Call Of Duty Coloring Book

Coloring pages from a cool online game called Call of Duty have just hit the printables page. Especially for boys we decided to add a new category where all of these pictures are in one place. For those who are interested in this game or various types of military vehicles, helicopters or, of course, soldiers, this is a great opportunity to choose a picture to color just for yourself. We have fun coloring completely for free without any limits on the use of the site or printing of pictures.

Soldier from the game Call of Duty

Online coloring book Soldier from the game Call of duty
This soldier from the game Call of Duty took a break for a while. A while ago, he defeated a lot of opponents and is looking out to see if there is somewhere nearby...

Special Forces Soldier

Online Coloring Book Special Forces Soldier
A special forces soldier is just getting ready for an important mission. He has already put on his combat clothes and prepared every possible weapon. However, he needs a person...

Terrorist from the online game

Online coloring book Terrorist from online game
If you've ever played the game Call of Duty, then you definitely know that there is a terrorist in the picture. You need to defeat him quickly! Your weapon...

A shooting soldier

Online coloring book Shooting soldier
This soldier is a character from the game Call of Duty. He just spotted his enemies and aimed his machine gun at them. I wonder if he can...

The commando of the shooting game

Online coloring book Commando with shooting game
This brave commando has just tracked down his enemies in the distance. But there is no one to help him deal with them once and for all....

Sniper rifle - weapon

coloring page online sniper rifle
If you are a fan of games like Call of Duty, then you definitely know what kind of weapon is in this picture. That's right, it's...


coloring page online special unit

A special unit of soldiers

This soldier is one of the heroes of the game Call of Duty. Jet is very brave and he defeats many opponents every day. If...
Call of duty online coloring book

Call of duty

Many kids love the game Call of Duty. If you are one of them, you will surely know that the characters you see in...
Online coloring book Call of duty black ops cold war

Call of duty black ops cold war

For all boys who like shooting games we have something cool. These are pictures to color from the online game ...
Fortnite girl sniper online coloring book

Fortnite girl sniper

If you are a fan of computer or console games, then you are definitely familiar with the iconic game Fortnite. In the Battle Royale gameplay...
sniper in action coloring book online

Sniper in action

Across the road in one of the blocks, a long suspected criminal group has been dealing in firearms. For the past week, police ...
soldier and helicopter coloring book online

Soldier and helicopter

In one image we see a soldier and a helicopter behind him, which has obviously been transported to the battlefield. Behind...
wounded soldier coloring book online

Wounded soldier

In war, it is very common for one person to help another, because if someone in the crew is shot by the enemy, they have to be transported...
pre mission observation coloring book printable

Pre-mission observation

Any successful military mission first begins with the observation of enemy territory and its weaponry. In the picture one of the...
soldiers in action coloring book to print

Soldiers in action

During the war, when the enemy takes captive our soldier is organized action. Action with the relief of our man among the enemy....
soldiers at war coloring book to print

Soldiers at war

Sometimes a war breaks out in the world. In that war, soldiers fight. They live in the trenches, with a rifle they shoot at the enemies. This...
sniper printable picture


Can you imagine the precision a sniper must have and how to focus before he shoots. Very often in order to shoot a...

Call of Duty trivia and information for kids

Call of Duty is the world's biggest and most popular online multiplayer or single player shooter. The game began its history as a franchise in 2003, but it really became popular a few years later because only in 2007, with the release of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, people fell in love with it and started buying it en masse for both computers and game consoles.

A new feature was the option to play in multiplayer mode. The publisher of the game Call of Duty is Activision. For children, new coloring books to print or online with characters that appear in the game began to appear this year. It's been waiting for a not-so-long time now and the latest installment, Call of Duty: WW2, is expected to bring the series back to its roots and the cool gameplay option that veterans of the previous series have been hoping for. The game was released in November 2017 and here we will move to the time of World War II. 

The game is also one of the best-selling games in history. In particular, players have grown fond of the various add-ons to the game such as Modern Warfare and the completely new. Call of Duty: Black Ops, which sold just over 8 million units. Modern Warfare III, however, improved this result because only in the first month it sold 8.8 million copies. So these are huge numbers and consequently earnings from the sale of this game online.