Koala Coloring Pages

The animal has a large round head, a black nose, and large cosmic ears. Its fur is dense in shades of gray. The koala also has very strong paws ending in very sharp and strong claws, so it can easily climb various heights, branches and trees.

Animal in the tree

coloring book animal in a tree
This cute tree animal is a koala. Koalas like to hang out in green trees, snacking on their shoots in the process. Koalas also like people, see,...

Elder koala

coloring book of an elderly koala
Koalas can live up to 20 years. Thanks to a healthy diet of bamboo and eucalyptus. This is their favorite food. Older koalas in their spare time besides sleeping....

Crouching koala

coloring book lurking koala
Check out this lurking koala in the tree. I wonder what or who it's lurking for. Maybe it's waiting for its turn to eat, a...

Bear clings to a tree

coloring page teddy bear clinging to a tree
This bear that clings to a tree is a koala. It's a natural environment for them and very comfortable. The bamboos create a safe place for them to sleep....

Koala on bamboo

coloring book koala on bamboo
Koalas like to eat bamboo the most. That's why they spend most of their time in bamboo trees, so they can grab food at any possible moment. Bamboos are.

Koala hides in the trees

Coloring book koala hides in the trees
In the picture we see a young koala among the branches. I think it's hiding from someone, maybe from the wolves below. Protect the young koala by painting....


A character from a children's movie

Coloring Book Character from the movie for kids to print
The picture shows a koala bear. However, this is no ordinary animal that sits on a branch and eats eucalyptus leaves. Just look, he is sitting...

Teddy bear family

teddy bear family coloring book to print
In the picture, we see a family of teddy bears, which consists of a father and a son. At first glance, we can see the toddler's love for his dad after...

A teddy bear sleeping in a tree

teddy bear on a tree picture to print
After a full day of jumping trees and foraging for food, everyone would be tired. Just as totally exhausted is the bear that just fell....

Musical Teddy Bear

musical koala bear coloring book
Before us in today's painting teddy bear playing the trumpet. Soon there will be a musical concert at which our main character will play, of course. Your...

Koala bear drawing

koala bear coloring book printable
Check out this adorable teddy bear! It's a young koala, smiling at you! I'm sure he would be very happy if his fur was more colorful, so....

Koala bear on a tree branch

koala bear on a tree branch coloring book to print
Do you have a fear of heights? Koala bears are unlikely to be afraid of heights because they spend almost their entire lives in trees, a really long distance from...

Koala bears in their home

koala bears in their house coloring book to print
People live in houses, apartments, and condos, but koala bears create homes for themselves in trees! They build them out of branches and leaves and try to make them...

Koala bears in the tree

koala bears in the tree coloring book to print
But these bears are sleepy, one even sleeps hanging upside down! Koala bears live in faraway Australia, which is why they are called Australian Koalas....

Koala Brothers

koala brothers coloring book to print
Surely you recognize these characters, they are the Koala Brothers! They are characters from a fairy tale in which they help their friends out of various troubles, they are very...

Koala in a tree

koala in the tree coloring book to print
A koala is an animal that descends from a tree to the ground only to move on to another tree. Koalas are herbivorous, which means they do not ...

Big and small koala bear

big and little koala bear coloring book to print
Check it out! These are koala bears! They are very friendly animals, they eat mostly eucalyptus and really sleep a lot. On top of that, they are very friendly and often get...

Little koala

Little koala coloring book to print
The picture shows a baby koala hanging on a bamboo branch. Koalas practically sit on trees all the time and they come down only to...

Sweet koala

Cute koala coloring book to print
In front of you there is another painting from the category of animals. This time it is an animal known as koala. Koala is an animal that climbs trees well and...

Koala goes through a branch

koala on a branch picture to print
The middle of the forest is a favorite place for these mammals to hang out. The most these animals like to spend time in the trees, which of course you see this time in front of you on...

Koala in a tree

koala in the tree picture to print
It's actually no surprise that the Koala is a very clever animal that can climb trees very nimbly and quickly because.

Koala with young

koala with young picture to print
Animals just like humans have their little kids. Exactly the same way Koala bears also have their little ones. This time you see in the picture a couple that is...

Its body length averages 60 to 75 centimeters and its weight ranges from 5 to 15 kilograms.

Teddy Bear was originally found only in the low eucalyptus forests of Australia. About 100 years ago, the Koala was threatened with extinction by numerous hunts for its valuable fur.

 This animal very rarely comes down to the ground, it leads an arboreal lifestyle. The animal is active at night and then makes long wanderings looking for food. An interesting fact is that the bear can sleep during the day even 18 hours!

 It feeds only on eucalyptus leaves and what is interesting, out of 350 species of these trees only 5 can provide it with food. It is also interesting that this animal does not drink, because the only water it gets is from the food it eats.

 The female is pregnant for about a month and after this time usually one young is born. After birth, the young stays in the mother's pouch, and when it is 6 months old it is moved to the mother's back, where it stays until it is a year old.