Coloring Book Donkey

Domesticated Donkeys are found almost all over the world but there are many breeds of these animals that vary in appearance. Depending on the breed, the color of a donkey's coat can vary from white, brown or even black. The most common color is gray.

Donkey with a hat

donkey with a hat picture to print
In reality, we are unlikely to meet a donkey who wears a hat, because this is not a normal occurrence. Such things usually happen in fairy tales for kids....

Donkey from the cartoon Shrek

shrek donkey printable picture
Shrek and friends are well known to all of you. The character in the picture is not hard to recognize either, because it is from this fairy tale that this...

Little donkey

little donkey printable picture
This little donkey is certainly very familiar to most of you, because he appeared in more than one fairy tale. People who have seen a fairy tale with this animal...

Smiling donkey

Smiling donkey coloring book to print
In front of you a painting on which there is a donkey. Donkeys are such small horses because they are similar. Donkeys are very sturdy creatures which can long...

Donkey in the meadow

Donkey in the meadow coloring book to print
Before you coloring page in which we see a donkey who is in the meadow. Surely you can cope with this coloring page because there is no too...

Donkey in the desert

Donkey in the desert coloring book to print
In the picture we see a donkey that is in the desert. Desert donkeys do very well in such harsh conditions because they do not require much water and...


Sitting donkey

Sitting donkey coloring book to print
Another painting which I am sure you will have no problem with. This time there is a donkey on it. A donkey is a cousin of a horse, but it is smaller and...

Two donkeys

Two donkeys coloring book to print
Before you coloring page on which there are two donkeys. These animals are very resilient because they can stand for a long time without water and do not have high requirements...


Donkey coloring book to print
In front of you in the picture an animal which is a donkey. It resembles a horse, but is much smaller. It is characterized by a large head, large ears and a thin tail...

Donkey from the cartoon Shrek

Donkey from the cartoon Shrek coloring book to print
In front of you there is another painting from the category of animals. This time the picture is a donkey. If you like watching fairy tales then you surely know that this donkey ...

Little donkey

little donkey printable picture
A lot of details in this coloring book are waiting for you, so coloring it will not be as easy as we might expect, because we have to focus...


donkey printable picture
A few centuries ago the donkey was used for hard work on the farm. Nowadays we have tractors and in the past there were none and unfortunately very...

Eeyore the donkey

tusk donkey printable picture
A well known fairy tale character, which this time you have the opportunity to paint on this picture. Surely you associate this character from a fairy tale and you have seen more than once...

Very often along the whole back, that is from the neck to the tail, we can notice a dark stripe on the coat. Depending on the breed, the coat can be short or long. In winter, however, the donkey's coat becomes much thicker than in the summer season.

The domestic donkey is a domesticated form of the African donkey. Nowadays, wild donkeys are found only in the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa. Domesticated donkeys are bred to thrive in a variety of conditions, while wild donkeys tend to choose dry areas, deserts and semi-deserts. Domestic donkeys are sociable animals, often living in herds, but sometimes choosing to live alone. This animal leads a diurnal lifestyle.

Donkeys are true herbivores. They feed mostly on grass and leaves, but they also love to eat various bushes, branches and even tree bark!

The pregnancy of a female of this species lasts about a year, or 12 months, and usually only 1 foal is born. At birth, such a foal can weigh from 8 to 16 kilograms! Donkeys in captivity can live a very long time, up to 50 years, while in the wild they usually live a shorter time.