Hot Wheels Coloring Pages

We will learn about interesting cars in hot wheels coloring pages to print and paint online. For boys who like car racing and driving on different tracks. These are cloacks for kids from which we can build tracks and race them on these tracks. Below are pictures to paint. 


Car on track

coloring book race car printable for boys
These are the kinds of vehicles that we can meet on the toy track series of these toys for boys. See how different kinds of vehicles differ from each other...

Car Collection

coloring page hot wheeels car collection
There are now a lot of them, the first collection consisted of 16 different types of cars. It is now very expensive and sought after by all collectors throughout the world.

A track that cars drive on

coloring book hot wheels track to print
As we already have [vehicles from this collection we know that Mattell created a special track on which these vehicles move. The advantage is...

Hot wheels race

hot wheels race coloring book to print
Watch out, there is a car race going on right now. The Hot Wheels cars are going really fast and there is a cloud of smoke behind them. I wonder which car...

Monster Jam hot wheels

monster jam hot wheels coloring book to print
This monster truck is just going after the yellow and green cars. It is so heavy that the cars underneath are denting each other. It looks very interesting and...
monster truck hot wheels coloring book to print

Monster truck hot wheels

The car in the picture is much bigger than normal cars - it is a monster truck. It has a high suspension and a huge...
hot wheels car coloring book to print

Hot Wheels Car

We see this car from a very interesting perspective. What do you think, does it have a roof? Do we see it from the front or the back? Color it...
hot wheels motorcycle coloring book to print

Hot wheels motorcycle

This motorcycle is going so fast that it must have made it to outer space, because there are rockets flying around! The motorcyclist must have great skills,...
hot wheels racing car coloring book to print

Hot wheels racing car

It's racing! This car is speeding through desert terrain, you can see cacti and rocks everywhere, it's not an easy course. You have to...
hot wheels monster truck coloring book to print

Hot wheels monster truck

Have you ever seen a car have such huge wheels? The one in the picture is a monster truck and has special wheels for...
hot wheels ford coloring book to print

Hot wheels ford

This car is ready to be designed completely by you! Draw stickers, paint in your favorite colors, and as you can,...
hot wheels stunts coloring book to print

How wheels stunts

In the picture we see one car in different combinations. It is doing acrobatics. It jumps, drifts and speeds like crazy! Which trick...
hot wheels city coloring book to print

Hot wheels city

This car looks like it's from the future! I wonder how you get into it. Do you know? I think it fits in...
hot wheels bus coloring book to print

Hot wheels bus

In the picture we can see a minibus, but it is not a transport car, for transporting e.g. furniture, but reinforced with additional exhaust pipes....
hot wheels auto coloring book to print

Hot wheels car

Uh, how fast this car is! The flames are flying! You can see the black wheels are set in motion and it's flashing...

Hot Wheels celebrates 50 years

For over five decades, Hot Wheels has been providing great driving with these unique cars on special tracks. It ignites the challenging spirit in every child with the most innovative cars and track systems. Hot Wheels was born when Mattel co-founder Elliot Handler challenged his design team, which included a General Motors car designer and a rocket scientist, to create a toy car that was cooler and had better performance than anything else on the market.

Handler was so impressed with the car's groundbreaking new wheel design and performance that his first reaction when he saw it rolling on the floor was: "Those are some hot wheels!" Hot Wheels jumped on the fast track to success. Contracts to recreate muscle cars from the Big Three automakers soon followed, along with patenting these vehicles.

The Hot Wheels® Custom Camaro® first hit store shelves in May 1968. It was quickly followed by 15 more 1:64 scale machines.This first edition of cars became known as the "Sweet 16" - they are now some of the most valuable and collectible toy vehicles ever produced.

Challenges have always been a staple of Hot Wheels fun. How fast can I go? Will I be able to make the jump? Will the car make it through the loop? These are just a few of the thoughts that swirl in children's heads when playing with Hot Wheels. This company believes that the challenges the brand provides through competition, creativity and experimentation help children build the skills and confidence they need to face the world.

Much more than just a toy, the brand has grown into a thriving franchise and multi-channel play experience. It has become a true lifestyle brand with segments in gaming, digital platforms, car partnerships, licensed apparel and merchandise. Now in its 50th year, the cars are the best-selling toy in the world, with 16.5 Hot Wheels sold every second.

The story of how these great cars came to be

Sweet 16″, the first set of die-cast cars, featured custom designs based on real hot rods and reflected California's custom car culture. Speed, power and performance were common attributes of every car that bore the Hot Wheels name. Mattel co-founder Elliot Handler first entered the die-casting industry while playing with children in 1966. He realized that the diecast cars available at the time were rather weak - not very maneuverable and lacking a wide range of models and variations. These are unique vehicles as we have written, and we have unique coloring pages for you to print or online. See also other interesting sections that we have prepared for players, and are associated with the automotive.