GTA Coloring Pages - Grand Theft Auto

We will move in these GTA coloring pages to the USA where we will have a unique opportunity to see different cars and city streets. These are the ones you can see on our coloring pages for kids. We will meet many different characters with which we had the opportunity to perform missions in the game. We have two most popular series of pictures. The first and probably the most selling is: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as well as another new one which is Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas of course II and III and IV series will also appear on our pictures of this site with pictures for kids to print or paint online.

Sports car with spoiler

Online coloring book Sports car with spoiler
Are you a fan of motorization? Do you like fast cars? Do you dream about driving such a car? If yes, then surely coloring this drawing will not be a...

GTA fight scene

Online Coloring Book GTA Fight Scene
The men shown in the picture look like bad people. Just look at their facial expressions! Their appearance does not bode well! In their hands they are holding...

GTA V series

Online Coloring Book GTA V Series
This man certainly doesn't have good intentions. He seems to be preparing for a fight. He's ready to cross the city gates in a moment. Don't let him...

GTA characters

Online Coloring Book GTA Characters
Painting this drawing is certainly not easy. This is a task for ambitious people. Just look at how much is going on in this picture. Every part of the drawing...

City of San Andreas

Online coloring book City of San Andreas
The picture shows the city of San Andreas. Unfortunately without color this city has no charm. Would you like to go there and experience an unforgettable adventure? Do not wait! Prepare ...

Logo from the game GTA

Online coloring book Logo from the game GTA
Do you know the game GTA? Can you spend all day playing GTA? I wonder if you know its logo? The picture shows the GTA logo. Only from...


Online coloring book Logo from the game Grand Theft Auto

Logo from Grand Theft Auto game

The drawing shows a confident man. The hat, glasses and chain that he is wearing make him stand out from the crowd. The character is depicted...
Grand theft auto online coloring book

Grand Theft Auto

The men depicted in the picture do not look friendly. One of them is holding a baseball bat, another a gun and the third a dog on...
Online coloring book Game grand theft auto

Grand Theft Auto Game

The drawing shows three women. Two can be seen behind glass. The first is clearly nervous. The second can be described as a coquette who...
Online coloring book GTA Girl

The girl from GTA

And what kind of a lady is she? Her style of dress will intimidate any man. Just look how beautiful she looks. Her blouse...
Online coloring book Man with gun from GTA

The man with the GTA gun

Do you like to play games? Do you play GTA? You have the perfect chance to meet a GTA hero. Look at this...
Online Coloring Book GTA Game Scene

A scene from a GTA game

This image comes from the iconic and probably one of the most popular and recognizable games of all time. We are, of course, referring to...

GTA Trivia

  1. There are some countries where you can not play this game because it is prohibited. This is for example in such a country as Brazil. Therefore, if you choose coloring pages with GTA, they are checked and completely safe for you.
  2. Rockstar - they are responsible and have the rights for all series of this game. This game producer is one of the most popular in the world. Of course it publishes other titles but it is best known for this game.
  3. The first two parts - it's more of an arcade game where you quickly have to perform missions and earn points. For example, we had to collect a certain number of dollars to unlock the next level of the game.
  4. A woman as the main character in GTA - this option had only one version available on PC, on the PlayStation console you could play as a man. Differences between characters were very small because of the technological and graphical capabilities of the game.
  5. The GTA series was actually created by accident because of a glitch in another game called Race'n'Chase. In the original cops and robbers game, a bug caused police cars to aggressively chase criminals off the road. In an attempt to eliminate them at all costs, everyone was happy with this option and so the theme began to be created in the game.
  6. GTA V - it is in this version that we have the option to personalize your car. If you upgrade your car significantly then random NPCs will compliment you and take pictures of you.
  7. In GTA V - if you go to the hospital for convalescence and after some time you are released from it, your character will still have wounds and bruises on his body.
  8. In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas if you have played it, you may have noticed a random car appearing out of nowhere behind you at night in the woods. Interestingly enough it is driverless. This is because Rockstar gives you a car to help you get out of the woods if you don't have a car or motorcycle to get out of the woods.