Fiat Coloring Book

A popular car brand that comes from Italy has made its way to our coloring pages - we recommend them for boys. A lot of these vehicles can be found in Poland. In the past we could see the production of these cult cars in Bielsko Biala. See the models and colour them in the pictures.

Fiat seicento

fiat siecento colouring book to print
Color the car from the picture as best as you can, but remember that everyone has certain rules. Drivers must obey the rules of the road and must not drive outside...

Fiat punto

fiat punto coloring book to print
Anyone who wants to drive a car must first prepare well. He must take the driving test and pass it. You still have to...

Fiat multipla

fiat multipla colouring book to print
The car above is called Fiat Multipla. It is very roomy and suitable for family trips. Despite its speed it is very safe, that is why parents often...

Fiat toddler

fiat maluch coloring book to print
Do you know the car in the picture? It's a small Fiat, also known as a "Maluch." It was a very popular car when your parents were young. It only had two doors...

Small fiat 1

little fiat1 coloring book to print
Maybe your grandfather showed you in a picture that he had a car like this when he was young? He said it was the best car, even though it was small? I guess because it was...

Fiat tipo

fiat tipo colouring book to print
It looks like my brother's car. But he decorated it with stickers. I will decorate my car like this in the future too. In the coloring book you can see that it turns...


fiat ducato coloring book to print

Fiat ducato

What a huge car! Have you ever seen one of these? Such cars have a very large and capacious trunk, because they carry various goods from...
fiat bravo coloring book to print

Fiat bravo

Did you know that there are so many types of cars that it is very difficult to know them all? Different companies make cars and it...
fiat 500 coloring book to print

Fiat 500

Check out this little car, instead of having four doors on the sides it only has two. This is because this car is for...
fiat 126p coloring book to print

Fiat 126 p

This car used to be the cheapest car in Poland. Its most popular name is "Maluch", which it is referred to by its...
fiat 125p coloring book to print

Fiat 125p

This car was once produced in Poland. It used to be the most popular car model on Polish roads. Now it is not encountered...
big fiat coloring book to print

Large fiat

Meeting such a car on the road is rare these days, but your parents and grandparents surely remember these wonderful cars....
new fiat 500 printable picture

New Fiat 500 in front of the block

This model of Fiat is very popular. It is usually bought by people who live in cities, because this car is very popular.

The cars of this Italian car manufacturer are based in Turin. For the first time they were produced in 1899. The creator of this brand was none other than Giovannie Angnello himself. The interesting thing is the name which comes from the first letters of the company's name, that is: Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino.

Interesting facts about the FIAT brand:

1) The first car of this brand was the 4HP - it was produced in 24 units.
2) The maximum speed of the first car is 35 km/h
3) The first salon in the U.S. was in New York City
4) 150 people could produce about 150 cars in the beginning
5) The world's first minivan was the fiat 600
6) The purchase of the Chrysler brand for over $3 billion in 2014 by the conglomerate.
7) The brand's largest factory is in Italy, the second largest is in Brazil.
8) The Model 500 has been produced over 600,000 units to date - data 2021.
9) Cinquecento - was produced exclusively in Poland at the brand's factory in Tychy.