Coloring Book Jeep

All of us know these vehicles as off-roaders. We now have many different models of these vehicles. All of them can be found in coloring books with these cars. Among the most popular are: Renegade, Wrangler, Compass, Cherokee Commander Grand Cherokee and Wagoneer. Paint them and have fun online on our site.

Old off-roader

Jeep - coloring book old off road car printable for kids
The brand is famous for its boxy, square or angular vehicles. However, they are particularly distinguished by their workmanship. See...

Compass with 4×4 drive

Printable jeep Compass coloring book for kids
Another pretty cool model that came out of this American stable of off-road vehicles. Check out this upscale suv by Jeep. It has four wheel drive....

Renegade off-road vehicle

coloring book jeep renegade printable for kids omline
It has been quite well received in cities. It is not as big as the iconic models that sell best in this brand but in relation to the...

Jeep off-road

off road jeep coloring book to print
Alone through unknown roads, full of obstacles and bumpy, uneven and dangerous. This is the route taken by an off-road Jeep, which you see in the picture. He has a difficult task,...

Jeep Rubicon off-road

Jeep Rubicon off-road coloring book to print
What rough terrain! That's what this car is made for, rough, bumpy and often dangerous roads. Look, there's even a falcon watching you go...

Jeep Rubicon

Jeep Rubicon coloring book to print
What a big car! This Jeep is very spacious and roomy. A large family can fit in it, along with luggage for many days of vacation!...


Jeep Wrangler coloring book to print

Jeep Wrangler

See the car in the picture? It is a jeep Wrangler. It has very large wheels designed for tough driving conditions....
Jeep Wrangler in the mud coloring book to print

Jeep Wrangler in the mud

Oh, no! That jeep is stuck in the mud. It's about to sink into it. Help him get out of it...
Jeep Wrangler roofless coloring book to print

Jeep Wrangler without a roof

See that jeep? It's just crossing the desert area in search of adventure. I'm sure it can handle some very rough terrain...
army jeep coloring book to print

Military Jeep

This military jeep is about to hit the road. It will be used to transport soldiers on missions. It will face many difficulties on...
jeeppy in the parking lot coloring book to print

Jeeppy in the parking lot

How many parked cars do you see in the picture? That's right, there are four cars standing there. They are Jeeps that are just starting their ...
jeep grand cherokee coloring book to print

Jeep grand Cherokee

I wonder where the car in the picture is going. Probably the whole family going fishing together in the morning and having a memorable experience....
jeep in the woods coloring book to print

A jeep in the woods

The drawing car has just embarked on an exciting adventure on its four big wheels. He's now traversing bumpy forest roads in...

Jeep brand was officially founded in 1941 and began by building vehicles specifically for the military. They were the first mass-produced four-door cars, thus beginning the era of SUVs. They WERE the most popular cars in the United States military. Mostly because of the country's involvement in helping Europe during the war. Therefore, several coloring pages with these vehicles in the military version will appear on our site.

After the war ended, the manufacturer of these cars decided to capitalize on their newfound popularity and created many new designs. In the 1950s, Jeep began to explore more recreational opportunities - selling cars for every person, not just the military and introduced 7 unique models including the M-170, CJ-5 and FC-170. The CJ-5 was the longest production model from 1954 to 1984.

The brand was sold to Henry J. Kaiser in 1953 for $60 million. Kaiser played a major role in the creation of 4WD and its future. Under Kaiser, Jeep production expanded to 30 different countries and was sold in over 150 countries worldwide. The 1960s brought the contemporary Cherokee and Grand Cherokee models. In 1963, Jeep introduced the J-Series, a Wagoneer model that was larger than a station wagon and officially retained the "Sport Utility Vehicle" title.

In 1970, Kaiser Jeep was purchased by American Motors Corporation, and their first act was to separate military and civilian recreational production. During this time, this brand also introduced three different engine options. In 1976, when they celebrated their 35th birthday, they introduced the CJ-7 model, which later became the iconic "Wrangler". In 1987, just after the introduction of the Jeep Wrangler, American Motors Corporation was sold to Chrysler Corporation. The new management revolutionized the previous performance of many of the brand's vehicles, elevating the Wrangler and Cherokee to stardom.

The Wrangler was named "4×4 Best Vehicle" in Petersen's 4-Wheel & Off-Road rankings, and the Cherokee was named Best Off-Road Vehicle by Four Wheeler magazine in 1997. Today, both the Wrangler and Cherokee combine more than 50 years of tradition and styling elements. Jeep's famous boxy, off-road character will forever stand the test of time as Jeep continues to reinvent itself and its products year after year. Off-road driving is simply better in a Jeep.