Badger Coloring Book

An animal that is a mammal in the subfamily Melinae. The most common of all species is the Asiatic, which as the name suggests is found mainly on the Asian continent.

A badger from a children's story

badger fairy tale picture to print
If you have ever watched a cartoon with this character, who is in today's picture, you must know very well how he...

Preparing for winter sleep

preparing for winter sleep printable picture
Before winter, your pet needs to eat well to prepare for the long winter sleep it falls into every year. This time your task will be to...

A badger's winter sleep

winter sleep of the badger coloring book online
I'm sure you know very well that badgers go into winter sleep for the winter and wake up only in spring. The picture we will have to make today is...

Large badger

big badger coloring book to print
The picture shows a large badger walking among the vegetation. The animal looks quite old perhaps it is a large male. Color the visible picture...

Badger tracks

badger tracks coloring book to print
You see in the picture to color the three footprints left by the badger animal. Tracks that were made by their little paws as they walk. All the tracks are...

Two badgers in a hollow

two badgers in the hollow coloring book to print
The picture shows two badgers currently residing in their hollow. This hollow serves as a house for them to live in. These badgers have w...


Badger family

badger family coloring book to print
The picture shows a whole family of badgers. We see three adult representatives of the family and two of their young. It is a picture of individuals from a fairy tale, because the animals...

Badger drawing for children

badger drawing for kids coloring book to print
A badger animal is shown in a drawing that you need to color. Do you know how big this animal can be? A badger is a mammal whose mature individual reaches...

Badger rests

badger resting coloring book to print
You can see in the picture a badger that is currently resting, perhaps it has just hunted some game or it has traveled a long distance. The badger is found in the forests of Eurasia and...

Badger on a meadow

badger in the meadow coloring book to print
You see in the picture a badger that is hanging out in a meadow. The badger is an omnivorous animal. It easily adapts to the food resources around its habitat. Its...

Badger head

badger's head picture to print
As you can now see the badger in this picture that is its very head up close you have certainly never seen one before. Therefore, you have...

Badger in the forest

badger in the forest printable picture
A badger's natural refuge is, of course, a burrow which it always digs for itself and which is also its home. It is in the hole in the ground that...

Badger in the field

badger in the field printable picture
The forest animal read badger stays is a forest mammal that mainly shows itself at night, so it is very common to see it during the day during forest walks....

The most common species inhabits the Asian continent. The largest population of this animal can be found on the west bank of the Volga River, in the region of the Zhyguliv Mountains.

Most often they give birth to offspring in the period from January to the middle of March. An interesting fact is that a litter may count up to five offspring. The females reach sexual maturity only between the ages of 14-15 years.