Coloring Book Cat House gabi

A section for girls where we have cool coloring pages of Gabi's Cat House in which we will learn about many different breeds of cats and other animals that appear in episodes of this children's cartoon. Some of the pictures on this site are quite simple and even small children should have no problem coloring them. However, there are also some pictures which have a large number of small elements, which may make it necessary to ask parents to help us during this fun in coloring.

A cheerful character for children

Online coloring book Merry character for kids
A sweet, cuddly character is waiting for your help. This is another kitten from the fairy tale about Gabi and her dollhouse. Are you curious about this story?...

The mermaid fairy cat

Online coloring book Mermaid fairy cat
Mermaids are mystical creatures from mythology. We are dealing with a mermaid in an animated cartoon titled: "Gabi's Cat Dollhouse". Our mermaid...

Fairy Tale Character Gabi's Cat House

Online coloring book Mermaid fairy cat
"Gabi's Cat Dollhouse" is an American animated television series for children. It tells the story of the titular Gabi, who each day in the company of her plush Panda...

Panda Paws from a Fairy Tale

Online coloring book Pandy Paws from the cartoon
Just check out this cute little face. The little plush toy of Panda Paws, is one of the characters of the cartoon titled: "Gabi's Cat House". In addition to the cute plush kittens, we can...

Pandy Paws as Gabi doll

Pandy Paws online coloring book as Gabi doll
It's great to have an adventure companion. Gabi also has one. This time it is a Panda Paws doll. The girl, together with her plush toy, shrinks...

Mercat for children

Mercat online coloring book for kids
Spa, rest and relaxation? If you are looking for an idea how to experience at least a little of one of these things without leaving home, you should definitely ...


Easy picture with a kitten

Online coloring book Easy kitty picture
MerCat performs various experiments in the bathroom in a home spa style. A cat dressed as a mermaid shows us that you can relax and unwind at home, too...

Cat baby box

Online coloring book Cat baby box
Baby Box - which is another kitten from "Gabi's Dollhouse". This pet lives in the craft room, which is one of seven rooms in the...

Gabi's cat house

Online coloring book Cat house Gabi
The kitchen is one of seven rooms in Gabi's dollhouse. Cakey is a kitten who loves to cook and bake. Each of her sweet snacks and.

Gabi and friends

Online coloring book Gabi and friends
Friends in Gabi's life are very important. Your task will be to give color to the girl and her feline friends. Do you recognize any of them? MerCat, DJ Catnip...

Gabi plays the guitar

Online coloring book Gabi plays the guitar
We know that DJ Kocimiętka teaches to play musical instruments. This time he teaches Gabi to play the guitar. At first glance, it may seem...

Gabby's dollhouse for kids

Gabby's Dollhouse online coloring book for kids
"Gabi's Cat's House" has been airing on television since early 2021 and is a children's animated series for both girls and boys....

Gabi's girlfriend

Online coloring book Girl gabi
Gabi is the main character of the animated series titled: "Gabi's Cat House". Together with her plush toy they shrink to the size of a dollhouse. There they experience...

Dj Catnip from Gabi's Cat House

Online coloring book by DJ Catnip from Gabi's Cat House
Any good DJ, should have good taste in music. Our kitty DJ Catnip, known by the name Catnip definitely has it. You know he can also...

DJ Catnip and Pandy Paws

Online coloring book by DJ Catnip and Panda Paws
Pandy Paws is Gabi's plush toy that shrinks with the girl into her dollhouse. This time she is played with by Daniel...

Daniel James DJ Catnip

Online coloring book by Daniel James DJ Catnip
The purple kitten, which bears the graceful name of Catnip, is one of the characters in the animated series for children "Gabi's Cat House". Gabi's house has 7 different rooms....

Baby Box

He is a mysterious gentleman who appears in the series. He is gaining popularity all over the world. See also other characters that appear in the series and...

Gabi's Cat House - information for children

Two creators contributed to the creation of this animated series is Traci Paige Johnson and Jennifer Twomey. It was produced by DreamWorks series and in it a girl Gbby got a mysterious gift which she decides to unwrap. That is how she moves to another fantasy world where little cats are waiting for her. This is a unique series because it inspires children as well as helps them to create different things.

Here you will find printable coloring pages and other creative games for your child, among other things. Virtually every episode encourages children to think and solve problems through resilience and ingenuity. With DIY projects, baking recipes and mind games, every room in "Gabby's Dollhouse" is filled with magical adventures and cool entertainment.


  1. Gabby the girl was inspired by Jennifer Twomey's daughter, Gabby. It was through her that this character was created.
  2. Certainly at first not everyone knows or even guesses that Cakey is in fact a boy.
  3. Another of the surprises may be Floyd - he is a cat who plays the role of a boy. In one episode we can find out about it.
  4. Not everyone knows that other animals were also considered, but these turned out to be the most popular and most watched by children on Youtube, so they stayed and as we can see everyone loved them.
  5. We already have 2 seasons of this children's series, in each of them we have a certain number of episodes in the second one it is exactly 27 episodes.
  6. This program, as we wrote above, is especially dedicated to girls, but everyone will find something for themselves and certainly boys will also fall in love with it and will enjoy watching it.