Coloring Book Dinosaurs

Here we will learn about these prehistoric reptiles that each of you will be able to color. You will choose the prehistoric animals that you like and that you have been looking for a long time. We will explore the world of great fun, we will find, of course, simple pictures for children, as well as those large in a4 format coloring pages, which will be intended more for all adult players. You will certainly find here all those creatures from the world famous movie, then also from the series called jurassic world. For the little ones in this section you will also find something special from Lego. Of course, all of them are free for you to color on the website online or print, or even download to your computer for later use. Dinosaurs are with names and it is also an educational element of this fun in coloring prehistoric animals.

Dinosaurs from the Dinosaur Train cartoon

Printable Dinosaur Train cartoon coloring book for kids
There used to be a lot of dinosaurs in the world. Here in the picture is a baby Tyrannosaurus and a Deinonychus, who despite their differences, if only in species, get along with each other....

Dinosaur Train hatches from an egg

In the cartoon Dinopipeline everyone has a family and everyone has a lot of friends with whom they are very happy to spend time. And did you know that in the picture she was...

Dinosaur Train characters

Dinosaur Train Characters Coloring Book
This cartoon character is Mr. Conductor of the Dinopipeline, or more precisely, a dinosaur of the Troodon species. He is the one who drives the title train. He is very friendly and...

Dinosaur from the cartoon Dinopipeline

Dinosaur coloring book from the cartoon Dinopipeline printable
Once such dinosaurs alone walked the earth, there were no humans. Despite this, every little dinosaur, just like children now, had to learn. In the picture...

Small and large dinosaur

Small and large dinosaur printable coloring book
See how, despite the difference in age, height and species, these dinosaurs get along. The larger one was herbivorous and needed such a long neck to reach...

Animal from Dinosaur Train

Dinosaur Train Animal Coloring Book
This species of dinosaur was very brave in those days, it was the Ankylosaurus. In the cartoon, it is red in color with a lighter top part of the body. Its name was...


Pterodactyl from Dinosaur Train

Pterodactyl coloring book from Dinosaur Train printable
There is a lot of this species of dinosaur in the Dinopipeline cartoon, as there is a mass of them in the main dinosaur family. These dinosaurs were able to fly sensationally, because their wings...

Dinosaur Train for kids

Dinosaur Train coloring book for kids to print
Do you know how many dinosaurs once existed? There were very many species like Tyrannosaurus, Diplodocus and Pterodactyl. Each fulfilled an important role and together they created a wonderful first life....

Dinopipeline for kids

Dinopipeline coloring book for kids to print
The Dinosaur Tale is a great fairy tale for the little ones. It tells about the fate of dinosaurs, the older ones and the newly hatched ones. Together they help little dinosaurs and the youngest viewers....

Dinosaur Blitz

Dinosaur Blitz Coloring Book
Blitz is Jon's dino buddy . He is known to be the fastest dinosaur of all time. He is very brave, fast, friendly, heroic, loyal, kind and caring. In the picture you can see how he takes...

Dinosaur egg

Printable Dinosaur Egg Coloring Book
In the picture we see how a new baby dinosaur has just hatched from an egg and is very happy. On its head and on its body there are still left...

Tyrannosaurus Mildred from the children's cartoon

Tyrannosaurus Mildred coloring book from children's cartoon to print
And what is this creature? It's a tyrannosaurus named Mildred. He holds a bat in his hand because he's a batter on the baseball team. Would you like to play with him? That would be...

Gomamon for children

Coloring book Gomamon for kids to print
He is a faithful and devoted partner to Joe Kido and naturally a Digimon. He can somewhat resemble an animal seal or a baby walrus. He is a rather funny character and causes...

Agumon dinosaur

Coloring Book Dinosaur Agumon
It can be yellow or orange in color and is less commonly black. It has two horns on its head and the same sharp horn on its nose as the rhinoceros. Young...

Water creatures

water creature prehistoric dinosaurs printable coloring book
Here we see perhaps one of the largest prehistoric reptiles that lived on earth. It loved water as we see in this picture.

Dinosaurs from minecraft

minecraft dinosaur coloring book to print
See how the character from this very popular online game looks like this way. See also because you can also color this picture on...

Jurassic world park entrance

jurassic world with dinosaurs
This frame is surely familiar to many of you where we are waiting to enter this unique park full of dinosaurs. We can admire them from the window...

T rex from a fairy tale

printable dinosaur t rex coloring book
Very often we can meet him in various types of cartoons or television series. He always appears as this evil character with which other dinosaurs are fighting.

