Coloring Book Cattle

Also referred to as a calf, cow, heifer or bull. Domestic cattle include many breeds that vary in appearance. The largest and mechanized cattle farms are located mainly in the northeastern United States, China, Australia, and Western Europe.

A ram in the meadow

ram in the meadow coloring book to print
We associate rams mainly with mountains and Easter. Today we have an opportunity to color a ram, which is grazing on the meadow. It is true that the grasses on the...

Young cow heifer

young cow heifer coloring book printable
In front of you in the picture a very young cow, which has just come out into the world. Our task will be at first to choose the right colors, and then proceed ...

Fernando the fabulous bull

fernando bull from the fairy tale coloring book to print
What a fun bull! I think he is just going to meet his friends and have a nice time together. Do you want to play with them too? Catch...

Cow with calf

cow and baby calf coloring book to print
The mother cow and her baby calf are eating fresh grass. They like it very much and their ears are shaking with joy. Open your...

Minecraft Cow

cow minecraft coloring book to print
If you are a fan of the game Minecraft then you surely know what the above picture represents. It is, of course, a cow from that very game. Get your crayons ready...

A cow and a baby calf

cow and baby calf coloring book to print
Mama cow is just in the process of taking a walk with her baby calf. The cow and calf are enjoying the good weather and fresh grass, which they are eager to eat....


Cow and chicken with chicken

cow and chicken with chicken coloring book to print
It is very beautiful weather today, so the animals in the village decided to take a walk in the field. The cow is proudly walking ahead accompanied by the rooster....

The cow and the bull

cow and bull coloring book to print
If you look at the picture above you can see two animals in it. The first is a cow and the second is a bull. They have just gone for a walk together...

Cow's head

cow head coloring book to print
The picture shows the head of an animal. It lives in the countryside and gives milk. Do you know what animal I am talking about? Of course, it is a cow. Color it...

A cow without patches in the field

cow without patches in the field coloring book to print
Do you know what this animal is? It is a cow. Cows give milk, which you can later buy in the store and drink. Surely you associate cows with...

Oxen and wagons

oxen printable picture
You can only imagine the situation depicted in the picture nowadays, because you won't come across such a sight nowadays. It was in the old days that oxen...

The head cries out

ox picture to print
A huge head of a powerful animal which is an ox, that is quite a heavy animal which looks very much like a bull. Your task today is to color this picture...

Oxen and plow

oxen printable picture
Oxen are very powerful and strong animals that used to be used to work in the fields. People would harness them to plows, wagons and take them to work...

Domestic cattle are herbivores and their primary dietary staple is grasses. In farms, on the other hand, these animals are fed forage.

Mode of life- These animals are very sociable, living in herds. Pregnancy lasts about 280 days and after this time the female usually gives birth to one, but rarely two young. A small calf at birth weighs from 25 to even 90 kilograms! In its natural environment, the mother feeds its young for a period of 6 to 10 months. Cattle live up to 20 years.

Appearance and weight- The coloration varies from breed to breed, and can be patched, solid color, black, coffee or white. Their body weight also varies by breed, usually ranging from 400 to as much as 1,000 pounds.