Helicopters & Helicopters Coloring Pages

Coloring pages with helicopters - They will be different vehicles. Both the military with rocket launchers and also guns and ambulances or flying ambulances for patients and many other models. New games for boys also appear in other sections - they are in the list on the right. See below which helicopters are waiting to be painted.

Apache military

Coloring page apache helicopter military helicopter printable for boys
It is designed by the Boeing company which is also best known for manufacturing airplanes. Many armies around the world have purchased a license of this vehicle and sometimes...

Black Hawk helicopter

For boys - sikorsky balck hawk helicopter coloring book to print online helicopter
A lot of people know this name but not everyone knows what company is behind the creation of jet machine it is Sikorsky. One of the most popular helicopter...

Eurocopter helicopter

coloring page eurocopter printable online helicopter
This is another military flying object. This time it has two seats and is filled with various electronics. See what this flying machine looks like and what it can do.

Bell Viper

printable bell viper helicopter coloring book
Assault flying object which has a number of various interesting solutions such as shooting cannons or rocket launchers. Very fast and maneuverable. Used in the army.

Russian MI

Coloring page Russian MI helicopter to print online
We will see and learn about this helicopter, very popular around the world, especially in Eastern Europe, including Poland.

Helicopter for kids

helicopter for kids printable picture
Today's picture is not complicated, because it is a painting designed for the youngest kids. It has a few elements so that every little fan of colouring books could...
lego helicopter printable picture

Lego helicopter

Creating a helicopter from popular lego bricks is not the easiest task, but as you can see in the picture helicopter is, so...
helicopter from the cartoon Cars 2 picture to print

Helicopter from Cars 2

The fairy tale Cars Two is certainly very familiar to you. If you have watched most of the episodes of this animated series you will surely recognize...
military helicopter printable picture

Military helicopter

There was a protest and riots in the streets. The police are no longer able to calm the crowds on their own, so to the action...
rescue helicopter printable picture

Rescue helicopter

Officers from the ambulance service transferred to a helicopter as a very serious accident occurred on the highway. The road was not ...
police helicopter printable picture

Police helicopter

This time we are going to color a picture that shows a police helicopter. Inside on board are police officers who are flying too much...
helicopter on the helipad printable picture

Helicopter on the helipad

Pilots in the helicopter, fuel fueled observer raises his hand up is a sign that the helicopter can take off from the helipad. We forgot...

Helicopter for kids

In this section, this is the simplest coloring book when it comes to this kind of flying machines. There are no small elements here...

Picture of a police helicopter

The police also have their own machines. Such helicopters are usually in police colors, that is dark blue. They are used especially for...

Military helicopter

In the military, helicopters are different from rescue or medical and standard machines. At first glance they have...

Helicopter is a type of aircraft that uses rotating or spinning wings called blades to fly. Unlike an airplane or glider, a helicopter has moving blades or what are called propellers hence the name helicopter. It is heavier than air and uses an engine to fly. The rotating blades, or rotors, allow it to do things that an airplane cannot. It is very easy to maneuver and can fly upright and land. You can read more about this later in this text.

How does a helicopter work?

In order for an object to fly, it must have "lift force," which is the force that moves it upward. The lift force is usually produced by the wings. Wings produce lift force through a relationship called Bernoulli's principle. Bernoulli's principle describes how air speed and air pressure are related. When speed increases, pressure decreases and vice versa.

What can a helicopter do?

The rotors of a helicopter allow it to do things that an airplane cannot as we wrote above at the beginning of the text. Unlike an airplane, a helicopter does not have to move quickly through the air to have lift. This means that it can move straight up or straight down. Most airplanes are not able to do this. It can take off and land without a runway. It can turn in the air in ways that airplanes cannot. Unlike an airplane, a helicopter can fly backwards or sideways. It can also hover in one place in the air without moving. This makes helicopters ideal for things that a plane cannot do. For example, a helicopter can pick up a person who is injured, which is why there are special ambulance teams in these flying machines or in the mountains the GOPR also has one.

What are the uses of helicopters?

Helicopters can be used for many things. They can be used as flying ambulances to transport patients. They can be used to transport water to fight large fires. Military forces use helicopters to attack targets on the ground and move troops. They are used to deliver supplies to ships. They can be used to transport large items from place to place. They have the ability to rescue people in hard-to-reach places such as mountains or in rough seas. TV and radio stations use them to fly over cities and provide traffic information or various online broadcasts. Of course, they are used by the police. These uses are just some of the many things that can be done with these machines