Herbivorous Triceratops

coloring page with triceratops dinosaur
This animal, shown in the picture, eats a variety of plants in particular.

Carnivorous Tyrannosaurus

Tyrannosaurus printable coloring book for kids
Another one to our collection, which was brought to our portal especially for you. Usually it was presented in fairy tales or movies as the dangerous one.

Tirex for children

coloring book tirex printable for kids
Probably one of the most famous in the whole world. All thanks to the fairy tale in which we had the opportunity to meet him and follow his...

Dinosaur skeleton

coloring book dinosaur skeleton printable for kids
Surely some of you have had the opportunity to see a real skeleton of this prehistoric creature. Certainly for those who did not have such an opportunity an excellent opportunity ...


coloring page spinosaurus printable dinosaur
Another in the series with these fascinating animals has already made it to the printable. The next ones will fly here for you once every 1 or 2 weeks.

Pterodactyl in flight

coloring page pterodactyl dinosaur printable for kids
As you probably know we have those reptiles that fly as well as those that live in water and are carnivores and herbivores. All of these can be found in...

Dinosaur egg

coloring page dinosaur egg
Here we see in this picture already an egg from which this little animal hatched. Very cool and interesting coloring book for all children. Does not contain...

Diplodoc for children

coloring page diplodocus printable for kids dinosaur
Check out this smiling animal. A very simple picture that does not contain a large number of elements this time. This reptile has a rather long neck.

Lego dinosaurs from jurassic world

coloring book lego dinosaurs from jurassic world to print
Look, it's another one of this series that has come to us. Of course, we also see these prehistoric reptiles in addition to the lego people. Quite a few elements to ...

Dinosaurs They appeared in the world over 200 million years ago. Most of them reached impressive sizes, as you will be able to see on the XXL coloring pages prepared for you. There are a lot of different kinds of species which we would like to describe here. The key division is into those living in water as well as those flying and the division into herbivorous and carnivorous. We would like to say a few words about each of them below. We encourage everyone to make this educational reading.

The earliest known dinosaurs appeared during the Triassic period (about 250 to 200 million years ago). They evolved into a highly diverse group of animals with a wide range of physical characteristics, including modern birds.

Contrary to what many people think, not all of these prehistoric animals lived in the same geological period. Stegosaurus, for example, lived in the late Jurassic period, about 150 million years ago. Tyrannosaurus rex lived in the late Cretaceous, about 72 million years ago. Stegosaurus went extinct 66 million years before Tyrannosaurus walked the Earth.

During the Mesozoic era, a species of these non-bird animals evolved into a species of avian dinosaur. This avian dinosaur is the first bird and the precursor of all birds. All non-bird animals became extinct 66 million years ago.

There are several theories about what may have contributed to the mass extinction of these animals at the end of the Cretaceous period. One certainty is that a powerful asteroid or comet struck the Earth during this time, causing a dramatic change in Earth's climate. Some scientists speculate that this impact had catastrophic consequences for life on Earth. But other factors, including changing sea levels and large-scale volcanic activity, may also have played a significant role in this mass extinction.

Dinosaur species

Tyrannosaurus - It is also known as T-rex. It was first found in excavations in 1902. Its average height is about 6 meters and length is over 14 meters. The weight of this individual was up to 8 tons, so it is quite a big size. It could run very fast.

Spinosaurus - We can of course find it on one of the coloring pages we have prepared for you. When it comes to its dimensions, its average length is 15 meters and its weight is slightly smaller than that of the previous reptile, but still impressive as it reaches around 5 tons.

Pterodactyl - This is probably the largest bird that lived on our planet Earth. Of course, he is also waiting for you in the coloring pages in this section that we have prepared especially for you.

Brontosaurus - is another of the great lizards that lived millions of years ago. Most of this species was found in what is now North America. The time of occurrence was over 150 million years ago. It was a very large individual, because the adult weighed about 2 5 tons, so it is a significant size. As far as its length is concerned this one reached more than 20 metres.

Brachiosaurus - They were herbivorous dinosaurs that had a very long neck and reached an enormous size compared to other individuals from millions of years ago. An adult individual could grow up to 30 meters long. Its weight of these largest creatures reached even up to 50 tons. Some scientists are of the opinion that this animal, because it was so large, had several hearts. Because this is practically the only possibility to distribute blood to such a large individual as he is.

Stegosaurus - is also this individual, which in particular was found on the continent of North America. It was a bit smaller than its predecessors, which in the above part of the article were mentioned, but still it is a very impressive size because it could reach almost 10 meters in length and up to 4 meters in height. However, when it comes to its weight it oscillates maximally to 5 tons.