Christmas Coloring Pages

Christmas is a special time for each of us. That's why we tried to create a special section in which all the Christmas coloring pages for children will be collected from our website. Of course, each of you - both girls and boys - are welcome here. We have two types of pictures. For those who, for example, are traveling or do not have a printer at home or have run out of paper to print, we recommend online printables. That is, you choose what you want and color it with your mouse on our website. We can also download them in pdf format, printing on A4 sheets.


Merry Christmas tree

Printable jolly Christmas tree coloring book
A very cool picture in which we have a Christmas tree to color. We can see on it a bunch of baubles and a Christmas chain. On top of it we have a star of Bethlehem....

Decorating the Christmas tree by the children

Christmas tree decorating by kids printable
The games that accompany us when we spread the tree and bring all kinds of things to decorate it have no end. We put the lights on it...

Teddy bear and Christmas tree

coloring page meat and Christmas tree decorating and dressing printable
It is a good idea to have a tree in your home to decorate and dress it up. We have the choice to buy an artificial one that serves us...

Santa brings gifts

coloring page Santa brings gifts under the Christmas tree printable
Santa Claus always brings gifts for children on this one special day of the year. You need to remember to write him a letter in which we write a few...

Gifts under the Christmas tree

coloring book gifts under the Christmas tree for kids to print
The 6th of December is the time when Santa brings presents for good children and puts them under the Christmas tree. Here we have a fun coloring book where we will see a lot of different bigger ...

Connect the dots Christmas tree and color

coloring book connect the dots Christmas tree and printable coloring book
Quite a fun game where we not only have fun but also learn by connecting the dots. We have to start with the smallest values of numbers up to ...
Christmas tree coloring book for kids to print online

Christmas tree with gifts

Each of us certainly loves this time when we have a beautifully decorated Christmas tree at home, and around it...
coloring page of a live Christmas tree being dressed by children

A living Christmas tree dressed by children

Not always at home dresses cut Christmas trees or artificial. Proof of that is this coloring page on which ...
Minnie mouse and Christmas tree printable coloring book online

A fairy tale couple in love by the Christmas tree

A cool Christmas coloring page that introduces us to the Disney characters from the cartoon. If you just color this Christmas tree and decorate the bobcats...
coloring page christmas baubles for kids

Christmas baubles

Who of you loves that time when parents bring us baubles and we put them on the Christmas tree by ourselves....
coloring page christmas


It is a magical time where children are always waiting under the Christmas tree for the gifts that Santa Claus brings them. We sit at the ...
Christmas tree with baubles coloring book

Christmas tree

Another one of the series to the collection. We see a tree which was decorated especially for this occasion, Christmas.
coloring page Christmas tree with gifts

Christmas tree with gifts

When Christmas is approaching, all of us love this moment when we have the opportunity to dress our Christmas tree and decorate it...
firecrackers coloring book to print

New Year's Eve Firecrackers

New Year's Eve is getting closer and closer. A few more days and a new year begins, which brings with it a lot of resolutions, because as...
cribbage animals and characters coloring page printable

Nativity animals and characters

Just look at all the characters you see in the picture. There are nativity characters, animals, angels and people -...
jesus in a crib on a hay coloring book printable

Jesus in a crib on a haystack

The picture shows a baby Jesus who has just been born. He is lying peacefully in his crib wrapped up in his...
birth of a baby jesus coloring book to print

The birth of the baby Jesus

The situation in the picture is the birth of baby Jesus, which I'm sure you've heard about or heard from your parents, in church or...
christ birth coloring book printable

The birth of Christ

The situation you see in the picture is the birth of Jesus Christ. Mary and Joseph, happy parents are watching over the baby Jesus in...
mary,joseph and the baby printable coloring book

Mary, Joseph and the baby

In the picture you see Mary, Joseph and their son - Jesus. The baby lies in a cradle made of wood and wrapped in...
Children at the party printable picture

Children at the party

All the kids in second grade today are at a party. The parents of these kids decided to have a surprise party to celebrate...
mother's and father's day printable picture

Mother's and Father's Day

The unique celebration of parents or Mother's Day and Father's Day we celebrate once a year, of course on another day falls the holiday...
Vampire performance printable picture

Vampire's performance

This is the end of the vampire's performance. He showed the audience at school a lot of cool and original tricks, the audience was delighted! The vampire...
Cute little bat picture to print

Cute little bat

What a little baby this bat is. He was probably just born and can't fly yet like his friends who...
Family goes to church with palms picture to print

Family goes to church with palm trees

Is Palm Sunday like this for you too when you go to church with palms? Are your parents the only ones with palms or...
Bunny collects Easter eggs picture to print

