Fox Coloring Book

The red fox, also called the common fox, inhabits Europe, Asia and North America. Its body length reaches up to about 90 centimeters and its weight is about 13-14 kilograms. Its fur is very characteristic, thanks to which we are able to spot or recognize the fox very quickly. Its orange-red color is very striking, while the underside of its body is very bright white.

Zooba for kids

Zooba coloring book for kids to print
Jack likes to think he's the Big Bad Wolf, but he's actually Papa Bear. He's a little older in dog years than the rest of the animals and a little...

Lis Flynne of Puffin

Puffin Fox Flynne Coloring Book
Flynne is a fox who doesn't like to be bothered, but occasionally shows that he has a caring heart. He is friends with Baba and Oona....

Head of a fox

fox head picture to print
The painting you see in the picture has a lot of small details that are not very easy to color. You have to try very hard to color them carefully.

Vixen - the forest animal

fox printable picture
Another animal on today's painting page, this time we will have to paint a painting that depicts a fox girl. The animals today are going on a romantic date, so you have to...

Forest cat on the hunt

forest cat on the hunt picture to print
The moment we talk about a forest cat then most of you surely know very well who we mean. It is, of course, a fox...

Peaceful fox

Peaceful fox coloring book to print
If you like animals then in front of you on the picture is a fox. You can meet foxes in the woods, but if you meet one, don't go near it because it can...


The fox from the fairy tale

Fox from a fairy tale coloring book to print
In the picture we see a cute animal and it is a fox. Of course foxes in reality look different and more dangerous but this one is clearly from some fairy tale....

Fox on the hunt

Fox on the hunt coloring book to print
Foxes are predators that are found in many regions of the world. They are even in Australia but there they are treated as pests. In Poland, also foxes ...


Fox coloring book to print
In the picture we can see a predator which can be found in Polish forests. These animals are very good at sneaking and they are also very quiet. If you meet a...

The sneaking fox

Sneaking fox coloring book to print
The picture shows a fox creeping in the grass. Foxes are cunning animals which can sneak into a farm unnoticed and kidnap...

Wandering fox

Wandering fox coloring book to print
Foxes are predatory mammals. They look inconspicuous but can do us a lot of harm. You have to be careful with foxes because they can infect us with rabies. Definitely do not...

Red fox

Red fox coloring book to print
Before you see another animal to color which is a fox. Foxes as you well know are red. These animals have nice fur and big fluffy tails....

Sly Fox

slippery fox printable picture
It is not for nothing that there is a saying sly as a fox, because these animals are really very clever. As you can see in the picture fox lurks ...

Cute fox

cute fox printable picture
Foxes are very smart creatures, but when you look at them, they seem so innocent and nice. Very often in villages foxes hunt ...

Little fox

little fox printable picture
You must know this animal and have seen it during car rides with your parents, because very often in the evenings we can meet it as...

Pregnancy lasts from 49 to 58 days and then born in the family burrow are the young which in one litter is from 4 to 6 individuals. The pups are blind and deaf at birth, weighing only 50 to 110 grams and only 15 centimeters long. The mother takes care of the cubs from the moment they are born until they become independent. This moment happens when the cubs are about 3 - 4 months old.

Foxes have many hunting strategies for getting food. But one of them is the most spectacular one when a fox is hunting rodents or large insects. The fox starts stalking its prey by hearing and smelling, if it manages to get close enough, it watches its movements. A moment passes when the fox suddenly jumps up to 2 meters and grabs its food with a quick movement. Such a jump costs the fox a lot of energy, but thanks to successful hunting for its prey it regains it quickly. Every day foxes eat half a kilogram of food, which consists of about 300 species of animals and plants.