Coloring Book Castles

We will move to the Middle Ages to find in one place cool coloring pages with castles. These will be both large buildings and smaller ones. You will find cool princess castles or a large royal castle in which, of course, the king himself lived in the old days. We will also try to move to Malbork so that you can choose an interesting building and color it. Many interesting coloring pages for children with different levels of difficulty are waiting for you.

Castle with turrets

Online coloring book castle with turrets
Look at this castle. It has a lot of turrets. Inside the building there are many chambers that are inhabited by the royal family. But the picture lacks color....

A sand castle and a girl

Online coloring book Sand castle and girl
This little girl loves to play in the sandbox. This time, however, she went on vacation with her parents and has fun building castles on a real beach....

A castle on the beach

Online coloring book Castle on the beach
What wonderful weather. No wonder the children are happily playing on the beach. One of them built a sand castle, which you can see on...

Castle on a hill

Online coloring book castle on the hill
This castle stands on a big mountain. It makes it difficult for all enemies of the king to get inside the castle. The castle is also protected by brave knights who...

Princess Castle

Online Coloring Book Princess Castle
This castle is inhabited by a princess, who is holding a big ball today. All the residents are preparing for this important event. In addition to preparing the ballroom very...

The castle and the dragon

Castle and dragon online coloring book
All the residents of the castle are terrified because a huge dragon has flown under its walls. As you know, dragons can breathe fire, so it's no wonder that the inhabitants are...


coloring book lego knights on horseback and castle printable online

Knight on horseback and knights in the castle

A fun series that you will be able to color online as well as print. The picture shows us a series in which we see...
coloring book princess in the castle for girls to print online

A princess in a castle

In the past, an entire city was built next to a castle. Such a castle was surrounded by walls, and outside it was a moat....
fairy tale castle printable picture

Fairytale Castle

This castle was probably built so that these high walls could defend the sleeping princess from her enemies. The princess surely...

Castles - coloring pages for kids

For girls, you will find buildings in which princesses lived in the old days - they had ornate chambers and usually a beautiful high tower from which each princess had a wonderful view of the surroundings. We have quite a lot of these paintings, so we encourage you to choose the one you like the most.

In every country in the world there are various castles. In Europe we have a lot of them. Most in countries such as Poland, Germany, Austria, France, Italy or the United Kingdom and Italy. We try to make the most popular castles from a given country appear in this section intended for you. Of course, they are more difficult to color as they have various bigger and smaller windows, doors or bricks. If you are looking for the simplest pictures to colour with castles, here for sure will be those pictures in which we will colour a sand castle.