Franklin the Turtle Coloring Book

Franklin the Turtle - his name is Benjamin - this cartoon was produced by a French-Canadian studio. Our main character Franklin is a son of Mr and Mrs Turtles. He has also his older brother whose name is Harriet. Here in this section you will find very cool coloring pages with Franklin to print and color online. You will also find his whole family and friends who appear in the various episodes of the fairy tale or in the book. It is based on this book that the first cartoons and episodes about our hero were created.

Turtle on a bike wearing a helmet

Online coloring book Turtle on a bike with helmet
To make cycling not only fun but also safe you should always wear a helmet on your head. Franklin the Turtle knows it very well, who...

Turtle as a knight

Online coloring book Turtle as a knight
Franklin the Turtle has a very important mission to complete. He has disguised himself as a knight and is on his way to the castle to rescue the princess. It will not be easy,...

Franklin the Turtle on a scooter

Online coloring book Franklin Turtle on a scooter
Franklin the Turtle knows that sport is good for you. Today he decided to go for a ride on his scooter. On his head there is a cap and under his neck there is a...

A thoughtful turtle

Online coloring book The thoughtful turtle
Franklin the turtle seems to have gotten himself into trouble. He is sitting sad and trying to think of a way out of the situation. If you want to make Franklin feel better, prepare your favorite...

Joyful Franklin

Joyful Franklin online coloring book
Do you know who is in this picture? If not, I will give you a hint that it is Franklin the Turtle. The character from the children's cartoon had...

A batterer at a match

Online coloring book A batter at the game
Do you recognize the character in this drawing? That's right, he is Franklin the Turtle. The cartoon character decided to go for a game. W...


Online coloring book Diving turtle from the fairy tale

Diving turtle from a fairy tale

Franklin the Turtle likes playing in water very much. This time he decided to dive. Look what kind of small fish Franklin met. Surely...
Online coloring book Frnaklin as Ninja

Franklin as Ninja

Coloring is a very responsible task. You have to prepare all the crayons, check if they are sharpened properly, and only then you can start...
Franklin the Turtle online coloring book

Franklin the turtle

Franklin the Turtle is going on a winter hike. He is wearing a thick jacket and warm boots. His head is protected from...
Franklin military online coloring book

Franklin the military

Franklin the turtle is a fairy tale character. Today he is going to a masquerade costume ball, and as a disguise he has chosen a military outfit....
Franklin military online coloring book

Franklin the military

This cheerful and funny turtle finds himself in practically every situation. Here in the picture of this printable coloring book we can...

Franklin printable coloring pages - information and trivia

Franklin, as we all know, is a turtle that is already 7 years old. However, as for the age of turtles it is very little. He has a very sensitive heart. He loves spending time with his older brother as well as with his friends. He can count to two and tie his shoes. He receives a lot of help every day from his parents. Franklin loves his family and friends, likes going to school and learning new skills there. He is best friends with Teddy Bear and spends most of his time with him at school and during breaks between lessons. His other friend is Snail and together they are curious about everything and often get into all kinds of trouble.

We have prepared a lot of pictures with Franklin for you. We depict him in these pictures in different scenes. Once as he is at school with his friends, another time as he went for a bike ride or to the zoo with his friends from his class. All such coloring pages can be colored immediately on the printable page. Here we do not have any limits or restrictions. We can color without any fear because each picture is checked by an administrator in terms of safety for children.