Angry Birds Coloring Book

"Angry Birds" is a popular video game that has become a global phenomenon since its debut.

Angry Birds from Angry Birds

Angry Birds Coloring Book with Angry Birds
Chuck is an extremely fast bird that no one can catch up with. He is yellow in color. He always makes others laugh by telling funny jokes. His friend is Red. Chuck...

Satisfied King Pig

Coloring Book Satisfied King Pig
King Pig is the ruler on his island Piggy Island. He is very impatient, temperamental and lazy. He spends all his time in his palace and takes naps....

Eggs in Angry Birds

Angry Birds Egg Coloring Book
The picture shows how three birds are painting eggs and by the way they painted Terence'a. The mischievous little birds are Jim, Jake and Jay, who are constantly held...

Angry Birds game characters

Coloring Book Angry birds game characters
In the picture we see two pigs who want to eat eggs. However, behind them are three birds that are not happy about it. The pigs steal...

Angry Birds from the children's game

Angry birds coloring book from game for kids
Angry Birds initially became popular through a mobile game. It consisted of shooting from a slingshot, which contained birds-nesters. They were aimed at...

Hal Screaming with Angry Birds

Coloring Book Hal Screaming with Angry Birds
This screaming bird is Hal. He is green in color, and his skill is to fly and turn around suddenly, like a boomerang. He is a very kind and friendly...


Angry Terence coloring book for kids

Angry Terence for children

Terence is a red colored bird that is one of the largest birds on the island. With its weight, it can crush its opponent and...
Nagry Birds coloring book Balls

Angry Birds balls

These laughing birds are characters from Angry Birds. They take part both in the game and in the cartoon. This...
Angry Birds coloring book for kids to print

Angry Birds for kids

Bomba is a black, large bird. He is very nervous and explosive, which is also his skill. When he gets very nervous...
Coloring Book Character from ANgry Birds

Angry Birds character

Chuck is another bird in the Angry Birds series. He appears in the game as well as the cartoon. Chuck is yellow, a...
Angry Birds Stella Coloring Book

Angry Birds Stella

Stella is one of the characters of the cartoon and game Angry Birds. She is colored pink. She greatly appreciates freedom and space....
Angry Birds Stella coloring book for kids

Angry Birds Stella for kids

Angry Birds initially became popular through a mobile game. It consisted of shooting from a slingshot, in which there were...
Garry coloring book from Angry Birds

Garry from Angry Birds

Garry is one of the main characters in the cartoon Angry Birds 2. He is a green pig who wears glasses. He is an inventor,...


  1. Debut: The game "Angry Birds" was released in December 2009 by Finnish company Rovio Entertainment.
  2. Game mechanics: In the game, players use a slingshot to launch birds toward towers and structures to destroy green pigs that hide in various places in the levels.
  3. Expand: The game's initial popularity has led to the release of many sequels and spin-offs for various platforms, from smartphones and tablets to consoles and computers.
  4. Merchandising: The success of "Angry Birds" has resulted in a wide range of products related to the brand, including toys, clothing, accessories and food items.
  5. Screenings: The game's popularity has led to the creation of two full-length animated films - "Angry Birds Film" (2016) and "Angry Birds Film 2" (2019).
  6. Television: In addition to films, short animated series and special TV episodes based on the "Angry Birds" universe have also been created.
  7. Motivation: The primary objective of the game is to score as many points as possible by destroying pigs and structures in as few throws as possible.
  8. Evolution: As the series progressed, Rovio introduced new birds with unique abilities, which added depth to the gameplay and required players to develop new strategies.
  9. Education: Rovio took advantage of the popularity of "Angry Birds" to create educational games in the series that helped younger players learn math and physics.
  10. Huge popularity: In the few years since its debut, "Angry Birds" has become one of the most profitable and recognizable brands in the history of mobile games.


  1. Bird idea: The first idea for the main characters of the game was... fish. Birds were not chosen until later.
  2. Disgruntled birds: The birds in the game are "furious" because the green pigs have stolen their eggs.
  3. Great interest: The game has been downloaded more than 2 billion times across all platforms since its debut, making it one of the most downloaded games in history.
  4. Inspiration from reality: The game's mechanics are based on the fundamentals of physics, and many levels can be solved using knowledge of mechanics.
  5. Surprise boxes: The game featured hidden golden eggs that unlocked secret levels.
  6. Space adventure: One of the most innovative additions to the series was the game "Angry Birds Space," in which birds fight pigs in outer space and the game mechanics were adapted to weightless conditions.
  7. Relationship with NASA: The Angry Birds Space promotion took place on the International Space Station, where astronaut Don Pettit demonstrated the game's mechanics in weightless conditions.
  8. Thematic editions: Rovio has created various themed versions of the game, such as "Angry Birds Star Wars" and "Angry Birds Transformers," combining the bird universe with other popular brands.
  9. Educational approach: The "Angry Birds Playground" game was developed in cooperation with National Geographic as an educational tool for children.
  10. Not only mobile: Although "Angry Birds" has made a name for itself as a mobile game, versions are also available for consoles, PCs and amusement park slot machines.
  11. Amusement parks: "Angry Birds" amusement parks have sprung up in Finland and elsewhere around the world, offering all sorts of attractions inspired by the game.
  12. Initial difficulties: Although "Angry Birds" became a huge success, it was Rovio's 52nd project. Previous games have not been as successful.
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