Hello Kitty Coloring Pages

We will meet the whole family of characters from this Japanese cartoon for children. It is with her characters that you will find here interesting coloring pages for children. We recommend them for all girls at different age - something cool for older and simple pictures for younger players of our service with colouring books drukowanka.pl.

Fairy Tale Cats at the Bakery

fairy cats in the bakery printable coloring book and online
Our heroine's parents work and together they run a bakery that is known for its unique baked goods. Every day we get healthy bread and rolls from them. Even...

George and Mary - parents from a fairy tale

coloring page hello kitty parents george and mary
They are the parents of our main character in this fairy tale. Everyone knows the main character but not everyone knows what the parents look like. That's why we added for ...

Malonka with Hello Kitty

painting with hello kitty picture to print
Waiting for you a great coloring book that introduces Hello Kitty. It is a girl from the fairy tale, which is named exactly the same as her. Choose...

Pony and Hello Kitty

pony and hello kitty printable picture
If you watch Hello Kitty, you know very well that the main character loves Pony, so try to make this time...

Hello Kitty with a flower

hello kitty with flower picture to print
Kitty was walking around the meadow all day today looking for pretty flowers. As you can see in the picture she managed to find only one, which was for...

Hello Kitty with Easter basket

hello kitty easter picture to print
Easter is a time that many children associate with painting and blessing eggs. The preparation of the basket along with the eggs is always done in homes...


hello kitty with balloons picture to print

Hello Kitty with balloons

Hello Kitty is going to a friend's party tonight because her friend is turning five today. As you can see the preparations...
hello kitty and the rainbow printable picture

Hello Kitty and the rainbow

As I'm sure you well know that after the rain when the sun shines the sun always comes out. This time it was exactly...
hello kitty picture to print

Hello Kitty's face

In today's coloring page we will color the face of the well known Hello Kitty cartoon character. Remember that you have to paint this picture very ...

Bath Kitty White

Our main character of this fairy tale decided to refresh herself a bit and for this purpose she took a bath in the tub which is...

Hello Kittty family

In this picture we see the whole family of Kitty White, our main character. She went to her parents' store...

Hello Kitty mascot

This character was invented in Japan. The main characters in this cartoon are: Kitty White, Mimmy White, Mom, Dad, Grandpa, and.

Hello Kitty is a fictional white bobtail cat-style character created by Yuko Shimizu and produced by the Japanese company Sanrio. Hello Kitty's full name is Kitty White, and she was created in 1974 with the simple word "Hello!" on the first of her products. By 2014, the character and the entire brand were valued at $7 billion. At the very beginning, the character was known as the "white cat with no name." It was born in the suburbs of London. The character is portrayed as a girl, not a cat, and has a twin sister named Mimmy.

Interesting facts about Hello Kitty

  1. This character's parents are named George and Mary. Her grandfather is Anthony and her grandmother is Margaret. Characters to color on the page.
  2. This cartoon cat character was born in London, but her character was created in Japan, by a company called Sanrio.
  3. There is a theme park dedicated to this character, and it is located in China - however, it is not as popular as Disney Land.
  4. Signature cafes have opened in Australia and South Korea - with plans to open the first in the United States as well.
  5. It is a very popular character in Japan since it was created for 40 years and was the number 1 selling character gadgets in the country.