Donald Duck Coloring Pages

We will see interesting coloring pages with Donald Duck and his friends. We will meet him and a group of his fanastic friends. We will be able to print them all at once or if you prefer each one separately. A lot of pictures are sent to us and we need some time to accept them all.

Scrooge McDuck from Duckatles

Scrooge McDuck from Ducktales coloring book to print
The elegant duck you are looking at now is Scrooge McDuck. He is the uncle of Hyzio, Dyzio, Zyzio and Tasia. Uncle Scrooge is a very frugal duck...

Donald Duck goes fishing

Donald Duck goes fishing coloring book to print
Do you know this cartoon character? That's Donald Duck. He's just going fishing. He took his fishing rod with him. He's already holding a fish in one hand, maybe going...

Ice cream in a wafer

Duck and ice cream printable Disney coloring book
Do you know this little boy? He loves to eat all kinds of sweets. This time he decided to eat a lot of scoop ice cream.

Daisy's girlfriend

coloring page daisy disney printable cartoon for kids
It is quite easy to recognize it by the element which it always has and which is pink. We are talking about a large bow which...

Hyzio Dyzio and Zyzio

Three nephews who do not like to do nothing and sit idle. They have to do something all the time, but often this fun consists of various kinds of...


Mowing the grass with a mower

The most common type of mower is the electric one, which means that we have to mow and have a cable connected. The mowers are also used to mow the lawn.

Mummy in bandages

coloring book mummy as donald duck from Disney for kids
Such mummies were most commonly found in tombs in Egypt. Nowadays this motif is used as a costume for Hallowen.

Napoleon Bonaparte with a sabre

coloring book napoleon bonaparte with saber to print as donald duck
He was a famous leader in the French army. Now this funny character known from fairy tales all over the world has been dressed up as this character.

Fairy tale character

Printable disney cartoon character donald duck and friends coloring book
Next painting to the collection on - which shows us the angry and distraught character of this funny and popular in the world Duck.

Head of a Disney cartoon character

coloring page face of disney donald duck in a children's hat
A simple picture which can be used as a template. Here we see Duck's head - we know him from the cartoon along with his popular hat.

A couple in love

For kids pdf - coloring book couple in love donald duck and minnie mouse printable online
In the picture we see a couple gazing at the sun. Behind them is a window and a smiling sun. Do you know the characters in this picture?

Donald Duck from the cartoon

donald duck cartoon picture to print
The main cartoon character is waiting for us to color him. Remember that Donald Duck usually has blue colors, so you have to choose similar shades to this one...

Donald Duck dancing with Daisy

donald duck with daisy picture to print
If you watch the Donald Duck cartoon then you surely know that the duck has his own partner, who is called Daisy. Today our task will be to carefully ...

Donald Duck on a date

donald duck and daisy printable picture
Donald Duck has a girlfriend of his own named Daisy. Today he decided to take her out on a date. You have to admit that he went to great lengths, because he bought her...

Donald Duck returns from fishing

donald duck goes fishing printable picture
Donald Duck and his entire army of ducklings were out fishing. As you can see from the picture we will have to paint the fishing was very successful. The team...

Donald Duck and the Christmas tree

Donald Duck and Christmas tree picture to print
When December comes everyone thinks about dressing the Christmas tree and about the gifts that will be under it this month. This time for...

Daisy Duck

daisy duck printable picture
Daisy is Donald Duck's girlfriend with whom he spends his life in the cartoon. This heroine is the life partner of our funny Duck. Choose the right colors of crayons...

Donald Duck's girlfriend

Donald Duck girl picture to print
If you watch the Donald Duck cartoon then you surely know that its main character has a girl named Daisy. This time we will have the opportunity to paint her...

Picture with Donald Duck from the cartoon

Have you ever seen a Donald character to be sad or have no idea how to play? Certainly there has never been such an episode of a cartoon. Always...

Daisy and Donald Duck dance together

This couple has been in love with each other since the first episodes of the cartoon. When they have only moments off they always spend time with each other. Donald also has three...

Donald Duck in the car

This wonderful character is always funny and very often something unique and equally interesting will come up and do. Here she went for a ride in her...

Donald Duck - commonly known as Duck - is an animated character created by Walt Disney as a similar character to Mickey Mouse. His screen debut was in The Wise Little Hen on June 9, 1934.His most dominant feature is his fiery temper, which is mainly expressed through explosive tantrums expressed by his quacking . Duck's anger is very often due to his exceptional bad luck, although his misfortunes are often the result of his own arrogance as well as greed.

Donald gained recognition in his second appearance in The Orphan's Benevolence and quickly became a mainstay of Disney short films. Animators and artists also took a liking to stories featuring Donald Duck, as the character could exhibit more negative traits that Mickey or the happy-go-lucky Goofy could not. Beginning with the 1937 film Don Donald, he earned his own cartoon series that featured characters such as his girlfriend Daisy Duck and nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie.

Donald has starred in over 190 films, and has appeared in more theatrical films than any other Disney character. Several of his cartoons have been honored with Academy Awards. Part of Donald's popularity can be attributed to his long-running comic book series, which were created under the guidance of such well-known artists as Ted Osborne, Al Taliaferro, Carl Barks and Don Rosa. The stories feature Donald living in the town of Duckburg and have been popular with generations of readers around the world.

The voice of Donald Duck

Since the character was inspired by the voice of Clarence Nash, he was asked to voice Donald in 1934 and did so until 1983. Unfortunately, in 1983 Clarence wanted to retire as Donald Duck, so he trained Tony Anselmo, a Disney artist, to speak as the character. This was a complicated task because the "duck voice" is quite difficult to hear and takes months of training to perfect.


1) The character traits of our hero were created to balance out the traits of Mickey Mouse who is nice and likable so Walt Disney decided that he needed someone who is imperfect and more negative. It was this imperfect nature that attracted him to people around the world and made him such a popular Disney character.

2) Donald Duck has a middle name - There aren't many Disney characters with middle names, but he has his own, not everyone knows what the character's whole name is. His full name is Donald Fauntleroy Duck.

3) World War II moved into fairy tales - which is exactly what happened in this case, where Donald took part in many short episodes related to World War II from 1942 to 1944 - so we have practically 2 whole years. He joined the American Army where he expressed his appreciation for it and its soldiers. The episodes can be found so far, and they are: There were six of them and they are titled: "Donald gets drafted", "The Disappearing Private", "The Sky Soldier", "Fall", "The Old Army Game" and "Duck Commando".

4) Sports Team Mascot - The creator of the character decided to strike a deal with Oregon athletic director Leo Harris, which resulted in Donald Duck becoming the mascot of the University of Oregon Fighting Ducks. Many different types of fun, games and other sporting goods associated with this academic sports team were created with this character.

5) Conscription to the German army - one of the cartoons tells the story of our cartoon companion, who had a dream that he became a German soldier. The title of this cartoon is: "Der Feuhrer's Face", also known as "Donald Duck in Nutziland". - Of course it's just a bad dream, but how true for him - you will see it in this episode of the fairy tale if only you decide to watch.