Bluey Coloring Book

Bluey is an Australian television series for preschool children. It first appeared on the ABC Kids 1 channel in 2018. This program was created by Joe Brumm - he had a team from Ludo Studio in Queensland to help him. The series became very popular and was noticed by many companies including Disney. After a few months it premiered on the Disney Junior channel in the USA, and was broadcast worldwide on the Disney+ channel. On our site you can find cool and interesting coloring pages with Bluey characters to print or paint online.


Coco Pudelek

Online coloring book by Pudelek Coco
Coco is a very cheerful poodle. A smile never disappears from his face. That is also the case this time. He wants you to play together with him.

Dog with ball

Online coloring book Dog with ball
Sport is good for you. Lucky, the dog you may know from the animated series Bluey, knows it very well. Today he has prepared his backpack and ball and is waiting...

Fairy Tale Dog

Online coloring book Fairy Tale Dog
Bluey has spotted her friends in the distance. She heads toward them and waves her paw happily. She wonders what they will do once they meet. Maybe...

Bluey the dog with his dad

Online coloring book Bluey the dog with his dad
Bluey loves her dad very much. In this picture you can see how a father hugs his daughter. Both characters are from the animated series Bluey....

Mackenzie the dog

Online coloring book Mackenzie the Dog
This dog is Mackenzie from the children's series Bluey. It looks like the character is very bored today. He is spreading his paws helplessly and not...


Online coloring book Indy
Do you know who is in this picture? The caption at the bottom might give you a clue. That's right, it is Indy, a character from the TV series...


Online coloring book fairy house

Fairytale house

Do you recognize the house featured in the picture? If not, I will tell you that it is the house from the fairy tale Bluey....
Bluey Christmas online coloring book

Bluey holidays

Winter has just arrived in Bluey's land and big snowflakes are falling from the sky. The whole Heeler family is getting ready...
Online coloring book Bluey and musical instruments

Bluey and musical instruments

The character in this picture is featured in the animated series Bluey. Today she has decided to learn to play an instrument,...
Bluey online coloring book for kids

Bluey for kids

Muffin is a very cute dog. You can meet him in the animated series Bluey. Do you know what color his fur is...
Online coloring book Bluey fairy tale for kids

Bluey the children's story

If you have ever watched the animated series Bluey, then you definitely know who is in this picture. That's right,...
Online coloring book Bingo on a bike

Bingo on a bike

Bingo is a character from the animated series Bluey. Today he and his dad went for a bike ride. On their heads they have...
Online coloring book Bingo Heeler

Bingo Heeler

Do you recognize this adorable dog? He is Bingo Heeler, who is featured in the animated series Bluey. Today Bingo had a very good ...
Online coloring book Beagle honey dog

Beagle honey dog

If you've only watched an episode of this cartoon once then it definitely featured this crazy and twisted...

Interesting facts and information about Bluey

The main character of this children's story is Bluey - it's a small dog - a Blue Heeler puppy, has a lot of energy that he needs to use. He is extremely curious about the world. This dog lives with his father who is called Bandit. His mother's name is Chilli and younger sister is Bingo. The other characters that appear in this children's series represent different breeds of dogs. The overarching themes are family, growing up, and Australian culture. The show was created and produced in Queensland, and its capital city is the inspiration for the plot. We also encourage you to color the pictures on our website.