Coloring Book Flowers

Coloring pages with flowers for children and for adults. There will be simple coloring pages as well as very difficult with many elements to paint and they are quite small. We will learn about those that occur in vases and pots as well as field flowers that bloom in the spring and summer on the meadows. They will be small and large, and climb on special ladders. We will make compositions of them and different bouquets, which you can print or paint online.


Gardenia Coloring Pages

Gardenia is a popular shrub or perennial with beautiful, fragrant flowers. Many varieties of gardenia are found in different parts of the world; they are mainly grown in...

Vase Coloring Book

A vase is a vessel usually made of materials such as ceramic, glass, metal, porcelain, which is primarily used for decoration. The shape of a vase and its...

Daffodil Coloring Pages

Daffodil, also known as narcissus, is a genus of plants in the amaryllis family. Daffodil - interesting facts and information Species and varieties: The genus Narcissus includes about 50 species....

Wreath Coloring Book

A wreath is a circular structure, often made of branches, flowers, leaves, fruits, fabrics and/or other materials. Although wreaths are commonly associated with various...

Peony Coloring Book

Peony (Paeonia) is a genus of plants in the peony family (Paeoniaceae). They are perennials or shrubs that occur naturally in Eurasia, North America and northern Africa....

Marigold coloring books

Marigold, also known as marigold, is a plant in the aster family (Asteraceae). It has about 50 species, most of which are native to Mexico and America....

Poppy Flower Coloring Book

Poppy, also known as Papaver, is a genus of plants in the poppy family (Papaveraceae). These plants are known for their distinctive, bright flowers, which can...

Iris Coloring Pages

Iris, also known as scythe, is a genus of flowers that includes about 260-300 species. The name "Iris" comes from the name of the Greek goddess of the rainbow - Iris, due to...

Coloring Book Pot

Tulips of various colors
A pot is a small vessel, usually made of ceramic, plastic or metal, that is used for growing and displaying plants. Pot - interesting facts and information Types of...

Dahlia coloring pages

A simple picture with flowers
Dahlia is a type of flower plant that is prized for its beautiful and diverse flowers. Dahlia- interesting facts and information Origin: The dahlia is native to Mexico, where it was...

Daffodils in a row in the meadow

Coloring page of daffodils in a row in a meadow
Do you like to paint with paints? I hope so, because the flowers you see in the picture will need to be painted. If you don't have paints with you, you can....

Birds by the daffodils

Printable coloring book of birds by the daffodils
It's not only humans who love to spend time among flowers. As he can see in the picture, even sparrows are more willing to drink water when there are beautiful plants next to them. Flowers,...

Fragrant daffodil flowers in the field

Printable coloring book of fragrant daffodil flowers in a field
Daffodils are flowers that appear in yellow. The ones you see in the picture, we will color! Your task is to color each of the flowers in a different color. Don't...

Stalk with stem flowers

Printable daffodil flower stem coloring book
In the picture you see flowers that are called daffodils. You can also come across another name for these flowers. Do you know what this name is? They are.

Daffodil flowers on a dotted stem

Coloring page of daffodil flowers on a dotted stem
The picture shows beautiful flowers that please our eyes in the spring. Do you recognize dear children what these flowers are? Bravo! You are right,...

Red carnations in the meadow

coloring book red carnations in the meadow
Carnations are flowers that are perfect for many, many different occasions. This is not only due to their wonderful appearance, but also their symbolism. The most popular, that is.

Beautiful carnation flower

Printable beautiful carnation flower coloring book
Garden carnation is a plant that will not only be a beautiful decoration of the balcony, but also make beautiful fragrances to make us relax on the terrace. Carnations are used...

Carnation in bloom on the stem

Printable coloring book of a bloomed carnation on a stem
Carnations are beautiful flowers that are known in every garden. They decorate our beds and rockeries throughout the summer and so we can enjoy...

Carnation flowers with stem

Coloring book of carnation flowers with stem
Perhaps many people do not realize that this flower, in addition to being an ornament, has medicinal and health properties. They are also used...

Blooming carnations

Printable coloring book of blooming carnations
Carnation flowers are usually red, pink and white in color, and have a strong spicy fragrance typical of carnations. The most beautiful are those with full flowers, but they can...

