Fitness Coloring Pages

For people who are interested in sports, we will learn about various exercises pictured on coloring pages, which we can see every day at the gym. We will see fitneski as well as bodybuilders and strong men. Meet many characters from the world of fitness and bodybuilding.


bodybuilder coloring book to print online
We see in the picture a man who has just taken part in a bodybuilding competition. We see that every muscle of his body is trained and he is...


skipping coloring page printable
Probably every child has played at least once using a skipping rope. It consists of jumping over a string, which you spin around with both hands.


stretch coloring book to print
To stay healthy and looking good for a long time, you need to exercise often. Even simple exercises such as stretching have a positive effect on our...

Gymnastics for fun

fun gymnastics colouring book to print
This lady seems to exercise a lot. She has a slim and athletic figure and holds dumbbells in her hands. Her hair is tied up in a high ponytail so that it doesn't...

Ball exercises

exercise ball coloring book to print
Exercises with a ball can be a great variety of standard training. The ball offers many new opportunities. It allows you to exercise coordination, balance and you can have a lot of fun.


pumps coloring book to print
You should exercise at least a few times a week. They have a positive effect on our mood and health. They help to maintain a nice and shapely figure....


Pull-ups on a bar

pull-up bar colouring book to print
The picture shows a room in a gym. It shows a pull-up bar and a gentleman who is currently exercising on it. Pull-ups are very...

Exercises with dumbbells

exercise with dumbbells colouring book to print
Frequent exercise and gymnastics are good for fitness and health. The lady in the picture knows this and exercises very often. In one hand she holds...

Stretching exercises

stretching exercises printable coloring book
It is important to stretch properly before exercising. The gentleman in the picture knows this very well. He always spends enough time stretching before training....

Gymnastic exercises

gymnastic exercises coloring book to print
The picture shows a girl who is just stretching before her gymnastics performance. She is wearing a tight dress and socks. Her hair is curled into...


tummies coloring book to print
Bellies is an exercise that helps to slim and sculpt our abdomen. It involves lying on your back and then lifting your torso to your knees. Na...

Running on a treadmill

running on the treadmill coloring book to print
Do you know what the gentleman in the drawing is doing? He is using a device called a treadmill. It is used for running. It can be used regardless of the conditions...

Areobics is as you know a kind of sport which is quite demanding workout. It was created by Kenneth Cooper - who was responsible for training cosmonauts in the USA. Now all forms of exercise that increase the exchange of background in our body are called areobic exercises. For you we created this section with coloring pages about different types of exercises. The most popular forms of exercise in areobok are: Fat burrning or various types of exercises that are responsible for burning fat in the body. Another of them is low impact areobics - in this type of exercises we engage a large group of muscles. Here these exercises are not very complicated and belong to quite simple ones.

Yoga, or yoga if you prefer, is also a special type of exercise that is usually practiced on specially prepared yoga mats. These exercises are usually more stretching. It is recommended for everyone, especially for people who suffer from various types of spinal or back pain or other body parts.

Meditation is a special kind of silencing a person - it's not that simple but surely cool we have with meditation for all of you various kinds of drawings to color. Great fun for boys and girls is waiting on our website every day. We encourage you all to have fun and interesting games.