Deer Coloring Pages

Red deer are one of the largest mammals living in Poland. Male Red Deer are called bulls and are larger than females. In common language, the female is called a doe. In Poland, the average body weight of a male is about 150 kilograms, while the female often does not exceed even 100 kilograms. The coat is changed twice a year, turning rusty brown in summer and grey-brown in winter.

Satisfied deer and sunshine

Coloring Book Satisfied deer and sun to print
Did you know that a male deer is a deer? Or that they differ in size and possession of antlers? The picture you are supposed to paint shows Mr. Deer....

Deer in the forest

Coloring Book Deer in the Woods to Print
Look! That's Mr. Deer and Mrs. Deer. Can you tell them apart? Well, Mr. Deer has big antlers and Mrs. Deer has no antlers. So pretty...

Deer on the run

Printable coloring book Deer on the Run
Your task is to paint a deer, specifically a deer. Deer is Mr. Deer, the husband of Mrs. Deer. In their free time deer and roe deer like to run around...

Roaring in the forest

deer on the roar coloring book online
September is the month in which we most often start to hear the sounds of these animals coming from the forest, because this is when the so-called roaring begins....

A family of deer in a clearing

deer family in the glade coloring book to print
Look at the picture and color the deer family. They are in a clearing where they are resting and enjoying their day. We can see mom and dad a...

Horns and head of deer

deer horns and head coloring book to print
The animal shown in the picture for coloring is a deer. Just look at its characteristic and impressive antlers. Stags are not born with antlers,...


Three deer

three deer coloring book to print
Color the three deer you see in the picture. They are a mother and two young, just-born baby deer. One of them, a little bit shy, is hugging...

Deer zentangle

zentangle deer coloring book to print
Color the picture depicting a deer. Have you ever seen a deer in person? It's an amazing creature, isn't it? Pay attention to its impressive antlers growing on its head. Deer...

Deer in the forest

deer in the forest coloring book to print
In the picture you see a deer in the forest. Color him with your favorite crayons not forgetting the patches covering his body. What do you think the deer is doing in...

Red deer

deer coloring book to print
The picture you have to color shows a deer. Have you ever seen a deer in real life? Or maybe you watched a cartoon with him? Maybe your parents used to play...

Two large deer in a meadow

two big deer in the meadow coloring book to print
Grab your crayons in your hand and paint the two deer you see in the picture. They are males - you can tell because of the antlers they have...

Deer in winter

deer in winter coloring book to print
Grab your crayons and color a colorful picture of two deer running in winter. Where do you think they are running to? Are they running from something or maybe they are running for something....

Deer with horns

deer coloring picture
We can always recognize a large deer by its unusually large and elaborate horns. These animals have horns because they serve as an instrument for them to fight. Always like...


printable picture of a deer
A deer is nothing but a small deer, which is not yet grown up. This time we are going to color a picture which presents this animal. Try to ...

Two deer

deer picture to print
This time we move to a forest pasture where two deer are grazing. As you can see one of them is big and the other one is much smaller....

Animals playing in the forest

Here we see in the picture a deer talking to other animals. They are little bunnies. We have quite a few different elements to paint. These are both ...

In Poland you can meet the Bieszczady deer, which is the biggest one, and a bit smaller ones in Wielkopolska, Pomerania and Mazury.

For the noble species the appearance of their antlers is very important. The larger it is and the more antlers there are, the more the female will pay attention to it. The appearance of the antlers, however, also indicates the condition and health of the individual.

These antlers can reach different weights, the heaviest antlers can be as heavy as 12 kg, the lightest only 3 kg and the average weight of such antlers in Poland is about 8 kg.

Usually even at the end of August you can hear the roar of this animal in the forests. However, in September you can hear it the most and from far away, because this voice can be heard for several kilometers. This cycle in the life of deer is called the roar. This concert begins in the evening, when dusk begins to fall and ends only at dawn.