The Italian pop style of the music fits perfectly with the tone and atmosphere of "Angel's Friends."
  4. International editions: "Angel's Friends" has been translated and aired in many countries around the world. Therefore, there may be slight differences in translation or adaptation of content in some language versions.
  5. Sequel: Following the success of two seasons of the series, a feature-length film "Angel's Friends - Tra Sogno e Realtà" (Between Dream and Reality) was made, which continues the story of angels and demons.
  6. Forbidden love: The motif of forbidden love between an angel and a demon is not new in literature and culture, but in "Angel's Friends" it was presented in a way that attracted a young audience, making it one of the key elements of the series.
  7. Deeper message: Although "Angel's Friends" is aimed mainly at a younger audience, it raises important moral and ethical issues, such as the importance of choices, true friendship, responsibility and the consequences of our actions.
  8. Merchandising: The success of "Angel's Friends" has led to the creation of all sorts of products related to the series, such as figurines, books, games and much more.


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