Zebra Coloring Book

Zebras are animals that each of you certainly associate very well. They are characterized by the presence of black and white stripes on their skin. Among all zebras in the world we can distinguish as many as three different species, which of course you will see in our collection of coloring pages. All pictures to paint on our website are designed for children and they are completely free, you can print them and paint or color online. 

Tiny Zebra

Tiny zebra coloring book to print
The little animal you see in the picture is a Zebra. Probably she was born recently, in addition, someone made for her a beautiful necklace of field flowers. Zebras are...

Zebra from a fairy tale

zebra coloring book printable picture
Zebra as you well know reminds us the animal which is in Poland in many farms, of course it is a horse. Only the zebra has stripes which...

Happy zebra

zebra coloring book printable picture
This is probably the most smiling and cheerful zebra you have ever seen. I wonder what would happen if it still had a different color. Try a different solution, I wonder if...


zebra coloring book printable picture
In the picture you can see a zebra resting on the sun eating grass. Zebras as you know do not live in Poland but you can see this animal on the...

Zebra at lunch

zebra coloring book printable picture
I present to you a zebra that is just having lunch. Zebras live in Africa and are herbivorous creatures. Of course their enemies are lions,...

Adult zebra

zebra coloring book printable picture
In this picture we see a zebra that lives in Africa and can be found with many other zebras in the herd. Have you ever wondered what it would look like in other colors?...


Sweet zebra

zebra coloring book printable picture
That zebra in the picture looks extremely cute and friendly. It looks like it's from some fairy tale and it probably is. If you are curious how such a...

Smiling zebra

zebra coloring book printable picture
In front of you is a very recognizable animal because of the color of its skin, which is black and white striped. When you walk through the lanes you probably also associate it with...

Zebra stripes

zebra press printable picture
The stripes on the zebra's body are a very characteristic element by which we can recognize this animal. Definitely coloring them is not the most difficult challenge, so...

Big zebra

large zebra printable picture
The painting shows a large zebra, which of course this time we will color using colored pencils. Choose the prettiest shades and natural colors of your crayons and start painting...

Zebra without stripes

zebra without stripes printable picture
As you may have already noticed the zebra in the picture does not have the characteristic stripes, so it would seem that it bears no resemblance to it. Stripes...

Zebra is an animal belonging to the equine species. It is easy to recognize this animal by the presence of white stripes on its black fur. Among zebras we can name the following species: steppe, equatorial, savannah, damar, striped, quagga, striped, mountain, Namibian, Cape. There are many species, but most of them are unfortunately very rare in the world because they are already threatened with extinction.


Zebra can reach speeds close to 65 km / h while running. A ste steer animal has an average weight of about 400 kilograms, while a mountain zebra is much smaller, weighing less than 300 kilograms.