The Easter Bunny collects Easter eggs

More and more kids are learning about a super fun Easter holiday game, it's a game that is designed to find...
Chicken in Easter basket picture to print

Chicken in Easter basket

This chick is sure that in this basket there is still a surprise waiting for him. He has a feeling that at some point...
Singing easter chicken picture to print

Singing Easter Chicken

Are you too as happy as that chicken when you hear that Easter is coming soon? It will be...
Chickens come out of their shells picture to print

The chickens come out of their shells

This is the moment, the egg was already so big that the shell must have cracked. And out of the shell come...
Easter bunny and Easter holidays picture to print

Bunny and Easter

Are you also happy like the bunny when you think that Easter is just around the corner? It will be possible again...
Spring basket with Easter eggs picture to print

Spring basket with Easter eggs

Beautifully braided wicker Easter basket with wonderful, patterned Easter eggs and first spring flowers next to it! With such a basket...
Mandala bunny picture to print

Mandala hare

A huge amount of details to color are already waiting for you. Try to make this picture as colorful as possible. Use...
romantic kiss printable picture

A romantic kiss

All couples in love today spend this day together, because today is Boyfriend Day, so girls buy their boyfriends gifts....
gift for grandma printable picture

A gift for grandma and grandpa

On the occasion of Grandmother's and Grandfather's Day, Jolanta's granddaughter went to visit them with a cake to give them...
Witch adds poison printable picture

The witch adds poison

And yet ! Our assumptions that witches are evil and make various concoctions in such a way have been confirmed...
valentine's day card printable picture

Valentine card with bunny

On the occasion of Valentine's Day, prepare a card yourself. Don't make your life easier and don't buy a ready-made card from the store, instead print...
Cats and smiling pumpkin picture to print

Cats and a smiling pumpkin

If you have a kitten at home, you probably already know very well that they like to get into all sorts of strange...
Forgotten old hut picture to print

Forgotten old cottage

The huge old house, when it was once new certainly looked beautiful. It had pretty colors, green grass grew in front of it,...
Fear gives the birds apples picture to print

Fear feeds the birds with apples

Cunning is our fear! He was tasked with guarding the apple orchard and he preferred to pick a few apples to...
Ghost spooked ghost printable picture

The ghost scared the ghost

Did you think that ghosts only scare people? But of course that's not true! Such pranks ghosts also do to each other....
Candle with holly picture to print

holly candle

Beautiful delicate decoration that we can put on the table during the Christmas holidays. If you want to make it at home ...
Mask Scream printable picture

Mask Scream

This is the scariest mask we have seen so far! If you are a fan of such spooky characters then this mask is just the thing.
Scary pumpkin picture to print

Scary pumpkin

How awful she looks! That's the scariest pumpkin I think we've ever seen! And when you color it dark...
Bells in small patterns printable picture

Small patterned bells

In front of you is a coloring book that is very difficult but if you color correctly and do not go over the line ...
Santa Claus gives a gift to Elf picture to print

Santa gives gift to Elf

As we all know Santa gives gifts to children, but today for good and quick work one Elf also gets a gift....
Elf explains himself to Santa Claus printable picture

Elf explains himself to Santa

An elf while wrapping gifts for children forgot one present. While checking the list to make sure all the presents were there, Santa noticed...
Reindeer waiting for Santa Claus printable picture

The reindeer are waiting for Santa

Already ready to travel the world, they already want to have their harness on and rush ahead! But without Santa...
ascension of jesus picture to print

Ascension of Jesus

The Ascension of Jesus or the ascension of the risen Jesus Christ into heaven. We celebrate this feast every year on the fortieth day after the Resurrection...
jesus in the crown of thorns printable picture

Jesus with the crown of thorns

Stations of the Cross are very common in church. It is not obligatory, but only the faithful attend it,...
Jesus and Mary printable picture

Jesus and Mary

Another religious picture to print and paint. This time, today's painting depicts Mary and Jesus in one picture, who...
easter palms picture to print

Easter Palms

In today's picture we have three Easter palms to color, which we will take to church for blessing. Coloring the three palms...
chicken comes out of the egg printable picture

Chicken comes out of an egg

I'm sure most of you don't yet know that chickens are born from an egg. It takes place exactly like this...
Angel plays the trumpet picture to print

Angel plays the trumpet

Christmas is just around the corner, so Angel decided to announce this news to the whole world so that no one would forget about...
Advent calendar with stars picture to print

Star Spangled Advent Calendar

Before you Advent calendar in the stars. You know, the stars in the sky are bright gold in color but you can...
may 3rd constitution printable picture

