Coloring Book Hedgehog

Not so long ago we had to deal with only one species of this animal. Currently, however, we already distinguish two - the eastern and the western. The body length of this spiny western individual is about 35 centimeters and its weight varies from 400 grams up to 2 kilograms.

Masha and the hedgehog

Masha and the hedgehog coloring book
Masha is a big fan of nature. She spends almost every free moment in meadows or forests. Today she went for a walk not far from the edge of the forest, where...

Spiked animal

animal with spikes coloring book to print
More and more often there are pictures of these animals on our website, so it can only mean one thing that autumn is coming...

Autumn hedgehog in the leaves

autumn hedgehog in the leaves coloring book online
Autumn is approaching us with great strides. Behind the windows you can already see the first falling leaves from the trees and more and more often you can see those little thorns...

Spiky animal

spiky animal coloring book online
The character in this picture certainly doesn't need to be introduced to any of you, because everyone knows him well. Today we will have to deal with ...

Happy hedgehog

Happy hedgehog coloring book to print
In front of you there is a picture of a hedgehog. Hedgehog in the picture seems to be happy, probably noticed something interesting or something that he would like to eat. Hedgehogs a lot...

Hedgehog family

Hedgehog family coloring book to print
In front of you is a picture of a family of hedgehogs. Hedgehogs in spring and summer keep their lines in autumn they eat a lot to survive winter sleep. Hedgehogs fall asleep in winter...


Spring hedgehog

Spring hedgehog coloring book to print
In the picture you can see a hedgehog which probably woke up from hibernation and went in search of food. Hibernation is a winter sleep of hedgehogs...

Fairy Tale Hedgehog

Fairy hedgehog coloring book to print
Before you the next painting from the category of animals this time it is a hedgehog. Hedgehogs are small animals which you can meet of course in Poland because they are ...

Drawn hedgehog

Drawn hedgehog coloring book to print
The picture shows a hedgehog. This hedgehog is rather dedicated for the youngest, but everyone can use crayons to get to know it. And now it's time...

Hedgehog on hand

Hedgehog on hand coloring book to print
As you can see, hedgehogs are so small that they fit easily into the palm of your hand. They are small creatures that are most associated with autumn. Now...

Walking hedgehog

Walking hedgehog coloring book to print
Hedgehogs are very small creatures which occur in Poland and we can meet them in the forest or on the road. This animal is largely covered with...

Apple and hedgehog

hedgehog and apple printable picture
In front of you is a picture of a hedgehog with an apple on its comb, which has become impaled on its thorns. Hedgehogs carry their harvest in this way and...

Hedgehog in autumn

hedgehog in autumn printable picture
Hedgehogs are most common in autumn. Generally it is very difficult to meet them, because these animals live mainly nocturnally and they go out to...

Little hedgehog

little hedgehog printable picture
An animal that almost the whole body is covered with small spikes is certainly well known to you hedgehog. This time we meet a picture that just...

On top of its body is covered with spines that have a striped coloration. Young specimens have spines that are still soft in texture but harden over time, giving the animal a natural defense against various types of danger.

A female of the western species is able to give birth to two litters of up to 7 young per year. The pregnancy lasts about 2 months and the first litter can be expected in June. The young are born blind and deaf. After about 2 weeks from birth the young slowly open their eyes and after about 6 weeks they gain weight up to 700 grams and become independent.

In most gardens, backyards in the evening time we can meet wandering animal. We can think how we can help it to have its hiding place during the day and a shelter from the frost during winter. We can build a small house from the bricks left after the construction or from the small wooden box lined inside with leaves or hay, which will be a perfect insulator of heat and will help the animal to survive for years to come.