Avocado Coloring Book

All children surely like different kinds of fruits. Just one of them is waiting for you to color it. Of course, on the right side in the column we also have other pictures related to fruit. Also if you are bored with these you can always reach for another one and color it. A wide range of pictures to paint is waiting for you all day long. The advantage is that they are completely free for you.

Fruit jumps on a skipping rope

coloring page avocado fruit printable for kids
Fruits can also play. Of course such things are only possible in children's stories. Here we see avocados playing sports. One...

Christmas avocado

festive avocado coloring book to print
Christmas is getting closer and closer, so even avocados are already wearing their Christmas hats. And you are ready for Christmas already? Now choose the Christmas colors and...

Patterned avocados

avocado patterned coloring book to print
In the picture we can see a lot of avocado patterns, the whole thing forms an interesting composition. You have to color the picture very carefully and carefully. It contains a lot of small elements...

Avocado construction

avocado construction coloring book to print
Avocado is a very famous and tasty fruit. You can add it to different dishes or make guacamole paste with it. It is very healthy, that is why...

Happy avocado

Happy avocado picture to print
In front of you is a cheerful avocado waiting for you to paint it! So pick the colors you like best and start...

Halved avocado

Avocado halved printable picture
In today's coloring page your task will be to color this fruit, it is an avocado. It is a very tasty fruit that has a lot of nutritional value. And did you know...


Avocado halves printable picture

Avocado halves

Did you know that in order to eat an avocado you first have to cut it open and remove the large pit? Unfortunately you can't...
Avocado for kids printable picture

Avocados for kids

This avocado is very easy to prepare for eating. All a parent has to do is cut it in half, remove the pit and separate the...
Avocado with leaves picture to print

Avocado with leaves

Did you know that avocado trees are evergreen? If you didn't know that, you just learned a new interesting fact....
Avocado drawing picture to print

Avocado drawing

Have you ever seen an avocado fruit? I'm sure you've encountered them many times in the store but you probably haven't paid attention to this...
Avocado fruit and tree picture to print

Avocado fruit and tree

If you have not yet had the opportunity to see what the avocado tree and fruit look like then you are in the right place. Today we have prepared just for you...

Probably most of you know this fruit. It is becoming more and more popular all over the world as well as in Poland. It has a lot of nutritional as well as medicinal properties. In particular, it helps to lower cholesterol thanks to its oleic acid content. It also regulates blood pressure thanks to the potassium it contains. It also has a lot of calories - it is the most calorific fruit in the whole world. It comes from Mexico. The name comes from Ahuacuatl which in Aztec language means the tree on which the kernels grow. Its green skin is rough which is why it is called alligator pear. I don't know if you know but in Poland we also call it by a different name than the standard one - it is called smaczliwka. Don't know if you have ever met with such a name.

Nutritional properties of avocados

1) It is low in monosaccharides, but has omega-9 fatty acids. Its content is between 20 and 30%. It also contains unsaturated fatty acids. These include omega-3 and omega-6. They are essential in the functioning of a healthy human body.
2) The common name is butter of the gods - this is how this fruit is referred to due to the fact that it has a great deal of healthy fats. This makes other ingredients in the human body more absorbable.
3) Potassium is also what distinguishes this fruit from others around the world. Potassium is responsible for regulating blood pressure and heart function. It is very good for the nervous system.
4) It has a lot of different kinds of vitamins. In particular vitamins C, E and A. Other vitamins are from B group. In particular we can include folic acid.
5) It also contains lutein and zeaxanthin which are very good for the eyes.

If you are interested in painting other fruits just take a look at the list of categories we have prepared for you. It is located on the right side of the page, or if you open the page in the mobile version, at the very bottom. We have listed most of the fruits that we can find around the world. Certainly you will find something interesting there. We encourage you to play with colors and not to be afraid of experyento. You don't have to color the fruits as they look in real life and what colors they have. You can let your imagination run wild and have fun with it. See for yourself what we have to offer. We have a really rich base of such pictures for colouring by children of all ages. Choose pictures with fewer elements for younger players, those which have more for older ones.