Hippopotamus Coloring Pages

Here we will learn through fun some interesting information about these animals. Of course everything is coloring pages with hippopotamuses - print to your heart's content or paint them online at drukowanka.pl. Each of the pictures which appears on our site is thoroughly verified and analyzed by us in terms of safety for the youngest.

Pablo plays soccer

The Backyardigans coloring book for kids
Movement is health, and with the ball game there is no other option than running. In the picture we see a penguin named Pablo, who is a great...

Hippo for kids

A fun and simple coloring page that shows us an animal that inhabits Africa. As you can guess this is obviously a hippopotamus which is the common name for this animal...

Swimming in water

coloring page swimming in the water by hippos printable for kids
It is one of the few land animals that can spend so much of its time in water. Daily it is even 14-16 hours, also very long.

Animal from Africa

coloring book animal from africa printable for kids
Think and guess what is the name of this animal that lives in Africa. It loves water and can spend a lot of time in it...

Hippo in the grass

coloring page hippo for kids in the grass printable
They are very dangerous animals, which under no circumstances should be approached because it can end badly. They are...

The Fairy Tale Hippopotamus

hippopotamus from the cartoon for kids coloring book to print
We have a hippopotamus to color in the picture. This hippopotamus looks like from a fairy tale. It seems to be Gloria - one of the main characters of the series....


Thirsty hippo

thirsty hippo printable picture
Today the hippo has been walking around all day looking for water. He couldn't get a drink anywhere because the drought came and most of the places that usually had water...

Hippopotamus family

hippo family printable picture
The large hippopotamus you see in this coloring book went with his son the smaller animal in search of food. As you can see they eat something, so on ...

Little and big hippo

small and big hippopotamus printable picture
Looking at this picture you can see for yourself what size an old hippopotamus can reach. Next to this large animal stands his son, who is only two...

Hippopotamus for the youngest

hippopotamus for kids printable picture
Animated version of the Hippopotamus painting. The animal has eyes, a mouth and a nose, so you can guess that it comes from a cartoon. That's exactly what happens if you watch cartoons...

Hippopotamus for kids

hippopotamus for kids picture to print
A version of the hippo painting designed typically for younger children. The picture does not have any complicated and difficult to paint places, so even the youngest kid who...

Large hippopotamus

big hippo printable picture
Hippopotamus is a big size animal but when you look at it, it's a very cute animal. Today our task will be to choose the right colors...

Hungry hippo

hungry hippo printable picture
Hippopotamus in the picture is very sad and crying, and at the same time opens his mouth because he is very hungry. While coloring you can add some colors...

The hippopotamus and the bird

hippopotamus and bird printable picture
Hippos are very friendly animals as you can see in this picture there is a baby hippo and on his back sits a bird that doesn't even bother him....

Happy Hippo

happy hippo printable picture
I'm sure that many times you have wondered what a hippopotamus looks like, and now you have the opportunity to see it on the picture, which of course you have to color by matching the appropriate ...

Information about these animals

Hippos love water, which is why it is also often called the "river horse". These animals spend up to 15 hours a day submerged in rivers and lakes, this also allows them to cool down when it is very hot outside as is the case in Africa where most of the world's hippos reside. These animals behave gracefully in water, swim well and can hold their breath underwater for up to five minutes. However, they are often large enough to simply walk or stand on the bottom of a lake. Their eyes and nostrils are located high on their heads, allowing them to see and breathe when they are mostly submerged.

Staying on land

These animals also lounge on the shore and secrete an oily red substance that has given rise to the myth that they sweat blood. In reality, this fluid is a skin moisturizer and sunscreen that can also provide protection against germs.

At sunset, hippos leave the water and wander overland to graze. In one night they can travel 7 miles along single tracks to eat several pounds of grass which is about 1-1.5 % of their body weight. Given their enormous size, hippopotamus food consumption is relatively low. When threatened on land, hippos can flee to water - they can match the speed of a human over short distances.

Are they dangerous animals ?

The hippo is a very aggressive wild creature and is the deadliest large land mammal on the planet. It is estimated that attacks by these animals kill about 600 people a year in Africa alone. It's not just their size and weight that make them dangerous, but also their very sharp teeth! - which can do tremendous damage. They also attack other animals as soon as they feel threatened or someone gets too close.