Carnation on a stem with leaves for children

Coloring page carnation on a stem with leaves for children
This beautiful carnation in the picture looks magnificent. The picture has thick outlines so you can cut out the flower after them, color it with your favorite colors and...

Withering violets in the bouquet

Printable coloring book of withering violets in a bouquet
Unfortunately, violets that are cut for a bouquet wilt faster, because they no longer have permanent roots and only through the stem take up water. They take much longer to bloom....

A pair of clipped violets

coloring page of a pair of clipped violets
Violets are ideal for composition with other low plants and wonderfully fill empty space. They also create colorful borders. You can use on...

Poppies in a field meadow

Printable coloring book of poppies in a field meadow
The field poppy is distinguished by a straight, single and hairy stem growing to a height of about 90 cm, so it can be very tall indeed. Poppy is grown especially...

Leaves sprouting flowers

coloring page of leaves covering flowers
Delicate flowers are surrounded by dark green leaves, if we cut them together with the leaves and tied only with a ribbon we would get a tiny bouquet perfect for giving on birthdays ,...

Flowering violets in a pot

Printable coloring book of flowering violets in a pot
Violet has small, usually single flowers, but growing in bunches. It produces oval dark green leaves on which fine hairs appear. The flowers can have very...

Violets in a pot

Printable violets in a pot coloring book
This small flower blooms so richly that it is sometimes called a bouquet in a pot. It even decorates the apartment all year round. Dark purple, light purple, blue, burgundy,...

With lily flowers

Printable lily flower coloring book for kids
Do you know what flower is shown in the picture? It is certainly a lily. This plant is very pretty, and it smells even more beautiful! Would you like to spend a moment of your free...

Blooming lily flowers for children

coloring book blooming lily flowers for kids to print
Beautiful flowers were shown in the picture. What do you think these flowers are? Or maybe you have such in your garden? Don't wait, just prepare your favorite....

Folded flowers

coloring page of folded flowers
The picture shows folded lily flowers. Soon, as they bloom, they will be even more beautiful. Would you like to take the challenge and color them? Then prepare your favorite paints...

Leafy lily in the field

coloring page leafy lily in a field
The picture shows a lily in a field. Have you ever seen this flower? Or maybe you would like to take care of it one day? For now, try to color it with...

Blooming lilies with leaves

coloring page of blooming lilies with leaves
The lilies that are visible in the picture have just begun to bloom. They will certainly be beautiful. Do you know what color the lily is? Or maybe you can imagine a lily....

Unfolded and folded lily flowers

coloring page of unfolded and folded lily flowers
Flowers require daily attention and care. First of all, they must have access to adequate light and water. The picture shows lilies. One of the...

Blossoming lily flower

Printable lily flower bloom coloring book for girls
The lily shown in the photo does not look the best so far. The flower is just blooming. Would you like to see what specimen it will become? If so, find free time,...

Immature lily

coloring page immature lily
The picture shows a lily that has not yet bloomed. Surely soon this immature flower will become beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Would you like to color it?....

Lily flowers

Printable lily flower coloring book for kids
Do you like to take care of flowers? This is certainly a very interesting occupation. Have you ever seen lilies? Just look at what beautiful flowers they are! Do you perhaps know what color...

Sunflowers in a vase

Coloring book of sunflowers on which birds sit
The picture shows beautiful sunflowers growing in a field and birds have just flown to them. These flowers are food for birds and other animals....

Sunflowers in a vase

Children's printable sunflowers in a vase coloring book
Sunflowers are beautiful flowers that not only look nice in the garden, but also in a vase at home. We can give them to someone for some occasion....

Sunflower children

Children's coloring book sunflowers printable
The picture shows cheerful sunflowers smiling at us. It would seem that the sunflower is perfectly familiar to all of us. The charm of the sun-filled yellow fields succumbs to the...

Bird eats sunflower

Coloring book bird drinks nectar from flowers
In the picture we see how a bird has just flown to a sunflower to eat it. Sunflowers are food not only for humans, but definitely for animals. They benefit...

Sunflowers in a pot

Printable coloring book of strawberry flowers in a pot
Ornamental sunflowers can be really unique and beautiful! A variety of colors of flower petals will make more than one person delighted! Inflorescences in shades of orange, red and even brown are captivating!....

