Otter Coloring Pages

Otter is a popular mammal, which is very rarely seen in our country. It is a predatory animal which mainly feeds on fish and other organisms living in water. It is found practically all over Europe and is most commonly found in rivers, ponds and streams. 

Two floating otters

floating otters coloring book to print
Two otter dads along with their son decided to swim in the sea today to cool off a bit from this high temperature and sun. See how...

A warming otter

otter coloring book
It's getting warmer outside, so not only us humans are leaving our houses but also animals are drawn to the sun. This time on...

The Otter Family

Otter family coloring book to print
Otters live in wetlands where they can swim. They love to roam the water world. In today's coloring page we have for you a family of Otters who decided to have a little rest...

Lying otter

Lying otter coloring book to print
Here before you the animal that occurs in Poland is the otter. Otters are animals which are very good at swimming and their natural habitat is...

Diving otter

otter coloring book printable picture
The picture shows an otter that has just dived under water. Probably it sensed some fish, because otters eat fish. Otters live in areas...

Otter Watcher

otter coloring book printable picture
Otters are found in wetlands lakes or rivers are very good at swimming and hunting fish. This time our otter seems to have just decided to...


Sweet otter

otter coloring book printable picture
This otter looks like something out of a fairy tale or a book, but you can guess that such an otter looks different in reality. You can see it on your own...

Floating otters

otter coloring book printable picture
In front of you in the picture there are two otters which are very good swimmers. You can meet otters also in Poland. I wonder what otters on the picture are doing now....

A caring otter

otter coloring book printable picture
In front of you in the picture of an animal that does very well in the water. It is an otter, specifically a mother otter and her young. As we can see...

Otter with a ball

otter coloring book printable picture
In the picture we have an otter which looks like it wants to play with a ball. An otter is a very good swimmer. The main food of this otter is...

Otter over water

otter by the water printable picture
The main place of residence and life of these animals are wetlands in the vicinity of which there are backwaters, ponds or lakes, because the natural and, at the same time, favorite food...

Bathing otter

bathing otter printable picture
Otters are animals that mainly feed on fish and are therefore a nuisance to fish farm pond owners because they steal fish and eat them.

Otter in the Zoo

otter printable picture
Many animals take part in appearances before the public in the circus. Otters, which are very well-known animals in...

The otter on the banks of most rivers builds its burrows, which are not visible at first glance because the entrance to them is only below the surface of the water. The otter is a very clever animal because it even has ventilation holes in its burrow, which are very often found underneath roots. Very often, instead of digging a burrow, it captures ready-made burrows of other animals. Most often a badger or a fox.

The body length of this animal can reach up to 90 cm, while the tail length ranges from 35 to even 60 cm. An adult individual usually weighs between 8 and 10 kilograms.

The upper part of the otter's body has a characteristic brown color, through which we can easily recognize it. The lower part of the body is much lighter. An interesting feature is the otter's ears, which are round and close underwater when diving.

It usually goes out at night to forage, but it is not keen to stray too far from its burrow. It tries to get food as close as possible to its home. Except sometimes, when it is very hungry, it can go on a very long journey to get food.