Coloring Book Horse Racing

Recently it has become a very popular sport. Usually there are two-man races in which two animals take part, of course with a rider who gives commands. Of course, there are also races for more horses, which you can see in the pictures in this section.

An animal in anticipation of a race

race horse printable picture
The horse you see in the picture is in the middle of waiting for its race against the opponent, which will take place only in three hours, so you have a lot of...

Rider on horseback

horse rider coloring book printable
This time we have the opportunity to see a clip from the horse races. Our task today will be to choose the appropriate colors of crayons, of course, the whole palette of colors and then ...

Obstacle Running

obstacle course printable coloring book
Before every race every horse needs to be well trained. This is a very laborious job, because it requires a lot of dedication and above all time for the owner. Good...

Zentangle horse at the races

Zentangle horse at the races coloring book to print
If you have been coloring for a very long time and you like difficult patterns and shapes to fill with colors then you have come to the right place. This coloring book will surely please you.

A horse at a gallop

galloping horse coloring book to print
In the picture you have to color there is a horse galloping. The gallop is one way of riding a horse. Maybe you know some others, like trot, canter, walk...

Racing on horses

horse racing coloring book to print
Horses are animals that are used in horse racing, for example. At such races, results are often bet on which horse is most likely to win. The man who...


Stud farm

stud farm coloring book to print
A horse is a very smart animal that humans are able to teach a lot. The one in the picture is in a stud farm, a place where people...

Horse racing

horse competition coloring book to print
The lady in the picture is a professional rider. She feels like a fish in water on a horse and cannot wait for the next competition. Give colors...

Tournament on horseback

horse tournament coloring book to print
A boy on horseback is participating in a tournament where his horse has to jump over obstacles. Just look how high the horse had to jump to pass...


racing horse coloring book to print
In the picture we see a girl who is riding a race horse. She is wearing special clothes and is holding the horse by the reins so that she can give it a...


stable coloring book to print
A stable is the room where horses are kept. It must be large enough so that each animal has as much space as it needs. Horses are separated by...

The horse before the race

horse before racing coloring book to print
Horses trained for racing, like the people who ride them, need to have special clothing. The one in the picture has a saddle on which the rider sits, stirrups,...


equestrian coloring book to print
The man you see in the picture is a professional rider. The horses he rides are trained to race or jump...


hurdles coloring book to print
Showjumping is a sport that requires a lot of courage. The horse must be specially trained and the rider must always be careful not to fall ...

The entire event takes place on specially prepared tracks that are called hippodromes. Rider also has its own professional term - jockey. However, there are requirements for them. First of all, they must be light and not tall, which makes it much easier for them to steer the animal. There are two popular types of races: gallop and trot.

This competition is based on the fact that horses race at the trot, if one of the horses starts to run at the gallop is automatically disqualified.

Almost every race has a money betting session where spectators can bet money on which horse they think will win against the opponent.