Daisies in a pot

Flower bouquet coloring book for kids to print
Daisies can not only be found on the grass or meadow, but you can also plant them yourself in a pot and enjoy their beautiful flowers on...

Daisy flower outlines

Printable daisy flower outline coloring book for kids
In the picture you can see the outline of a daisy. You can color it according to your own idea, and give the colored picture to a loved one. You can also cut out the daisy, cut it out after...

Large daisy flowers with stems

Coloring page of large daisy flowers with stems
The picture shows daisies, which we can see in close-up. Due to the fact that they are small on a daily basis we may not see all the details. Now we can ...

Beautiful daisy flowers

Printable coloring sheet of beautiful daisy flowers
Everyone is probably familiar from childhood with small daisy flowers picked on the lawn or during walks in the meadow. And when one encounters among the growing freshly...

A bouquet of beautiful daisies

Coloring book bouquet of beautiful daisies
The common daisy most often grows wild, but it also often populates home lawns. Daisy flowers can also be used for cutting for bouquets, for example, and since they are edible,...

Bouquet of daisy flowers

coloring book bouquet of daisy flowers
I don't think anyone doubts that daisy is one of the most spring flowers. As soon as the rays of the spring sun shine more strongly, it appears in gardens....

Lotus flower with stem

printable lotus flower coloring book with stem
The most common species of this flower, is the one growing on a large leaf on the surface of the water, having extensive roots underwater. Nature, however, surprises in many...

Beautiful lotus flower on water lily

Printable coloring sheet of beautiful lotus flower on water lily
The water lily has beautiful rounded petals. It comes in so many colors that some you can't imagine. Have you ever seen a black flower? The lily can take on...

Lotus on the water on a hot day

Printable coloring book lotus on water on a hot day
You could say that the lotus is such a fish among plants. Why? And have you ever heard that a fish dies of thirst while living in water? Well, that's right!!!

Lotus flower on water lily

coloring book lotus flower on water lily printable for kids
Did you know that the lily has a lot of colors, and if you were to choose your favorite you would surely find that there is such a lily? A flower that you will only see....

Lotus flowers in a circle

Printable coloring book of lotus flowers in a circle
Lotus flowers are beautiful. They symbolize delicacy, purity and grace. It is a very well-known symbol, mainly in Eastern culture but in our country it also appears....

Lotus flower near the stone

coloring page lotus flower colored stone
The lotus is a very majestic flower. It spreads out on all sides and shows its center, which sometimes differs in color from the rest of the petals. At the bottom...

Purple lotus flower on water

coloring page purple lotus flower on water
In this case, we need to find out what the purple color means in flowers and what such a coloring symbolizes. This color is very lofty, rich and...

Two lotus flowers growing on a water lily

Coloring page of two lotus flowers growing on a water lily
It is a very beautiful plant. A very spreading flower in various shades of color floats above a large flat leaf. Interestingly, the leaf is located on the...

Red lotus flower

Printable red lotus flower coloring book
A beautiful flower, in this case in shades of red. Associated with religion and ceremonies of Eastern culture. Currently it is associated with beauty and delicacy but with...

Hydrangea flowers with dotted leaves

Coloring book hornestj flowers with dotted leaves
Hydrangea flowers have many varieties, and consequently they also have different shapes and colors. This allows us to disguise these beautiful flowers....

Beautiful hydrangea flower

Coloring book beautiful flower hornestja printable for girls
Hydrangea flowers have many uses, they are most often hosted in our gardens, which they decorate beautifully. Their large volume, beautiful, colorful flowers and large leaves make them...

Dotted hydrangea flowers

colouring book of hornestjia dotted quarts printable
In the picture we see hydrangea flowers, which are decorated with dots. Such a drawing, thanks to them, acquires an amazing look and will certainly be different from coloring books....

With hydrangea flowers for big kids

Hornestji flower coloring book for big kids to print
The picture shows beautiful hydrangea flowers, which have a spherical shape. Hydrangea flowers are small, but they gather in spherical formations. This shrub is famous for its...

With many hydrangea flowers

Printable coloring book with many horenstji flowers
Hydrangea is native to remote areas of Southeast Asia. Although in its wild form it is no longer practically found as an ornamental shrub it has reached many corners of the world....

