Puma and Kulagar Coloring Pages

The cougar is an animal that is often referred to as the Florida panther, mountain lion or cougar. This North American cat has a body length of 1 to 2 meters and weighs usually 30 to 100 kilograms, but its tail is about 80 centimeters long! The cougar's coat is short and always uniformly colored.

Resting cougar

resting cougar printable picture
The temperature outside the windows is already getting warmer, so the animals also need to rest. This time in the picture we can see a tired puma, which is also resting after all the...

Running cougar

running cougar picture to print
When running, a cougar can reach speeds of up to 40 kilometers per hour, so for an animal this is very fast. The animal, while hunting...

Puma for kids

puma for kids printable picture
This time a painting for the youngest kids, who love painting pictures from the cougar catalog. If you have ever watched a fairy tale with this amazing animal, you...

Crouching cougar

lurking cougar picture to print
A cougar, as you can see in the picture, has lurked for its prey. The animal started to hunt for food in the morning, but as you can see it unfortunately did not succeed...

Two pumas

two pumas printable picture
Pumas do not have it as good as humans that they will buy their food and then prepare and then eat it. Pumas exactly like other animals....

Puma Cat

puma cat printable picture
Puma is a very dangerous animal at first sight, but as you can see in the picture it doesn't look so dangerous at all. Our task today is to choose ...


Adult cougar

Adult cougar coloring book to print
You will probably agree that the animal in the picture, the cougar, is a bit like the domestic cat that many of you have. The cougar is from the family...

Wild pumas

Wild pumas coloring book to print
In the picture, we see two animals. They are pumas. These animals that are found in the jungle. This picture contains a lot of details and you will definitely need...

Hunting cougar

Hunting cougar coloring book to print
The puma is a predator which knows how to hunt very well. Fortunately it is not found in Poland, because if we met a puma we would be in a big trouble.

Dangerous cougar

Dangerous cougar coloring book to print
Before you a dangerous predator which is a cougar. It is an animal that lives in North and South America, which means we will not meet it here. But...

Puma in the jungle

cougar in the jungle picture to color
The jungle is home to cougars, which is where they spend their entire lives. There they live and attack other animals in order to get food. This time on...

A lurking cougar

puma printable picture
Before attacking its prey, the animal watches it closely at first and then, lurking closer and closer, approaches it and only...

Realistic cougar

puma printable picture
Pictures with more details are much more difficult to color because we have to put more effort into them to not go beyond the outline. Certainly longer...

The cougar's fur is short and always uniformly colored. Very young animals of this species have spots on their fur, which slowly fade as they mature. The cougar is found from Canada to northern Argentina. It likes to be found in mountainous and densely forested areas, but it can also be found in deserts.


The animal is a kind of loner and always keeps to its territory, which extends up to 300 kilometers! The cougar always starts its active life only after dark, while it sleeps all day in its hiding places. Its food is usually small mammals, for which it lurks in dense thickets in hiding, only attacking when its prey gets close enough.


The reproduction of the puma takes place mostly in winter and spring. Pregnancy lasts only 3 months and the offspring are given birth in previously chosen hiding places. This can be for example caves or rock crevices. The female raises her young on her own, not allowing the male even for a moment to enter the hide with the offspring. The young are with the mother for about two years.