Coloring Pages Jake and the Pirates of Neverland

Jake is an unusual character, which you probably already had a chance to meet even while watching a fairy tale. In this section you will find pictures related to this fairy tale. Choose a picture and start painting.

Three friends on a ship

coloring page three friends from the fairy tale jakie and the pirates of neibland
All three happy and smiling friends are traveling on a ship. They have, as you can see, a diver's outfit and will be able to dive to quite great depths.

Skully the parrot

For kids - coloring book Skully the parrot from Disney's Jake and the Pirates of Neverland printable and online
It is this inconspicuous and small bird named Skully who is a parrot that helps the team of Jak and his friends. He is always on guard and...

Captain Hook

For kids coloring book captain hook from disney's fairy tale jake and pirates of nibylland to print
Captain Hook along with his friend in this picture we can see them. He is the evil character in this Disney fairy tale and he wants at all costs to...

The little girl Izzy

Izzy coloring book from Disney's pirates cartoon to print online
She has magical powers thanks to the bag she received from Tinker Bell. However, it is very little and can be used only in exceptional situations. This girl...

Cubby friend

coloring book cubby from the cartoon jake and the pirates from disney to druky
He is one of the two friends of the main character in this fairy tale. He is five years old and is a rather shy boy compared to the other...

Jake and the Pirates of Neverland

In the picture you can see the whole crew from Jake and the Pirates of Neverland, which you probably already know and have seen more than once in the cartoon


Fat pirate

fat pirate coloring book online
The figure in the picture is the main character's biggest enemy. At first, the boy thought he would easily get his dream treasure, but it is not so...

Jake is watching his enemies

Jake watches the enemies coloring book online
Watching your enemies before attacking them is a must before any good battle. This time Jake plans to head up the mountain in search of treasure,...

Pirate Jake with a saber

pirate jake with a saber coloring book to print
I'm sure you know the pirate from the drawing. He is the pirate Jake from Neverland. In his right hand he holds a big saber, which he takes with him everywhere....

Pirate Jake And Izzy

pirate jake and izzy coloring book to print
The pirates in the drawing are two friends Jake and Izzy from Neverland. They always go through all their adventures together. Today, however, they look very worried. Perhaps...

Jake found a valuable treasure

jake found a valuable treasure coloring book to print
In the picture there is a pirate named Jake. In his hand he holds his saber and behind him you can see a palm tree and a chest full of precious treasures. I wonder what...

Jake finds a lost treasure

jake finds lost treasure coloring book to print
Pirate Jake has once again experienced an unforgettable adventure. Thanks to his efforts, he found a long lost treasure. I'm sure he is very happy and is about to share his new...

Jake found the Treasure

Jake and the Pirates of Neverland printable picture
This time the main character of the fairy tale Jake found the treasure in which the gold was hidden during one of the fights of pirates. The wooden chest is filled up to...

Jake the Pirate of Neverland

jake pirate of neibland printable picture
The main character from the fairy tale Jake and the Pirates of Neverland this time on the main plan of the coloring book. If you have ever watched this fairy tale it will be for you.

Jakie and the Pirates of Neverland

Jake and the Pirates of Neverland printable picture
The fairy tale called Jake and the Pirates of Neverland is certainly very familiar to most of you. This time in the picture we have all...

Jake and the Pirates of Neverland Fairy Tale and Coloring Book This is one of the more popular productions from Disney. It features young pirates that include: Jake, Izzy, Cubby and their parrot Skully, and Bucky, as well as a pirate ship that constantly spend their days competing with Captain Hook and Mr. Smee in finding treasure and solving all sorts of puzzles.

Characters who appear in this production

Jake - is an 8-year-old boy, the main character of the series and the leader of the Pirates of Neverland. He has a wooden sword that was made and given to him by Peter Pan, and is used to fight against their main rival which is the pirate Captain Hook.

Izzy - She is a 6 year old girl and second in command to Jake. She has a little bag of Pixie Dust that was given to her by the fairies (Tinker Bell and her friends). The team only uses the pixie dust for emergencies - it has magical powers but not a lot of it.

Cubby - is a 5-year-old boy and the youngest of the group. He is the one who has the map of Neverland, he is quite a shy boy but a brave companion for all three of them in their adventures and games.

Skully - is a little green parrot who acts as a watchdog and has eyes around his head informing him of all problems and surprises. He watches out for Captain Hook and Mr. Smee. His catchphrase is "Crackers!"

Captain Hook- Is the captain of the pirates in Neverland and the main enemy in the tale. Commander of the galleon ship "The Jolly Roger" . Hook has trouble keeping a permanent crew on his ship which is quite a problem. He only has three permanent crew members. Hook is seen as a total bad guy and a failure, always helped by Mr. Smee. He is also much "nicer" and more entertaining.

Mr. Smee - He is Captain Hook's "left hand," first officer. Even though he works for the wrong side, he is still quite a kind and generous man. It is thanks to him that this ship still sails and manages to solve various problems.

Sharky and Bones - are members of Captain Hook's pirate crew. They usually spend their time performing various musical pieces. In addition, they help with simple tasks on the ship.