With fragrant hydrangea flowers

coloring book with fragrant flowers hornestij to print
Hydrangea flowers are not only stunning in their appearance, but also in their fragrance. They have a very distinctive and unique fragrance. Their greatest decoration is the showy ball-shaped inflorescences,...

Red flower in the meadow for children

Children's coloring book of a red flower in a meadow
There are many varieties of hydrangeas, one of which is the Hot Red variety. It is characterized by red flowers and beautiful large and dark green leaves. What's more,...

Hydrangea flower on a stem

Printable horniness flower coloring sheet on stem
Garden hydrangea is a shrub prized for its large, beautiful inflorescences, which we can admire throughout the summer, until autumn. Hydrangea flowers are gathered in very...

Flower bouquet tattoo

Coloring book tattoo of a bouquet of flowers
This beautiful bouquet of field flowers can serve as a design for a tattoo. There is even a small butterfly sitting on one of them. Such a tattoo can be very...

The history of flowers is fascinating, they appeared on Earth, about 130 million years ago, during the Cretaceous period. That's relatively recent in geological time. If the entire history of Earth were compressed into one hour, flowering plants would have existed for only the last 90 seconds. But once they became firmly rooted about 100 million years ago, they rapidly diversified in an explosion of varieties that established most families of flowering plantsat before the first flower appeared. As a food source, flowering plants provide us and the rest of the animal world with food that is the basis of our existence. In the words of Walter Judd, a botanist at the University of Florida, "If it weren't for flowering plants, there would be no us humans."

When and how did the first flowering plants appear? Charles Darwin pondered this question, and paleobotanists are still searching for answers. In the 1990s, discoveries of fossilized flowers in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America provided important clues. As a result, modern paleobotany has experienced a boom unmatched by the explosion of flowers from the Cretaceous period. Now fossil hunters with shovels and microscopes compare their notes with molecular biologists who use genetic sequencing to trace modern plant families back to their origins. These two groups of researchers don't always arrive at the same birthplace, but both camps agree on why this search is important. Therefore, hopefully we will soon determine the exact time of birth of these plants.

Interesting facts about flowers - which are waiting in coloring books

1. flowers are the reproductive structures of flowering plants. When insects or birds arrive to take nectar from a flower, they pollinate it by carrying pollen from one flower to the pistil (the female part of the flower) of another.

The 2nd largest flower on is the Titan Arum and has a distinctive smell of rotting flesh, hence it is also known as the "corpse flower".

3.The smallest flower in the world is Wolffia globosa or Watermeal. This tiny green plant is the size of a grain of rice, and the flower is found in a small hole on the surface of the plant.

4. in the U.S. Nearly 60% of all fresh-cut crops are grown in California.

5. sunflower heads move throughout the day to follow the sun's route from east to west.

6. There are more than 400,000 plants that thrive in the world, but many have yet to be discovered, so the number could be higher.

8. bamboos are flowering plants, but they only bloom every few years.

The 9th most expensive flower ever sold is the Shenzhen Nongke orchid. It took eight years to develop and only blooms once every four to five years, but it sold at auction for $200,000!

10 - Lilies are beautiful, but they are very toxic to cats.

11.The pleasant smell of roses comes from the microscopic scent glands on their petals.

12.The color of a hydrangea depends on the type of soil it grows in, such as its acidity. If the soil is less acidic, it will be pink, and the more acidic, it will be blue!

13. agave is known as a monocarpic plant, meaning that it can remain dormant for years and blooms only once and then dies.

14 Scientists have succeeded in resurrecting a 32,000-year-old Arctic plant in Siberia using seeds buried by an Ice Age squirrel.

The 16th vanilla is delicate, opens for only a few hours at a time, and must be hand-pollinated to produce vanilla beans.

The largest auction of these plants in the world takes place in the Netherlands, in Aalsmer. About 20 million flowers are sold there every day.

18.Some flowering plants release pollen only when they sense a bee buzzing on them.

19 There are about 4000 species of orchids in the world, but 1500 of them are found in Colombia. It is no surprise that the orchid is the national flower of Colombia!

24. many plant species are threatened with extinction: 25% flowering plants are believed to be endangered.

25 National Geographic estimates that some 571 species of flowering plants have become extinct since 1750.