Coloring Book Horses

Coloring pages with horses for both girls and boys. We will have difficult pictures that consist of a large number of small elements and it is not easy to paint them with crayons after printing or even online. We will see riders who sit on the backs of these animals and take part in races on tracks.

Pippi Longstocking on horseback

coloring page of pippi longstocking on horseback
Pippi really enjoys riding her friend the horse she lives with. Thanks to him, she doesn't feel so lonely and enjoys taking care of him very much....

Molly and Calypso from Horseland

Molly and Calypso from Horseland coloring book to print
Here is a girl named Molly and her beloved horse Calypso. These characters come from the fairy tale Valley of the Horses. The girl is dressed in riding clothes a...

Horses and ponies from the fairy tale Horseland

Printable coloring book Horseland horses and ponies
In front of you are horses from the fairy tale Horseland. Can you count them and tell how many there are? Yes, there are five of them. Try to count each one...

Valley of the horses

Printable coloring book Valley of the horses
In the illustration we see the characters from the fairy tale Horseland. One of them is a beautiful horse, while the other is a long-haired girl. Color the picture with crayons. Pay attention to...

Children's Fairy Tale Horse

Coloring book for kids to print
This beautiful horse in the illustration, which has a lovely long tail and curly mane, is waiting for someone to color it. Maybe it will be you? Don't lose...

Jolly Jumper Horse

Jolly Jumper horse coloring book to print online
He is always extremely helpful and finds himself where he needs to be. He helps in many situations in which our very main character of this fairy tale certainly...


Stud farm

stud farm coloring book to print
Today's coloring book shows us a huge yet beautiful horse farm. It is such a big house for horses, in which they live. Your task will be to carefully ...

A horse with a foal

horse and foal coloring book to print
The hero of today's coloring book is a horse with two foals. So you have a total of 3 horses to color! Grab your crayons and get to work....

Horse and cart

horse and cart coloring book to print
The drawing shows a horse pulling a cart. We can see that there is a gentleman sitting in the cart trying to steer the horse. They are going very fast. Also, quickly grab the...

The horse from minecraft

horse from minecraft coloring book to print
Surely you are familiar with the game Minecraft. It is very popular. Today you have a special horse from this game to color. The only thing you have to do...

Horse and carriage

horse and carriage coloring book to print
In the picture we see a horse pulling a beautiful carriage. You have to choose the right colors of crayons and carefully color the drawing. Be careful not to go too...

A horse in a stable

horse in the stable coloring book to print
Do you know where horses live? In the stables, of course! This horse from the coloring book is already sitting in his stall and drinking water. You can see that he is...

A horse at a gallop

galloping horse coloring book to print
For horse lovers we have a beautiful painting with a horse at gallop! You probably already know what colors you will use. So grab your crayons or markers. With markers you can ...

A horse on the run

horse on the run coloring book to print
Today you have a beautiful horse to color, which runs fast. You have to color it nicely. But do it quickly before he runs away! Choose the right colors...

Trojan Horse

trojan horse coloring book to print
In the picture we see the great Trojan horse that was built during the Trojan War. It was in this wooden horse that the Greek warriors hid and in...

A horse on its hind legs

horse on hind legs coloring book to print
The picture shows us a horse standing on its hind legs. Do you think he was scared of something? Quite possible! Choose any color of crayons and color the picture....

Kids rocking horse

rocking horse for kids coloring book to print
Today in the picture we see a very popular children's toy, the rocking horse! You color him traditionally. You can choose any, cheerful colors of crayons. Remember,...

Mustang horse

horse mustang coloring book to print
The mustang horse is a specific breed of horse, they are wild. These horses were brought to North America and there in the wild created a new breed...

Horse rider

horse rider coloring book to print
In the picture, we see a horse and rider working together to overcome an obstacle on a track. This is certainly a challenging task. As a reward, give them a lively and...

Adult zentangle horse

horse for adults zentangle coloring book to print
You have a big challenge ahead of you, see this horse silhouette full of oriental patterns? You will face the challenge of coloring them. Choose a lot of different crayons and color. Remember to...

Arabian horse

Arabian horse coloring book to print
In the picture we see one of the most popular horse breeds, the Arabian horse. They are native to the Arabian Peninsula. Now you can paint your own Arabian horse. Choose...

Arabian horse

Arabian horse coloring book to print
The Arabian horse shown in the picture is a very popular breed of farm horse. They are very fast and hardy. They are also the most beautiful horses! That is why you will choose...

Horses and ponies

horses and ponies coloring book to print
In this picture we see two characters to paint. They are a horse and a little pony. Your task is to color the drawing carefully. Remember to do it ...

Horse head

horse head coloring book to print
Horse lovers, today a great treat for you! You have a very large horse head to color. So take the colors of crayons in your hands and...

Friesian horse

friesian horse coloring book to print
In the picture we see a beautiful Friesian horse. It is a special breed of horses, which are characterized by a long mane and a dark coat. You can color him...

Wild and Crazy Horse

wild and crazy horse coloring book to print
Today in the picture we see a horse, he is clearly nervous as you can see by his appearance. Your task is to color the picture. Do it very carefully ...

Running horse

running horse coloring book to print
Are there any horse lovers here? One, two, three... Lots of you here! That's why we prepared a coloring page with a running horse. I hope you have already chosen the right...

Horses are hoofed mammals that have lived with humans for thousands of years. Almost all horses alive today are domesticated and descended from extinct wild horses. Horses have roamed our planet for about 50 million years. The earliest horses evolved in North America before spreading to the rest of the world. They were usually used as draught power and for farm work. It is only now that they are shown in exhibitions and compete in various races around the world.

When were these animals domesticated ?

Modern horses were probably first domesticated in central Asia between 3000 and 4000 BC. They were originally bred for meat and milk. They became a valuable asset to people living on the steppes of Central Asia, where horses are still eaten and milked today. Fermented mare's milk is a popular alcoholic beverage among the kumis, a people living on the steppes of Central Asia. As horses became more domesticated, people developed more uses for them, such as serving as a means of transportation, as companion animals, and as a source of entertainment in the form of horse racing. Today, horses can be found in the care of people all over the Earth.

Sizes of these animals and information about them

Horses are muscular animals with a long tail made of coarse hair, a long, thick neck, and a mane. Humans have created hundreds of different breeds of these animals through selective breeding, resulting in many different coat colors for horses, including chestnut, golden with a white mane and tail (palomino), spotted, and completely black. Measured from the ground to the tops of their shoulders, they typically range between 76 and 175 centimeters in height, and weigh between 50 pounds to as much as 1,000 pounds.


1) How do these animals sleep ? They sleep most of the time lying down with their eyes closed, occasionally they sleep lying down.

2) They can't burp, at least not in the way humans can. They also can't vomit or breathe through their mouths like humans. The horse's digestive system is unidirectional, unlike cattle and other ruminants, which retract their food to chew it again.

3) The age of these animals can be estimated by their teeth and dentition. Often older animals may not have teeth that have fallen out as a result of bad feeding.

4) Life in a herd - naturally horses in the wild live in larger or slightly smaller herds where they have a single handler. If you breed these animals, it's better for them to live with a companion than alone because a single individual is very stressful.

5) The domestication of these animals occurred about 6000 thousand years ago compared to dogs that were domesticated about 16000 thousand years ago and cats that appeared in homes as early as 8000 years ago.