Polar Bear and Brown Bear Coloring Book

The Polar Bear is also very often referred to as the White Bear as well as the Sea Bear. It is the largest of the modern bears, the weight of old males is about 800 kilograms. The average weight is about 300 - 450 kilograms.
Their body length reaches up to 2.5 meters, while their height is even 1.5 meters.

Fairy tale bear

bear from a fairy tale picture to print
This little bear, who simply loves honey, probably needs no introduction. This sweet bear always carries a jar with him in every fairy tale...

Old bear

old bear picture to print
The saying, which is actually derived from a kindergarten song "Old bear strongly sleeps", you certainly know from your school days. This time we will not sing, but color...

Teddy bears

bears picture to print
We associate bears mainly from animated cartoons. Hardly anybody had a chance to see a bear in real life. Of course in our country it is possible to meet these animals, but mostly...

Walking Bears

Walking bears coloring book to print
This time the picture shows two walking bears probably it is a mother with her cub. They are probably looking for food. Bears are predators and eat fish, birds and...

Brown bear

Brown bear coloring book to print
Before you another animal this time it is a predator bear. These animals also live in Poland. Bears are found in Europe, Asia and North America. Find...

The bear and the honey

Bear and honey coloring book to print
In front of you is another bear, this time a hungry bear who is eating honey. Bears love honey, berries and fish. They eat a lot to have themselves...


Warbler on a walk

warbler bear printable picture
The laziest bear of all the species present is the warbler that is in the picture and this time we are going to color it. Prepare yourself a large amount of...

Lazy Panda

panda printable picture
Pandas are creatures that are generally very, very lazy mammals. Don't be as lazy as them and try your best to ...

Malayan bear

malaysian bear picture to print
The smallest of the species and the rarest in the whole world is precisely the biuruang or bear you see in the picture in front of you. It is very rare...

Himalayan bear

Himalayan bear printable picture
In the picture we have a Himalayan bear, which this time we will have to color. A little interesting fact is that this is the species of all living ...

Andean bear

andean bear printable picture
The Andean bear known as the Peruvian or ocular bear. It has a peculiar arrangement of hair around the eyes. It looks as if he was wearing glasses. In Poland it is...

Black bear Baribal

black bear printable picture
The baribal is a variety of black bear that is native to America. Coloring him is not very complicated because he is usually all black, so this...

Grizzly bear on fish

grizzly bear printable picture
The bear is a powerful and very strong animal that usually lives in the mountains. It is in the higher levels that we can most often meet this animal. This time...

Their fur is very thick and dense and its color varies with age, being white for young bears and yellowish-white for older ones. It is not only their fur that protects them from the cold, but above all their very thick layer of fat. Polar bears have a very keen sense of smell, hearing and eyesight, with which they can sense their prey from up to 7 km away!

The brown bear, on the other hand, is characterized by the color of its fur which, just like its name, is brown. There is no doubt that the brown bear is the biggest Polish predator. The average weight of the male bear in Poland is about 400 kilograms, while the female's weight is usually around 200 kilograms and its body length, including the head, can reach up to 2.8 meters!

For 8 months, a female bear carries slowly developing fetuses inside her body and in February, young bears are born. It takes two years for them to become independent and after 6 years they are able to pass on the genes of their ancestors by becoming pregnant.