Hannah Montana Coloring Pages

Coloring pages with Hannah Montana we have them in this section for girls. You will learn about this cult series which was created by Disney. The star who played this main character is MIley Cyrus herself. You will see here also less popular characters which appear in episodes of the series and coloring pages in this category. 

Portrait of Hannah Montana

miley cyrus portrait picture to print
In the picture Hanna is posing, because the painter will perform is portrait, so she must try to sit not moving. Your task is to color the picture that depicts...

Miley Cyrus plays guitar

miley cyrus printable picture
I'm sure you already know that Hanna Montana sings at concerts but you didn't know that she plays the guitar. Today...

Hanna Montana with her dog

hanna montana printable picture
Walks with pets everyone loves. This time even Hanna herself went with her little pet for a walk in front of the house. In front of you...

Hanna Montana sings

hanna montana printable picture
As you probably know Hanna Montana besides starring in American TV series for young people is also a great singer and performer.

Hanna Montana takes a selfie

hanna montana printable picture
This time the picture shows Hanna Montata taking a selfie before tonight's concert. Grab your colored pencils in your hand and give a great color to this painting....

Hanna Montana before the concert

hanna montana printable picture
Another stressful day for our star as Hanna has a very important concert today. Preparations for the concert have been going on for a month now and Miley Cyrus has been very ...


Hanna Montana on vacation

hanna montana printable picture
The celebrity heroine also known as Miley Cyrus went on vacation this time to relax after filming on the set of new series episodes. The star ...

Hannah Montana singer

If only you like music, we hope that you will also like this kind of pictures, in which we will have the opportunity to paint interesting pictures. Each ...

Miley Cyrus sings

This girl loved singing. Whenever she had some time she sang all the time. If you like this singer and admire her singing it is perfect because the picture...

Hannah Montana plays guitar

Until a few years ago, Miley Cyrus was a favorite among teenage girls. She starred in a series for girls from Disney called Hannah Montana. She loved to play the ...