Coloring Book Dolphin

Before us is another animal that lives in water. The common is an inhabitant of a fairly large area, between Asia and the Americas, found around Australia and Oceania and between the two Americas and Europe and Africa.

Minnie and the dolphins

Minnie and the dolphins printable coloring book
In the picture was drawn Minnie Mouse swimming on a board and a dolphin. Both of them are smiling and happy. Meeting them will be pure pleasure. Paint...

Animals in love

animals in love coloring book online
Just look at these two dolphins in love, who are staring at each other like a picture you can see that they are very much in love with each other. Choose...

Dolphins playing underwater

dolphins play underwater coloring book to print
Animals just like people need some entertainment from time to time to improve their mood. This time we will paint a picture...

The dolphin family

dolphin family coloring book online
This time we are dealing with a little bit more difficult painting, because in today's picture there are a few animals which of course we have to paint carefully. Try to ...

The dolphin and the man

Dolphin and man coloring book to print
Dolphins are quite large animals. Often we can see them in big waters or in special pools in which they swim together with people are then...

Dolphin zentangle

printable coloring book
Did you know that the only dolphin found in the Baltic Sea is the harbour porpoise? It is about 1,5 meter long. It is quite a rare species and is strictly protected.


Dolphins jump on the waves

dolphins jump on the waves coloring book to print
The dolphins seen in the picture are in the process of making a jump in the waves. This spectacle is certainly memorable to anyone who sees it, for the dolphins...

Dolphins underwater

dolphins underwater coloring book to print
Grab your favorite crayons in your hand and color two dolphins swimming underwater. There are many treasures to be found at the bottom of the sea that humans don't even...

Two little dolphins

two little dolphins coloring book to print
Color the two little dolphins that are just waiting to start today's fun in the water. Dolphins are mammals, and that means their young do not hatch...

Two dolphins in the sea

two dolphins in the sea coloring book to print
Have you ever seen a real dolphin? Maybe in a zoo or oceanarium or maybe swimming free on vacation? Dolphins are incredibly smart and empathetic animals....

Dolphin and ball

dolphin picture to print
A ball is one of the most common displays with which a trained dolphin can be found participating in demonstrations in front of an audience. The bouncing of the ball by the dolphin is not at all...

Two dolphins

dolphins picture to print
The illustration that we are going to color with crayons this time shows two dolphins that are playing ball. To be exact, they are supposed to bounce this ball between each other, because that's how...

Dolphin jumps out of the water

dolphin picture to print
Dolphins are creatures that are very often trained and take part in appearances in front of an audience. This time the dolphin is trained to quickly jump out of...


Adult males are up to 2 meters long and weigh up to 100 kilograms. It prefers coastal waters, which, unfortunately, can be very fatal for it as it often gets lost amidst spread fishing nets.

Course of pregnancy

The duration of pregnancy varies depending on where the mother lives. It usually lasts from 10 to 12 months. The young at birth are about 80 to 90 centimeters long. It is interesting to note, however, that in colder waters reproduction and all that goes with it is more regular than in warmer waters, and there they reproduce as it suits them.


Dolphins have a slender body shape with a long rather sharply pointed beak. Their backs are dark gray, but from the eye area toward the belly they have a distinct light spot that ends in the genital area.


The maximum age that dolphins have is about 30 years. These animals are true predators, which is why they often come into conflict with people who are involved in fishing. The main food that dolphins hunt for in the water is tuna.