Coloring Book Cowboys

Coloring pages with cowboys for children here in one place we have prepared a set of interesting pictures where the cowboy will be in the first place. You will find here Lego characters and figures like people just in cowboy style. There will also be a world famous cowboy like Lucky Luke and many other cool surprises. We have for you several thousand interesting images to color for children.

Ariel from Tree Fu Tom

Coloroanaka Ariel from Tree Fu Tom
And what is this interesting creature? In appearance it resembles a butterfly. Do you feel like getting to know it better and entering the world of fairy tales? All you have to do is...

Wild West and Yosemite Sam

Wild West and Yosemite Coloring Book by Sam
Yosemite Sam mieszka na Dzikim Zachodzie i władnie otworzył swoje stanowisko z produktami na porost włosów. On sam może pochwalić pochwalić gęstymi długim włosami...

Revolver Yosemite Sam

Coloring Book Revolver Yosemite Sam
Yosemite Sam właśnie przymierza się do kolejnego pojedynku z innymi kowbojami. Nie ma sobie równych, a rewolwer jest jego ulubioną bronią. Jest ubrany w...

Yosemite Sam fires a gun

Yosemite coloring book Sam shoots a gun
Yosemite Sam jako prawdziwy kowboj uwielbia rewolwery. Czasami mierzy się się pojedynkach z innymi kowbojami i rozstrzygają wtedy, który z nich jest lepszy. Pomimo...

Singing by the fire

Online coloring book Singing by the fire
An important part of everyone's life is having fun. Singing and dancing are examples of this. Even cowboys sometimes had to relieve a lot of stress that built up over...

Sheriff from the Wild West

Wild West Sheriff online coloring book
Every town had its own sheriff. It was his job, with the help of other law enforcement officers, to apprehend dangerous, dangerous criminals. It is important that the person acting as...


Online coloring book The Mad Gunman

Crazy gunfighter

A revolver player is a person who is great with a revolver type gun. The figure depicted in the picture looks a little crazy,...
Online Coloring Book Water Gun

Water gun

Every one of us has dreamed at least for a while about becoming a cowboy. A super idea and a great alternative to this idea....
Online coloring book Lasso and the Gunfighter

Lasso and the gunfighter

The lasso was used by cowboys to catch, capture animals. They caught bulls, cows, and even horses with it. Every true cowboy, living...
Winnie the Pooh as a cowboy online coloring book

Winnie the Pooh as a cowboy

Winnie the Pooh's dream was to become a cowboy. Teddy bear, who likes honey, tested his skills in spinning a lasso. How do you think he did?
Online coloring book Lego Cowboys for kids

Lego Cowboys for Kids

Emet and Zyleta also visited the Wild West during their trip. Remember? In this place you can meet absolutely any person,...
Online coloring book Cowboy on a campfire

Cowboy by the fire

Cowboys also deserve a rest after a hard day's work. The figure in the picture decided to light a bonfire and have a ...
Wild west cowboy online coloring book

A cowboy in the wild west

Almost everyone associates the Wild West with cowboys. What do you think they might have done for a living? We come from...
Online coloring book Rocking horse

Rocking horse

Felek is having a great time on his rocking horse. Everyone can be a cowboy! Just a little imagination and everything is possible. Join...

Cowboy boots

These are unique shoes often nowadays worn if we perform in various performances. Others also cannot imagine...
cowboy skinny from the fairy tale coloring book online

Skinny Cowboy

Today, the famous cowboy Chudy has a performance that he prepared for several months. Before just going on stage he was very...
coloring book cowboy printable on horseback for kids

A cowboy in the desert

In the past, longer distances were traveled on these animals. Often cowboys had a lasso that they needed...
lucky luke puts on shoes coloring book to print

Lucky Luke puts on his shoes

In this drawing, Lucky Luke is not wearing his usual cowboy outfit. If you look closely you will notice that he has on...
lucky luke with a gun coloring book to print

Lucky Luke with a gun

Do you know this cowboy? He is the well-known Lucky Luke! He's got a cowboy hat on his head and in his hand he's holding...
lucky luke and a friend coloring book to print

Lucky Luke and friend

This drawing features cowboy Lucky Luke and his friend another cowboy. Lucky Luke has two revolvers, a...
cowboy lucky luke and horse coloring book printable

Lucky Luke the cowboy and the horse

Do you know the cowboy in the drawing? That's the famous cowboy Lucky Luke. I'm sure you've seen him somewhere before. He's traveling right now...

Cowboys played an important role in settling areas of the United States. They contributed to the development of industry, and cowboys helped run ranches. They grazed cattle, repaired fences and buildings, and took care of horses. Cowboys often worked to herd cattle. This meant that a large herd of cattle would be moved from the ranch to another place where they would be grazed or sold. If there was a large herd of, say, 4,000 head of cattle, there were usually about 10-20 cowboys.

Interesting facts about cowboys

  1. Many cowboys were Civil War soldiers, from both the North and the South, and many others - perhaps as many as a quarter of all cowboys - were freed former slaves. 
  2. During a cattle drive, 7-14 cowboys could carry 3,000 to 4,000 head of cattle. They could travel more than 20 km in one day. Longer distances caused the cattle to lose too much weight and become too thin. In every meeting there was also a chief who managed all the people and a cook whose job was to prepare the food.
  3. Cowboys often wore their clothes for weeks without changing. They were usually dressed in jean pants and corduroy shirts. They also wore a hat with a large brim to protect them especially from the sun. They also had a headscarf, which protected them from the sun, but also from the dust on the road.