Coloring Book Jaguar

The coat and body structure of the jaguar is very similar to the leopard. However, it is much larger and stronger. Its body length is about 180 centimeters, its tail is about 75 centimeters long and its weight varies from 70 to 130 kilograms. Its fur is reddish yellow and covered with dark spots.

Lion in the meadow

lion in the meadow coloring book to print
The animal you see in the picture at first glance may seem like a very dangerous animal, but the one in the picture is not so dangerous ...

Panther in the jungle

panther in the jungle coloring book to print
The jungle is a place that is inhabited by many different animals. In today's picture we have a panther that also lives in this territory and your task will be to carefully ...

Spotted animal

tiger with cents coloring book to print
The spots are the characteristic body coloration of the animal you just see in the picture. Look closely and try to recognize the animal from the picture in the shortest possible time.

Jaguar under a tree

jaguar under the tree coloring book to print
A large jaguar is shown walking under a tree. The plant you see is probably a palm tree. These plants are found on all continents in the intertropical zone,...

Jaguar in a tree

jaguar in the tree coloring book to print
In this picture, we can see a jaguar that is currently perched on the branch of some tree. Its mouth is depicted as if it is looking straight at us, but...

Jaguar cat drawing

jaguar cat coloring book printable
You have before you a picture in which a jaguar is shown. The jaguar is the third largest representative of its family of predators after the tiger and the lion, it is...


Jaguar is on the hunt

jaguar hunts coloring book to print
The image shows a jaguar that is currently on the hunt. Animals of the predator type, to get their food they must first catch it and then consume it. Features...

A jaguar cat in the desert

jaguar cat in the desert coloring book to print
You see in the picture shown a jaguar cat that is currently in the desert. A desert is a large area of land that is devoid of vegetation due to the small size of...

Jaguar for kids

jaguar for kids coloring book to print
You see a jaguar in the picture, which is probably still very young as it looks like a toddler. Color the mammal you see, as well as the grass on which it stands and the sun,...

Big jaguar

large jaguar coloring book to print
You see a large jaguar in a drawing. Do you know what this animal is? It is a mammal in the panther subfamily of the cat family, classified as a big cat and...

Panther mask

panther printable picture
This time we won't color the whole animal but only the face, the mask. Choose from all the colors you have the ones that are most natural so...

Little jaguar

little jaguar to print
The baby jaguar seems to be a very cute animal, but in fact when it grows up it is a very dangerous mammal that hunts other...

Black Panther

black panther printable picture
Very agile and fast are the two main characteristics that perfectly describe the black panther. In front of you is a picture that shows this animal.


At the present time this animal can be found in the equatorial forests of Central and South America. Dense forests, near which there are various watering holes, swamps covered with grass are the perfect place where it likes to stay and feels best. This cat is a great swimmer, very often it goes into the water. Climbing trees is no problem for him, he is very agile.

This animal leads a solitary lifestyle and fiercely fights for its territory defending it from other jaguars. This animal is only active at night, during the day it usually sleeps off before climbing trees or large rocks.

It feeds on a variety of mammals and birds. Very often it also goes at dusk to the river banks where it lurks for hours watching for fish and turtles.

Pregnancy in these animals lasts about 100 days. The young are born in a hiding place chosen and searched by the mother with incredibly difficult accessibility for other predators. There are usually 1 to 3 young per litter. The female takes care of them for about 2 months, but after that time the cubs are able to go hunting with the mother.


  1. Jaw strength: The jaguar has the strongest jaw of any big cat. It can exert a force of up to 2,000 pounds per square inch, allowing the jaguar to pierce the skull and armor of a turtle.
  2. Site marking: Jaguars mark their territory by scratching trees and leaving a scent of urine.
  3. Flippers: The jaguar is an excellent swimmer and often hunts for fish, caimans and water snakes.
  4. Solitary: The jaguar is a solitary animal and meets with other jaguars only during the breeding season.
  5. Teeth: The Jaguar has 30 teeth, including 4 large canines that can reach a length of up to 7.5 cm.
  6. Diet: The jaguar's diet consists mainly of mammals, birds and reptiles. It often hunts animals such as peccaries, tapirs and caimans.
  7. Camouflage: The jaguar's fur has a unique pattern of sundews that help it hide in the dense rainforest.
  8. Trees: The jaguar is an excellent climber and often climbs trees to observe its territory or chat for prey.
  9. Reproduction: A female gives birth to 1 to 4 young after about 90-110 days of gestation.
  10. Status: The jaguar is currently listed as a near threatened species by the IUCN. The main threats to jaguars are loss of habitat, conflicts with humans and poaching.