The 3rd of May Constitution

The 3rd of May Constitution Day is a special day for all Poles. It was on the 3rd of May in the year 1791 that the...
earth day printable picture

Earth Day

Celebrated once a year, Earth Day is a special holiday because most people organize cleanups of our planet on this day....
prayer for the dead printable picture

Prayer for the Dead

Every year when we celebrate the Day of the Dead in our country we meet at the cemetery by the graves of our loved ones.
independence day usa printable picture

U.S. Independence Day

We Poles celebrate Independence Day in November. Exactly the same way most of the countries celebrate such holidays but of course in different...
christmas elf printable picture

Christmas Elf

A cap on his head and protruding ears are two features by which we can recognize the Elf. This time he is waiting for us...
elf in a sock printable picture

Elf in a sock

One of the elves today didn't feel like helping deliver packages with Santa, so he decided to...
Paint patterns on Christmas baubles printable picture

Paint patterns on Christmas baubles

In front of you are two beautiful baubles that are just waiting for you to add more charm to them. When you give them different...
Glass bauble picture to print

Glass bauble

When we hang plastic baubles on a Christmas tree we are sure that when we drop them they will not break. However...
Christmas tree baubles in different patterns picture to print

Various patterns of baubles

Here in front of you are a dozen of baubles. It is a great challenge to color them all but if you like coloring it will be...
Patterned Christmas sock printable picture

Patterned Christmas sock

This is a very difficult coloring book. But if you are already an expert at coloring and no longer go beyond the black lines....
Christmas trees in the forest printable picture

Christmas trees in the forest

Everyone remembers to decorate the Christmas tree they bring home for Christmas. But no one remembers the rest...
Happy Christmas tree picture to print

A happy Christmas tree

I think this tree was already looking forward to Christmas! It's so happy! I think it's because it has a...
Santa Claus and reindeer dressing the Christmas tree picture to print

Santa and the reindeer dressing the Christmas tree

Santa Claus wanted to bring presents for good children but he noticed that there was nowhere to leave them because no one in this...
Children dress up a Christmas tree printable picture

Children dress the Christmas tree

Children love to help their parents decorate the tree for Christmas. It is a lot of fun to hang baubles, chains, lights together...
Stable picture to print


In the stable in Bethlehem everyone gathered, even animals like donkey, sheep, camels and many more came. If...
Christmas tree lights printable picture

Christmas tree lights

Did you know that once upon a time, all you used to do to decorate your Christmas tree for the holidays was to attach the little lights...

For each of us, Christmas is a special time when the whole family is together at home. It usually starts with preparing a Christmas tree at home or decorating the tables or balconies at home or garden. Thanks to this the whole family spends time together. Another one of the steps is to prepare dishes for Christmas Eve. Usually this kind of things at home are taken care of by the parents, and the children just help them with some dishes.

It is also a special time for all Catholics who celebrate Christmas and Christmas Eve. It is then that in churches are services and we can see the crib with Lord Jesus, which usually in virtually every church in Poland appears. In the section of categories on our website you will also find a lot of different coloring pages related to the widely understood topic of Christmas.

It is here that we also have online coloring pages, which are more and more often painted by you, which makes us very happy. Of course, closer to December we will be uploading a lot of thematic coloring pages, so that every day some new and popular in the world will also find their way to our printable.


1) Not every one of you knows that Santa Claus who moves on a sleigh was created by Washington Irving

2) Christmas has slightly different meanings around the world. When it comes to Christmas Eve which is celebrated in Japan it is a day where we fry chicken as well as eat strawberry pie.

3) We have already mentioned Santa Claus but it is worth adding that Santa Claus did not always wear red. Some people claim that this image was created for marketing purposes by Coca-Cola.

4) In England, King William I was crowned precisely on Christmas Day - which was additionally a lavishly celebrated holiday during that ruler's lifetime.

5) This Christmas time was also very important during WWI, not all of you know that there was a ceasefire during this time and a short truce signed - called the Christmas Truce. This is when the Bretons and Germans even exchanged gifts and played a soccer match together.

6) USA has its official Christmas tree which is decorated every year for this occasion and we can see it ourselves in a national park in California. It is very tall as it is over 95 meters high and of course every year it gets bigger and bigger.

7) The Christmas stamp was first issued in 1962 in the United States, this custom has been adopted by many countries around the world and they release such a series of stamps with this theme in December.

8) The song "Silent Night" was first heard in a church in Austria. Then it also came to Poland, where to this day it has become the most recognizable and played song in Poland.

9) One in three men wait until the last day to do their Christmas Eve shopping and the same goes for Christmas presents. More and more people are leaving such tasks to the last minute.