Gummi Bears Coloring Pages

Welcome with us to this unique category, this is where you will find coloring pages Gumisie - all the characters from the cartoon in one place. Waiting for you to color pictures with characters from this fairy tale. The most popular of them are among others: Toadwart, Gruffi, Tummi, Zummi, Sunni as well as Augustus, Grammi, Cavin and Sir Tuxford. You can color them all online or you can print the coloring book or download it as pdf. As usual the choice is up to the person who has chosen the picture.

Nervous Gummy Bear

Online coloring book Nervous Gummy Bear
Who is this Gummi Bear? He's definitely Grafi, the repairman in charge of Eraser Valley. Grafi is a handyman. Nothing is impossible for him....

Fairy Tale Erasers

Online coloring page with Gummi Bears from the cartoon
And who is this jolly family? It is a family of Eraserheads, who live in Eraser Valley. They are all very happy and ready for more adventures. Can't you...

Gummi Bear with a pickaxe

Online coloring book Eraser character with a pickaxe
This gummy bear is a very hard worker. He holds a pickaxe and shovels in his hand. What do you think he can do? Or maybe he needs your help in his work?

Gummi Bears

Gummi Bears online coloring book
And who is this Gummi Bear? He is the leader among the Eraserheads, Zami. He wears a magical Eraser Medallion around his neck. His main interest is magic. Do you have any idea what...

Gummi Bears for kids

Gummi Bears online coloring book for kids
Do you like the Gummies? You have an amazing opportunity to meet them. Each of them is unique. Go with them on a wonderful trip full of adventure. Paint Eraser...

Gummy bear is a nice bear

Online coloring book Gummi Bear is a cool teddy bear
And what is this adorable gummy bear? What a beautiful hat with a feather on its head. I'm sure you already have lots of ideas for coloring the bear. Gummy bear...


Coloring Book for Haribo Gummi Bears

Haribo jelly beans

Have you eaten Haribo jelly beans yet? If not, you need to catch up. They are children's favourite jelly beans. The picture shows five teddy bears. You have...
Online coloring book Gummi Bears for kids

Gummi Bears for Kids

And what an interesting picture that is! I think it's the leader of Eraserhead Zami. Gummi Bear is dressed elegantly. He has put a hat on his head....
Online Coloring Book Eraser Girl

Gummi Bears girl

Do you like to let go of soap bubbles? The gummies love to do that. Join the fun with the Eraserheads and have a fun time together. On...
Online coloring book for Bunia and Zami

Bunia and Zami

Several years ago this fairy tale was very popular all over Europe. Now it is not so famous...

Gummies story - trivia and coloring pages to print

The Gummies live in a forest under a hollow tree called Gummi Glen. They have their own book where all their history is but they cannot use it because they have lost their Gummi Bear Medallion, which is the only thing that can unlock their Big Gummi Book, the source of all the Gummi Bears' wisdom. One day they come across a young boy named Cavin who is carrying the Gummi Bear Medallion. When the boy accidentally ends up in their house at first no one trusts him, but over time he gains their trust when he refuses to harm them and swears to keep their existence a secret. They try to find out from him everything about the medallion and where he got it.

This boy one day asks them for help in defending his homeland from the evil Prince Igthorn. However, the Gummies refuse him, he leaves the medallion and goes away.The Gummies discover that they can use the medallion to open the Big Book. That day, they decide to defend the kingdom and help the boy as much as they can as a token of gratitude. The bears love the gumdrops that grow in the magical forest. It is from this juice that they make a special juice which has a unique and powerful power. Thanks to it they can jump very fast and high, which helps them to escape from many dangers that appear on their way. If people drink it, they have superpowers and are very strong. It is with the help of this juice that they want to defeat Prince Igthorn. They have Cavin and Princess Calla and Princess Dunwyn to help them.


  1. Gruffi - He is very stubborn and always does everything his way. He is the leader of the whole Gummi village. He has many skills, the most popular of which are craftsman and mechanic. It is him who often repairs various mechanisms in the village and also builds traps around the village to protect them from Ogres and other people. He never loses hope even when the situation is hopeless, he finds a way out of it.
  2. Zummi He is the oldest of the teddy bears. He is often called the "Guardian of Eraser's Wisdom". He is the one entrusted with the Gummi Bear Medallion, which he uses to read the magic book and make mysterious potions. His biggest flaw is that he often forgets himself and has a fear of heights.
  3. Grammi She is known as the mother of all Eraserheads. She loves to cook and spends all her time in the kitchen where, among other things, she prepares a mysterious elixir. This juice, of course, she makes from gummies. She is one of the few who knows this unique recipe which she wants to pass on to the next generation and her chosen one is Sunni. 
  4. Tummi He is one of the younger overweight bears who likes to eat well. He does not like to pick gumberries instead he always eats them. He loves ships and sailing on them - he is a sailor and a gardener.
  5. Sunni A young girl who has many dreams and one of them is to become a princess. Her best friend is Princess Calla. Sunni is very curious about culture and fashion - but human culture and not the history of the Gummi Bears.
  6. Cubbi He is the youngest of all the characters - he wants to become a knight when he grows up. He is very curious about the world. He is the best friend of the man Cavin.