Rabbit coloring pages

The European Rabbit, or also called the Wild Rabbit, inhabits almost all of Europe. Their body length is about 40 to 45 centimeters, and their weight is only about 1.5 kilograms. The males are usually larger than the females, but they are still smaller than the hare, with which they are often mistaken.

Rabbits and carrots in the countryside

Online coloring book rabbits and carrots
The animals in the picture are living peacefully in the countryside. We can see some rabbits eating fresh carrots in the meadow. Next to them there is a dog who...

Fairy Tale Rabbit

coloring book rabbit from Winnie the Pooh stories for kids to print
Another supporting character who appears in episodes of this fairy tale. We remember him as always taking care of his garden where he grows carrots. ...

Bugs Bunny from Fairy Tale

Bugs Bunny from the cartoon coloring book to print
Probably each of you had the opportunity to meet this animated character which is Bugs Bunny. He is a very friendly animal and has big ears. Color him...

The scurrying rabbit

speeding rabbit coloring book to print
See, this rabbit is almost in flight, speeding away! He is definitely in a big hurry and jumps high and far to make it in time. He is focused and trying to...

Rabbit drawing

rabbit drawing coloring book to print
Did you know that there are over 180 breeds of rabbits? That is a lot! Plus, rabbits can be both small and grow to the size of a small child!...

Peter Rabbit

piotr bunny coloring book printable
The rabbit you see in the picture is Peter. Hello, Peter! The bunny is just trying to pull a carrot out of the ground, which has already grown. I'm sure it would be...

Sweet rabbit in the field

cute rabbit in the field coloring book to print
Do you know how carrots grow? In the ground, the orange part we eat is the root, and the green parsley sticks out of the ground after it grows. The bunny in the picture...

Stomping Rabbit

stomping rabbit coloring book to print
Tup tup tup, it's a rabbit stomping! These animals jump, move nimbly from place to place, but they also stomp! This is one of their special...

Baby rabbit with carrots

little rabbit with carrots coloring book to print
What a cute little bunny! Look, he is smiling at you! In addition, he is holding a very healthy vegetable in his paws, do you know what it is? Great, it's a carrot! Use...

Baby rabbits

little rabbits coloring book to print
Check it out, it's a bunny family! Mama rabbit with her three little bunnies, they are very cute and shy, they don't know the world yet because they are too...

Rebecca Rabbit

rebeka rabbit coloring book to print
Do you know the fairy tale about a pig named Peppa? Of course you do! This fairy tale also features another animal with longer ears named Rebecca, you know...

Minecraft Rabbit

rabbit minecraft coloring book to print
Probably some of you know the computer game "Minecraft". In it, you control a specific character and build various buildings, plant crops, and sometimes you have to...


bunny printable picture
Sweet and pleasant to the touch is the rabbit, which is very friendly to people. In our country very many people breed rabbits, so these ...

Rabbit with carrot

rabbit with carrot picture to print
Rabbit's favorite treat is of course carrots, which he can eat every day and never overeat this dish. The picture has a lot of...

Running Rabbit

running rabbit picture to print
Rabbit is a very friendly and cheerful pet, which I'm sure you already know from a fairy tale. This time we will not be watching a fairy tale with this animal, but...

Its fur is usually in shades of brown-gray, but can be of various shades. The environment in which rabbits like and prefer to live is arable fields or dry, sandy meadows. However, it is very common to find burrows of these animals in railroad embankments. Rabbits avoid dense, dark forest complexes and prefer to stay in open spaces.

From the first days of its life, the rabbit is very attached to the underground, where it creates countless corridors, connected to each other. They do so in order to deceive predators in case of danger and to be able to escape from them, eventually to hide, because at the end of such corridors there is a chamber where the young are born.

Pregnancy lasts from 28 to 33 days. The breeding season lasts from February to September, during which time the female gives birth to 5 to 6 litters with 4 to 12 young. After giving birth, the mother takes care of the cubs in the burrow for the first 4 weeks of their life, after which the cubs start to come out of the nesting burrow. These rabbits live about 9 years.