Dora Meets the World Coloring Book

This little girl you certainly already know very well from fairy tales. She is a little traveler, who almost in every episode goes on a journey. She has a big heart and with great curiosity gets to know the world, which surrounds her every day. Choose one of many available coloring pages and start coloring.

Dora and adventure

Dora and adventure online coloring book
Another adventure with her favorite monkey friend named Butek. They spend a lot of time together having a lot of fun....

Dora on a journey

Online coloring book Dora on a journey
This girl just loves to travel. Every free moment she goes somewhere to walk around a bit or discover different new things. Children, on the other hand, love to watch...

Butt Monkey and a Friend

bute monkey and dora coloring book online
A little monkey named Butek is the favorite pet of our main character. He always accompanies her on every journey. He always appears in throwback red shoes,...

The robber fox steals an egg

fox from the fairy tale dpora coloring book to print
I'm sure you're all familiar with this sly character from the fairy tale. There is no episode when Rabbit would not do something to spite others. Always during his adventures he wants something...

A girl dips in water

dora dips in the water coloring book online
Such games right after the rain in the resulting puddles probably everyone very much likes and willingly returns to them. There is nothing better than jumping into...

A heroine on vacation

dora on vacation coloring book to print
This time we move to the African beach where Dora is spending her vacations together with her pack of friends. Our task will be of course to choose the right ...


Dora bathing by the sea

dora takes a bath by the sea coloring book to print
Dora has gone on vacation to the seaside. In the picture you can see her enjoying the beautiful weather by swimming in the sea. Color the whole picture. Dora's swimsuit...

Dora drives a car

dora drives a car coloring book to print
Dora decided to go for a car ride with her friends. Can you see who is following them? Color the whole picture so that all the animals...

Dora and Santa Claus

dora and saint michael coloring book to print
Dora, along with her friends, decided this year to help Santa Claus to give presents to all good children. Color the picture. Do you remember what colors are...

Valentine's Day at Dora and Butka's

valentine's day at dory and butka's coloring book printable
Dora and Butka's school is about to host a party to celebrate Valentine's Day. The two friends have already prepared their Valentine's Day cards and will give them to someone,...

Car trip with Dora

car trip with dora coloring book to print
Dora and friends are just going on a trip. They are sure to have unforgettable adventures and great fun together. Spend an unforgettable time together with them...

Dory school backpack

dory school backpack coloring book printable
See what treasures Dora carries in her school backpack. There are colorful crayons, dice and socks. She also has coins,...

Monkey Butek

printable coloring book for monkey shoes
Do you know what this monkey's name is? Of course you do! It is, after all, Butek, Dora's friend. He is different from other monkeys because he wears a...

Princess Dora

princess dora coloring book to print
Dora is just running to you because she wants to play together with you. She is very smiling and in a good mood. She is wearing a beautiful dress,...

Dora's birthday party

dora's birthday party printable coloring book
Today is Dora's birthday. On this occasion she put a birthday cap on her head. She is sure to get lots of presents today, but first she has to blow out the candles from...

Halloween at Dora's

halloween at dory's coloring book to print
Do you like dressing up in funny or scary costumes to celebrate Halloween? Dora loves to. This year she dressed up as a pirate. She has a hat on her head....

Dora with a backpack to school

dora with backpack to school coloring book printable
The picture shows Dora. She is just walking to school, and she has a backpack on her back. In this backpack she has hidden a lot of things that will...

Dora with the little bear

dora with little bear coloring book to print
Do you have a favorite cuddly toy? Dora's favorite mascot is a small teddy bear. She really likes to sleep with him and play with him during the day. Dora has...

Dora with a monkey

dora with monkey coloring book to print
These two friends love to spend time together. Dora and monkey this time go to the backyard and play hide and seek there. Prepare...

Dora dressed for the beach

dora dressed for the beach coloring book to print
Dora is about to go to the beach. She will definitely be there to sunbathe, swim in the sea and play beach ball with her friends. On her head...

Dora on Halloween

dora on halloween coloring book to print
Trick or treat? Dora is well prepared for Halloween. She is wearing a witch's hat on her head and holding a pumpkin-shaped container in her hand...

Dora on her way to the circus

dora on his way to the circus coloring book to print
Do you like going to the circus? Dora likes it too. You can meet clowns there and have a lot of laughs. Color Dora and make her way to the...

Dora dances at a party

dora dances at a party coloring book to print
Dora is wearing a beautiful summer dress today. Color it with your favorite crayons and make Dora the most beautiful girl at today's party. Also remember to...

Dora sneaks into school

creeps to school printable coloring book
The picture above is of Dora. You probably know her from a cartoon you may see on TV. Dora is just sneaking around very quietly so that no one can...

Dora sticks the stars

dora sticks stars coloring book to print
Dora has found beautiful stars and is sticking them on the wall. Help her to glue them straight and for sure the room will look magical. Color Dora, the star...

Dora dressed as a princess

dora dressed as a princess coloring book to print
Do you like dressing up? Dora likes them too. She just dressed up as a princess. Grab your crayons and color her beautiful ball gown. Don't forget to...

Dora sails a boat

dora sails a boat coloring book to print
Dora and Monkey are going on a boat trip right now. They are sure to have some interesting adventures. On the shore their friends are already waiting and they cannot...

Most of the situations that this little girl encounters in the story are mainly related to solving mysterious puzzles or helping another person. She always rises to the occasion and tries to help with all her heart. 

A big plus of this cartoon are riddles in each episode and movement exercises, thanks to which children watching this animated adventure have a chance to move additionally. In many episodes and now practically in every new episode the character teaches kids English.

Fairy tale characters:

Dora - Of course, this is the main character, who probably doesn't need to be introduced to anyone anymore. As a reminder, she is eight years old. She is a very nice and helpful person.

Diego - The main character's cousin, who together with her goes on new and unknown adventures to discover the world around them. He is strong, brave and decisive, he makes decisions quickly. He can not be indifferent to a pet that needs help, he likes to help not only people but also animals.

Butek - A monkey that we can recognize by its very conspicuous red shoes. It is Dora's favorite friend. They appear together in almost every episode. It is safe to say that they are inseparable.

Benek - a character who loves food, you could even say that food is his passion. In everyday life he lives in a barn. In his free time, he likes to relax by soaring into the air using a hot air balloon. He likes to give Dora mysterious gifts, which are usually gadgets and come in handy later in adventures.

Isa - Dora and Butt's favorite friend, she very often appears with them on adventures exploring the world. She can spend all her free time in the garden, where she plants flowers and takes care of other plants. Gardening is her second name.

Fox Rabbit - the only negative character in this fairy tale, because he is constantly doing mischief, namely trying to rob Dora and friends during adventures. He always wears a blindfold over his eyes so that no one recognizes him, and he wears gloves so that he doesn't leave marks during his robberies.

Some interesting facts about this tale:

- In the Polish version of the fairy tale Dora teaches English, but did you know that in other countries she teaches other languages? For example, she teaches Spanish to kids in the USA.

- Based on this fable, two plays were written and performed in theaters in the United States

- Before an episode of a cartoon appears on television, it undergoes tests. They are based on watching the fairy tale by at least 60 children from a kindergarten. After the episode, kids express their opinion if the episode is positive it will be shown on TV.