Coloring Book Hyena

It comes from the family of large predatory mammals. At present, these animals are found in Africa, the Arabian Peninsula in Pakistan and India. Their appearance is very distinctive and is unlikely to be confused with any other animal.

Spotted hyena

spotted hyena printable coloring book
The spots are the characteristic coloration by which we can recognize this animal. They are usually black in color, although some animals have them in...

Happy little Hyena

jolly little hyena coloring book online
This small and cheerful hyena you know very well from a fairy tale in which we can meet her. If you have ever watched this fairy tale...

Crouching hyena

lurking hyena coloring book to print
In the picture we see a hyena that is among the trees. In the distance we see mountains and the setting sun. This hyena is crouching, probably hunting someone....

Angry hyena

angry hyena coloring book to print
The hyena in the picture looks funny. It has a terribly funny face. Here we see that the hyena's snout is relatively short, very massive, with strong dentition. On its paws...

Hyena zentangle

zentangle hyena coloring book to print
In the picture we see a hyena. The picture itself contains many ornaments in it. Here we see triangles, circles, squares, leaves and similar shapes. Even if you color...

A hyena from a fairy tale

hyena from a fairy tale coloring book to print
Did you watch The Lion King? There, three hyenas appeared, similar to the picture. Their names were Shenzi, Banzai and Eddy. Sometimes the hyena's brown and yellow fur...


Hyena drawing

hyena drawing coloring book to print
In the drawing, we see a hyena. Hyenas have a very distinctive body silhouette: the front is noticeably bulkier and taller, giving them a hunchbacked appearance, as here...

Wild hyena

wild hyena coloring book to print
Hyenas are very important in nature, not many people know this. As scavenging animals, they act as natural cleansers, preventing at least...

Big hyena

big hyena coloring book to print
That hyena in the picture looks threatening, but don't be afraid! It will not do anything to you. The general knowledge about hyenas is very negative. Hyena is associated with...

Hyena on the hunt

hyena printable picture
Hyenas, like most animals living in the wild, have to fend for themselves every day because no one will prepare food for them and no one will...

Abashed Hyena

hyena coloring book for kids
This time the hyena noticed tourists in the distance and got very scared which is why she is so abashed as you can see, because she just got very scared of people,...

Centipede Hyena

centipede hyena coloring picture for kids
The animal that you are going to print on your body before painting, as you have probably already noticed, has dots like this. This is a phenomenon that occurs only in...

The front of their body is more massive and taller, which is due to the fact that their muscles are much more developed in comparison to the back of their body - the back paws are shorter and less muscular. Their snout is short but has very strong teeth. Their ears are large and either pointed or rounded depending on the breed.

The body length of the currently living largest species ranges from 95 to about 160 centimeters, the tail length reaches from 20 to 36 centimeters and the weight reaches from 40 to 86 kilograms! It should also be noted that females are always much larger and heavier than males.

The coat color varies depending on the species. The spotted one has brown-yellow fur with dark spots. The brown one has dark brown fur with a very developed mane which usually covers the whole front part of its body.

These animals live in groups, which may count up to 80 individuals, but as a rule they are much less. Food for them are usually small and medium-sized ungulates, an example of such is the wildebeest.